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Mad About Each Other

Little John Jones

Still got “the covid” as they say, haha! Didn’t do much yesterday except watch TV. We binged a whole Kdrama series (it had 13 half-hour episodes) called Mad About Each Other on Netflix. I actually didn’t like the first episode very much (A man with anger management issues runs into this crazy, paranoid woman who thinks he is out to get her because he happens to live next door to her and goes to the same therapist she does and so through a series of misunderstandings she attacks him with an umbrella, kicks his shoe into the street and jumps up and down on his car ), but we went ahead to the second and that one had a hook that actually starts getting into the story of who he is and what happened (he’s a suspended cop who got suspended after some hinky shenanigans via the head office and a drug dealer, while he was just trying to do his job he was falsely accused of corruption and he wants to clear his name), then it gets into why she is so paranoid (and it turns out she has a really good reason to think somoene is after her – because they are) so we stuck with it and it actually turned out to be a really good series. It has a lot of comedy in it (literally laughed out loud a few times) and some drama of course, but it never gets super dark. I’ll say it’s one of the few shows that had me actually yelling directions to the characters. Speaking of them, there are a few side characters that get some attention and are used well to add drama or comedy in when the main storyline gets too heavy with either one, and each episode is better than the one before until the next to last episode. It mostly annoyed me because they, of course, pull the stupid “we must break up boo hoo” crap that all series have somewhere, but it does have a happy ending in the final episode, so I can let that go (everything gets wrapped up, which is nice). I still think it would have been better without the break up drama, though.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. It’s hot outside, so I’m happy to stay inside. Stay cool!

Jo 🙂

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