To Shen…

Yesterday we had to take a trip to Shen to the walk in clinic because the father has a UTI. It’s not a bad one, he caught it fast, but still needs dealt with so it doesn’t get bad.

Anyway, the following are from the clinic. The sculpture hangs in the front area and then straight up the stairs and the the left is a desk that has the adorable bee decorations. However, having seen Man vs Bee this made me chuckle, as I’d already commented that the sculpture looked like a bigger version of the one in the show and then- bam! -bees, lol!

The doctor’s room was pretty cute, too. All done in animals.

Since we were in Shen, had to stop at old Mondos for lunch…

That’s eggs with ham and cheese, toast, hashbrowns, and sausage. They make the best hashbrowns, I swear!

Only other interesting thing was that we harvested some tomatoes and peppers.

And that’s all she wrote. Or all I’m writing anyway. Haha!

Have a tomato kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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