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Gummi Sushi

Hello, hello. Yesterday we got some stuff done that’s not that interesting, but what was interesting was the gummy sushi! We actually found it at Hy-Vee, our localish grocery store (being in Villisca there isn’t a real local store since there’s not one in town.)

My favorite part was the round things covered in yellow. They were a nice gummy drop coated in crunchy yellow Sprinkles. With the flavored and the fun popping crunch it was sort of like what I imagine soda would be if it was a candy.

Inside the little plastic containers were some interesting things. The red berries were really delicious. I’d buy a whole bag of those. And the other was four shoe strings that were also really good. They had almost a lemonade flavor.

These were a super sour strip wrapped around a marshmallow. The offset between the super sour and the sweet marshmallow is really good.

The fishy sushi is an orange gummy fish on top of a marshmallow. Since both are sweet, it was a bit too much for me, but it wasn’t bad.

The other one I didn’t picture is a sour gummy ring with a gummy bear. It tasted exactly like a sour gummy ring with a gummy bear. It was also good.

And that’s my gummy sushi review. Wasn’t it exciting?

Have a Gummi sushi kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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