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Not a Review…

I’ve been waiting all weekend hoping I’d have time to write my review for Rings if Power, but I haven’t had it. Haven’t had time to do much, actually. Long story. Anyway, no, it doesn’t stick to the real story because they don’t have the real story licensed and, on top of that, the real story is sort of a confused mess that was never completely hammered out, anyway. Galadriel’s history, even on the absolute best Middle Earth fan sites, is filled with a lot of “might have” been here/done this/done that/or not. However, to be fair to the detractors, I’m fairly certain she did not lead a group of Elves to the Northern Wastes hoping to theart Sauron. Instead, in the first age, she led a group of elves over the grinding ice on their way to Middle Earth hoping to thwart Feonor – sound familiar much? Basically, Galadriels interesting and Canon stories took place before the second age, so it looks to me like the show runners are just sliding it up to the second age and disguising it. Is that bad? Is that good? Not sure yet, but we’ll see.

I have more thoughts, but they have to wait. If you’re interested in some of those we’ll organized sites I mentioned, here’s a very comprehensive write up on Galadriel –

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