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Canned Butter

Sorry I’ve been sporadic this week. I’ve been sick with a stomach bug and a couple other things all at the same time. Not fun.

But want to know what is fun? Canned butter!

Yes. It’s butter in a can that’s made in Australia or New Zealand (I forget which) that I ordered from. (Amazon has it as well, but for twice the price). How did I find out it existed? Why did I buy it? A: I saw it in a Reddit post in the mildly Interesting subredit but found it extremely interesting, as we don’t have canned butter here. And I bought it because I like those weird kind of things. As for how it tastes, its quite delicious and has a very good texture. Is it better than Great Value butter which is half the price? Not sure, but it’s fun either way.

I also got my Chinese hands in the mail. I ordered them from Ali Express at the end of August for something like 1.50 a pair, so I was really surprised about the quality.

We won’t be using them this year – it’s an all skeleton year – but next year when we do the witches we will. I also bought some hands form LTD commodities that have hangers that I plan to use on the big tree next year. Or the year after, depending on when we do the pirates. Yeah, I have plans at least two years in advance. I take my Halloween serious, lol!

And now I leave you with some pretty flowers. Our yard is full of various vines, most of which I pull, but I’ve left this one.

Have a canned butter kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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