Banana Duck

I promised you guys the banana duck, so here it is.

Maybe not the best picture, but you get the idea. Why do I have this? Because Amazon said I’d like it. Just like they said I would like the Possum in a Peanut, and since they were right about that, stands to reason they were right about this. Plus hubby loves ducks, so I actually bought it for him. Isn’t he lucky?

So…yesterday. we have some fall decorations outside this year. We skipped it last year because I just wasn’t feeling it, so it’s nice to do some this year.

We also procured 16 pickling cucumbers from the farmers market. Why, you ask? Because I need them to make Christmas pickles with. Now that i have them, we need to get the rest of the ingredients and get that started soon.

Rings of Power episode 4 was on last night. I thought it was an improvement, except I still have a major issue with Galadriel. Someone else has summed it up perfectly:

That is 100% it. She’s not elegant, not awe inspiring, not “better”. None of them are – though Elrond is growing on me and I Gil Galad seemed ok – except, as I said before, Arondir. He seems elvish to me, and frankly is my favorite elf at the moment. I also appreciated having 0 harfoots in this episode, and feel it only helps show how pointless they are (though I assume there is going to be a point later). We’re finally getting some forward momentum in the plot, and I’m interested to see who Adar is. He did seem pretty elfy, actually. So okay, Arondir and Adar are elfy and the others are in various shades of elfdom.

My dinner is almost done – have to ebd early because tomorrow is the Clued Upp game in Omaha that we bought tickets for.

Have a banana duck kind of day!

Jo 🙂

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