Archive | September 17, 2022

As Seen on Vincenzo

As seen on Vincenzo and other Kdramas…that’s right, it’s been a long day. I need a little pick me up. Perhaps a cup of coffee, or…wait! What is this pacakege from Amazon that comes in such a stylish envelope?

Why, it’s coffee candy for that afternoon pick me up! (Along with some free coffee I haven’t tried yet)

Aww! I feel so energized now!


Mail call also brought with it our Jersey Devil whom we have named Piney (this was a nickname for the people who lived in the Pine Barron’s where there Jersey – or Leeds – Devil is from.

And though I said I was feeling energized, turns out that after getting up at 7am and walking for hours I’m pretty tired, so it’s bed time now. Alice in Wonderland details tomorrow.

Have an energizing candy kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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