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Coffee and Community Day

Yesterday wasn’t that exciting. I did try one of those free coffees I got with my kdrama candy.

It was pretty good. It apparantly has some milk powder in it already. It actually had almost a cocoa taste to it. But anyway, I liked it.

Yesterday was also Pokemon Go Community Day, which I forgot about. Luckily we wanted some chips, so we went to Dollar General and while we were there I happened to open PoGo and think, gee, why are there so many roggenrolas around? Then I remembered. But, anyway, we spent an hour shiny hunting around Villisca and I got 5, which is plenty.

Also got a couple cool cloud shots

And of random note, the roses are blooming again:

We watched a couple of movies – Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers which was SO much better than I thought it would be. I especially loved them making fun of the cartoon live action characters rapping, because I hate that. Also watched Secrets of Dumbeldore, which I had mixed feelings about, but that’s another story.

Anyway. SoD ran so long that we ended up just going to Red Oak to buy pizza because the two meals I had to cook took too long. (I’ll let you figure out how long it took us to get there and back and then cook the pizzas, but whatever). There was a pretty sunset.

There was also a semi wreck on 34. Looked like he went off the road and maybe landed in some water – the semi was a mess – but I’ve yet to find any details because local news is impossible to get unless you listen to the radio, which I don’t do. Hopefully the driver is okay, but looking at it, I dunno.

My phone is dying so ending here. Have an instant coffee kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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