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Angel and Root Beer

Yesterday. Hm. I really can’t think of much worth sharing. It was a day. Oh! I did get my squishable angel disguise. Who better to try it on than the vampire squishable? Heh heh.

Isn’t that adorable? It’s part of their undercovers line, where they have several squishables in disguises. The Devil, Santa, and angel are the only disguises they sell without a plushie included, though I wish they had more because when I buy a disguised squishable, I feel bad stealing their outfit and so the ninja and Reindeer have remained in theirs permanently and no one else gets to try it on. Let me find you a link so you can see what I mean. They are all so cute!!

And for the foodies, here is some root beer float ice cream that I got the food coloring a bit weird on.

It tasted ok. It was a little strong IMHO- I used 2 tsp of root beer flavoring – but the bro liked it, so there’s that.

Not much else anyone is interested in, so I’ll end this here.

Have a squishable undercover kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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