The Rasmus: Rise – the Review

So, today I had time to listen to the album. I know, I’m supposes to be blogging about yesterday, but all I’ve got that’s vaguely interesting is the electric company’s progress in my yard. So, we’re going to cheat a little. (Progress pics later, haha).

All together it’s a good album. Like I said the other day, I’m pretty sure this is our in between album on the way to the next sound, and hearing it I’m even more convinced of that.

Art, and the insert book are great. The font on the lyrics is tiny, but that’s only because my eyes are going. Boo. Ten years ago I wouldn’t have even noticed the small size.

Now, on to the songs.

Live and Never Die – I had this one embedded the other day. It’s a poppy, catchy, feel good anthem, designed to remind you that your life is precious so live it. Lyrically, it’s not as strong as some of the others, but I think that’s because they had a very specific message to deliver, and I know when I write verses with a particular message like that, they’re never as good as meaningless free flow that discovers its meaning as it goes. Not saying it’s a bad song, or that the lyrics are bad. And there’s no mixed metaphors, so that made me happy, haha! Over all, it’s a 4 of 5 for catchiness.

Rise – this is another single that’s already out. This one is closer to their older stuff – in fact the music really reminds me of something off of The Rasmus album, when they were first flirting with Electronica. Has another upbeat message, because The Rasmus are almost always upbeat. 4 of 5.

Fireflies – I really like the lyrics on this one. They’re kind if a throwback to The Rasmus more gothy days. Example:

The winter in ending
And the clouds go away
I’ve started descending
To the bottom of the grave
But what if I hurt myself?
I really don’t know what I’m doing
I wanna bе somewhere еlse
Cold wind is blowing

Kill the light
Show me the dark side
Rule the night
High in the skies like fireflies
They don’t hurt my eyes

Buuuuut….I’m not sold on the music. There’s a…sound that reminds me of my cat howling. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be. It gives it a purposefully discordant sound, that makes it almost jarring and uncomfortable to listen to. If that was the goal, then succeeded. Musically, this leans toward their last album, but again the lyrics are much better. Because of the howling 3 of 5.

Be Somebody – Another song with better lyrics (okay, honesty time, I didn’t think most of the lyrics on their last album were up to their potential, but this one is an improvement). The verses are really good, and though the chorus isn’t as good, it’s catchy enough thar I’m good with it. Sound wise, it kind of calls back to Stranger from The Rasmus album I already mentioned.

Odyssey – I initially thought the chorus was better than the verses, but as catchy as this bad boy is, it’s going to grow on me, and I’m already thinking that the verses are pretty good, after all. This one reminds me a lot of their last album, Dark Matters. 4 of 5.

Jezebel – This one has been put for awhile. It was the song they wrote for Eurovision, where they might have had a chance if Ukraine hadn’t won with a sympathy vote. Sorry, but I still think that’s BS. The other bands that were there won’t get a second shot at winning, which they should all get. Anyway, the song. It’s a catchy, catchy earworm, though lyrically it has a few issues. I can just ignore most of them until the line “A girl who looks like she’s a boy”. Now, I know English is not their first language, so there are a lot of little connotations and subtle meanings they miss (like in the song Shot saying “I’ll stand in your way” and meaning they’d stand between her and the bullet, basically) and I’m happy to forgive a lot of clunkiness, but that line still throws me every time I hear it. I also feel a bit like this was written to take advantage of the new female member specifically for Eurovision performances, and I’m not saying that bad, but again when you write with too much purpose, the flow suffers, and this has that trouble. Though I’m fond of the lines:

Sunrise, you crawl under the covers
Sleep tight until the dying sun
Tonight you’ll catch another lover

But, past that… anyway, for its catchiness it’s still a 4 of 5

Endless Horizon – Good lyrics, though “You are an island ON my horizon” would have worked better than “You are an island IN my horizon” but, like Shot, it’s clise enough. Musically, it’s a pretty even mix of Dark Matters and their older stuff,  I think, especially with the electronic background vocalization. Honestly, I think the song would have been better without it. 4 of 5

Clouds – the lyrics here are pretty good, though there are a few weird word choices, but like I mentioned I think it’s because English isn’t their first language and frankly, writing in a second language amazes me. Not to mention, I’m such a sucker for the evil corrupting the innocent girl schtick that I’ll forgive them all. The music is also good on this one. It’s a slower song, which they historically do with mixed results because catchiness is their strong point, but I like it. 4.5 of 5

Written in Blood – lyrics aren’t too bad. There are some good lines such as:

I’m like a ghost in the night
Wandering far from the light
And when it’s getting too bright to see
You come to give me your hand
You take me just like I am
Always ready to fight for me

Musically it’s about a half and half mix of the previous album and I assume what is coming next. 3.5 of 4

Evil – on first listen I’d say the lyrics are just okay, but I’m a sucker for themes of misery, so I know it won’t be long until it’s grown on me. The music is quite good with a great melancholy feel to it. 4 of 5.

Over all, I’d give the whole album a 4 of 5, or more specifically a 4.2 (don’t ask) but after repeat listens that is likely to go up. I’m initially picky and then chill out as time passes. But, if you’re a The Rasmus fan, it’s definitely worth it.

And now I leave you with the yard progress.

Have a new album kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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