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AI Art- Blogophilia 30.14

It’s time again for Blogophilia, the fun blogging group where Martien gives us prompts to use for our weekly posting. This week’s prompts are:

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 30.14 Topic:
Hope Springs Eternal

Hard Bonus: Use a line or quote by Walt Whitman
(Ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them)

Easy Bonus: Include an aqueduct

(Note: AI is controversial because of the training methods of the bots, which really don’t train any differently than humans do. If you don’t like it, that’s your prerogative and I have no intention of changing your mind, so please leave me alone as well. Thanks)

Winter Queen

Since November – thanks to our dear Jonathan – I’ve been playing around with Wonder AI. It’s an art AI (artificial intelligence) and it’s a lot of fun. It does make some beautiful things, but it takes a lot of reuploading/rendering and clever prompt manipulation to get things from it, and even then it has issues with hands, feet, and in some cases limbs. Let’s just say that despite the art world’s fears, this version isn’t going to replace real world artists. For one thing it is time consuming. Did I mention having to run and rerun the same image through over and over again, sometimes tweaking prompts or style? You start to feel like Walt Whitman’s spider , “Ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them.”

Christmas Duck

Still, Hope Springs Eternal and I keep trying to get the image in my head. Honestly, if you have something specific in mind, you’re better off just drawing it yourself. However what I have mostly used it for is random art. I put in a vague prompt – like Queen’s Will – and let it make what it will for awhile, then eventually I’ll pick something out of it and start adjust prompts like “haughty, beautiful queen with long dark hair” etc.

Ice Princess

One of the things that makes it enjoyable is the community around it. I’m in a reddit sub for the Wonder AI and there’s also an official Discord (yeah, I normally don’t like discord because I have a heck of a time using it, but I try to make an exception here and there. ) The Discord has competitions, and though I never win, it’s fun to use prompts I wouldn’t do otherwise (like the new years fireworks). It’s also fun to share prompts with one another and see what we get.

New Years Fireworks

As I said, it’s mostly fun, and though it may be the foundation of something that changes society, like the paved road or the aqueduct, it’s not there yet.

Here are a few more of the images I’ve made, though.

Devout Flower
Another spawn of Devout Flower
Golden elf
An earlier spawn of Devout Flower
a spawn of Shadow Waterfall – maybe Dryad?
Cyberpunk City
An earlier Devout Flower spawn

And that’s all I have for today.

Have a fun art kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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