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Fangs & Fun



As you can see, it’s not my book, but it is my cover – and one I really like, namely because I got to do 100% what I wanted with it. I think those are always the best kind. Now if someone would only pay me to design exactly what I want…

PS: If you’re looking for this book, it is FREE on smashwords –

#SaturdayScribblers 13

It’s time again for Saturday Scribblers – which does not have to be done on Saturday. It’s a fun blog challenge where Dean Kealy posts a scribble for participants to turn into an image.

Here is this week’s scribble:


As you can see, Dean has started using other media besides just pencil scribbles. This week it’s ink. It was a toughy, I kept getting thrown by the smiley face on the right, but finally….



I call it Cat in the Sun.

I need to get back to daily blogging. Not that I have done much in the last week except run to Omaha. Mom had a heart attack last Friday and was sent to Omaha. The prognosis is not great, but she is still alive and kicking, and the doctor says that with major lifestyle changes she should have ten more years, so it’s better than it could be. But…I wish it was better than that.

I’ll end this now, and one of these days I’ll get back to some real blogging.

Have a cat in the sun kind of day!

Jo 😀



#SaturdayScribblers 10

It seems these are the only time I blog anymore – that’s not good, but at least these get me doing something!

Saturday Scribblers is the fun blog prompt where Dean Kealy posts a scribble for us to make into a drawing. Participation goes all week, despite the name. Here is this week’s scribble:


I admit, it took me a little bit to come up with something, but once I started doodling on top of it, I had my butterfly princess:


I’m pretty happy with her – she looks a bit Native American to me.

Other than that I did get some book covers and the Turtle Page done today, and I have been working on the Patrick prequel novel (I have a poll to help choose a name and would love input on it!) And beyond that I have been playing the new Pokemon Go. I primarily am doing it to make myself walk – in the first week I walked 38 miles just playing it, which is waaaaaaay up from my usual weekly walking. The brother and hubby are also playing, so we’re walking together. Sadly with the heat the last two days we haven’t done much and probably won’t tomorrow. Ugh on summer!

And now I leave you. Have a pokemon kind of day!

Jo 🙂

#SaturdayScribblers 9

Saturday Scribblers is the cool blog challenge run by Dean Kealy. Every week he gives participants a scribble to turn into something cool. Here’s this week’s


I immediately saw a shrubbery – and turned it into the DIY Bonsai – or how to ruin your shrubbery:


I thought it was fun.

And now I have some Star Trek to watch and then I need to hunt Pokemon.

Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

#SaturdayScribblers 8 & Blogophilia 20.9

I’m doing a combo post this week because I have a lot of work to do to get ready for Book Born’s Birthday Bash.

Saturday Scribblers is the cool blog challenge run by Dean Kealy. Every week he gives participants a scribble to turn into something cool. Here’s this week’s


Blogophilia is the cool blog group where Martien gives participants prompts to use in their weekly blog post. This week’s prompts are:


I really enjoy both groups because they make you pull, out all the stops sometimes and showcase the best of you – or at least the best of your imagination.

Anyway, here’s my work in progress so you can see the scribble in it:

see scribble

And here’s the final product:


Why is she in blue-green? I dunno. When I initially drew her I had planned to paint it black like Malificent, but then I went with ocean colors instead. I’m pretty happy with it and it took me just over an hour including having to stop to mess with the dog who has been going nuts because it’s been storming all morning.

I should credit the sparkle brushes, which come from Obsidian Dawn and are awesome, by the way. The background texture is mine and is actually some of that silky wallpaper scanned off. Snifty, huh?

And now I leave you all for bed. Have a sparkly kind of day!

Jo 🙂

P.S. to quote Ferris Bueller, “You’re still here? It’s over!” So go to bed. Or work. Or whatever.


#SaturdayScribblers 7

It’s time for Saturday Scribblers (because Wednesday is a perfect day for it!) Okay, to straighten it out, the Saturday just means it is POSTED Saturday, but participants have ALL WEEK to join in. And joining in is easy and fun. Take the scribble, and turn it into a drawing. Here is this week’s scribble:

prompt-7And here is what I made of it:


this shows where the scribble was under my drawing…



This took twice as long as it should because PSP froze up just as I had finished – only I hadn’t saved since the sketch stage, so… Now, WHY is this a rooster in a school jacket? I really have no idea, but that is what I saw, so that is what I drew. Must be faithful to the vision, eh?

I need to do Blogophilia tomorrow, though we’re planning to go see X-men, so we’ll see if I have time, or if I end up at the last minute posting just for points again.

In the meantime, have a rooster in a school coat kinda night.

Jo 🙂

PS – here’s the song driving me nuts. Blame it on Vic.


#SaturdayScribblers 6

It’s Wednesday, which is the day I usually get around to doing this. What is this? Why, it’s Saturday Scribblers, the cool blog challenge where Dean Kealy gives participants a scribble to turn into a drawing. It’s pretty easy – and a lot of fun! 

Here is this week’s scribble:


of all the scribbles I’ve participated in, this was the easiest for me because I instantly saw…


And I’m even pretty happy with how he turned out. I’m getting better with the graphics tablet. This took me about twenty minutes to do, so yay for that!

I missed last week’s scribble – and most of last week – because – well, remember that weirdness I mentioned with my face being “chapped”? Turns out it wasn’t chapped. It was an odd rash that moved from my face to my neck and chest, and then down from there slowly and came with a fever, chills, nausea, and fatigue like you would not believe. I think I was maybe awake for six hours a day all weekend. Ugh! So I haven’t gotten much done on my mysterious package (I did copy the runes from the book but have not figured out what they mean, or even what mystery I am trying to solve, really. I thought it was pretty wrapped up from the narrative, so I feel I’m missing something big.) I’m also behind on my reading – I’m just over half done each with Paternus and Crusade Across Worlds and I have a huge pile of other books I need to read.

Anyway, I went to the doctor and they decided I am having an allergic reaction to something (don’t know what), so they gave me a steroid shot and put me on four days worth of Prednisone. The fevers are gone, and I can keep my eyes open, and the rash is fading from my neck, though it still itches like a b****. In fact I have to wear mittens (well, my shooter gloves) to keep myself from scratching.


the rash


life in mittens

Anyway, I’m hopeful this will heal up soon and I can get back to normal. I did book 2 of my series re-read. I did no editing, just corrected a handful of punctuation things (it was dashes that did not format right and a few straight quotes I turned into smart quotes). I hate to argue with my readers, but I have to disagree with anyone who says book 1 is better than book 2. Not even close! Book 2 was actually about a billion times better than I remember it being, and there were a few places where I sat back and said “Damn, that’s good sh**.” I really don’t have any idea why I am ashamed of that book (which I tend to be for some reason).So, that was a nice surprise, anyway. Onward to book 3, which is one of my favorites. Maybe I’ll find out that it’s not anymore. We shall see.

Anyway, there’s my scribble and an explanation for where I’ve been. Hope your last week was better than mine was.

Have a non-mitten wearing kind of day (unless you love where it’s winter right now, then you might want mittens)

Jo 🙂

PS – check out the original Saturday Scribbler post and feel free to join in!



#SaturdayScribblers 4

Hello, hello! It’s Wednesday, and what better day to participate in Saturday Scribblers, a very cool blog challenge wherein Dean provides participants with a scribble they then turn into artwork. Confused? It’s easy! Here’s this week’s scribble:



And here is what I did with it:


Why a duck? Why not? I admit, I initially saw a chicken, but since I already get chicken jokes made at me, I didn’t see the need to fuel it. Why chicken jokes? Long story condensed, I was yelling at my brother one day and he said, “I see your lips moving but all I hear is ‘Bagock!’.” And ever since then he and hubby have called me a chicken – so much so that it has almost turned into a term of endearment (I’ve actually noticed that when they call me Chicken as opposed to my name, they’re nicer to me), but I refuse to embrace it. It’s a thing.

Anyway, go check out ScribblerSaturday, and since you have all week, why not join in?

Have a bread for ducks kind of day!

Jo 🙂


#SaturdayScribblers PROMPT No.2

Yes, even though it’s Monday. I had hoped to do this sooner but the &^%$ computer would not cooperate and I am SICK of having to reinstall the *&^%$ tablet every time I want to use it. But, this was fun anyway.

Yes, it’s Saturday Scribblers. The idea is that they post a scribble – here is this weeks:

prompt-2 (1)

And then you incorporate that into an image – for instance I turned that scribble into the chair of an evil genius:


That’s his death ray satellite that he’s watching on the screen. I doodled it with my tablet and the whole thing would have taken two hours tops had the *&^% laptop cooperated.

Saturday Scribblers lasts all week, so drop in and do some scribbling.

Have an evil genius kind of day!

Jo 🙂



It’s Turtle Thursday – well, Friday, I guess – meaning my big accomplishment for the day was to draw the newest page for the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy Web Comic, written by Jonathan Harvey and, obviously, doodled by me. Normally I draw them on graph paper, trace them in pen, scan them, and then color and do all the text work, etc. Tonight I did it all on the computer using my tablet. The page isn’t officially released until six a.m. but here it is early just for you.

Page Eight

Snazzy, huh? The other thing I have been doing is editing Ethne the paper doll’s files. I have decided to use a colored outline on her as opposed to the black I have been using, so I am color replacing the lines – luckily I have all the layer files so this is easy, just time consuming.

before and after


I think the color looks more professional.

What do you think?

Have a colored lines kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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