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Blech…But I’m still Thankful

Today I am thankful for being able to get into the clinic. By the time I went to bed last night the nodes all around my ears were swollen, and also like a crown around my head, so I decided the clinic was in order today. Called at one, got in at two, quite a cry from southern MO when it took weeks… BUT unlike southern MO it’s not a doctor, but a nurse practitioner, and it’s a limited small town clinic, not a real doctor office. Like they’d have probably never caught that I have Sjogrens, they can’t do any kind of x-rays etc. But for rashes and colds and flu it’s wonderful. Which is what I have this time. Apparently.

That weird rash that was on my arm last night? Well, it’s spread. It’s now on my face and neck, and apparently it is all over my scalp, which may be why it is itchy.


*sigh* Anyway, so I got in today.

I didn’t have to wait very long. Maybe six minutes. Anyway, they think the swollen glands Β and fever are a response to that. She said I must have a good immune system. It’s like, yeah, it’s so good it attacks me all the time! (autoimmune and all). Ha ha! But I’m now on prescriptions.

I felt pretty bleh today, so though I started packing up stuff to mail I didn’t get it done. I didn’t get much done, really. I did get attacked by the cat:


Ha ha! Not really. I mean, it was the cat, but she was just trying to climb up my leg, not attacking me. My upper legs are covered in scratches from her doing that. But it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t even hurt. I didn’t even know it had bled until hubby came home and was concerned. (What a good hubby).

There’s something else I am grateful for. Hubby, I mean. I know how lucky I am to have a husband who genuinely loves me and worries about me and spoils me, though he doesn’t think I appreciate that, I do. And it doesn’t mean we both didn’t put in our time, because we did. There were a few times when things were so…tumultuous that I thought we might divorce (okay several) but luckily we’re both stubborn and realized that you have to stick it out to get to this point. Especially as argumentative, pig headed, bossy, and, well, stubborn as we both are. And it doesn’t mean we don’t argue or snip and snap still, because we do, but there’s no one I’d rather argue with πŸ˜‰

(Now we’ll see if he really reads my blogs.)

Not much else. We drove past Glenwood yesterday, or near Glenwood, where the tornado hit Friday.

The RV park was even worse, but I couldn’t get decent shots of it without turning around, and we were running late for WWE, ha ha!

I have pics I could post but, eh. Later.

Have a non-itchy day,

Jo :/


Baylis Park in Council Bluffs & Other Things

Yesterday hubby and I did our weekly grocery shopping. It was a sunny day:

We went to several places, including the restore where we picked up a couple of ceiling fans, Menards where I finally got a couple of trellises, and we tried Freddy’s (who has frozen custard and steak burgers! I didn’t try a burger but their hot dog was really good!).

I insisted on some pokemon time, but he didn’t want to go back to Omaha, so instead we hit up the Baylis Park area. Normally we just drive around it, but the fountain was working and lit up, so we stopped and I took a bazillion pictures of it because it changes color!!

There’s also a cool gazebo thing there:

Everything is squirrel themed, though I have no idea why. Something to google I guess.

Anyway, I was thankful yesterday for getting to play around the fountain. The wind was blowing the spray around in a fine mist, and I really enjoyed hopping around in it, squealing, and hopping away and such. Like a toddler in the sprinkler. It was a lot of fun.

And now I need to go hand wash my dishes because our dishwasher died. Yeah. Already. Hubby thinks it is the motor. Not happy about it, but I’m pretty sure the warranty is over (we’ve had it for just over two years.). Something else to look into, though.

Have a playing in the fountain kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚


Smashup Fun and Squirels

Yesterday i watched the Axe Murders of Villisca. I had planned to a review but I’m tired, so I’ll do it tomorrow.

Today I was thankful for game time with hubby and the bro. We played Smashup, a fun game Jonathan introduced us to:


I had Ninja Dinosaurs, which while effective did not have the cards I wanted. (The game is played by choosing two factions such as Zombies and Robots, and smashing them up – hence the name – so you have Zombots. Or in my case, Ninjasaurs.)

Anyway, I was in a bad mood today (I had several rants on FB even) so hubby let me win. Of course he can’t admit he let me or it takes away from it, but I’m pretty sure he did.


In other news the squirrels were crazy here. I should have come in and got my Nikon but I had no idea it was going to last so long. They were busy chasing each other and I got super close to them.

They were making a ton of noise. if you’ve never heard squirrels, here’s your chance:


I tried to live stream in the middle but the quality was low, so I switched back:

And now I am headed to bed.

Have a winning game kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚


Fort MadisonΒ 

Today I am thankful for a great day.

Bloomfield courthouse

For starters, we got our fender:

Then we headed for Fort Madison, where hubby grew up. By the time we got there is was starving, so I made him go to the Parthenon, a restaurant we used to go to back in 98/99.

We went down to the river and got to see the swing span bridge open to let a barge go through, which was very cool.

Then we visited the old Fort, which I’ve always wanted to tour. We got to see the guy fire an old musket, which was very cool.

We drove around, looked at some more stuff, and eventually stopped at Hall’s for ice cream.

Then we got our motel:

And drove around some more, did some pokemoning, and finally grabbed dinner at the Palms, which was where we went for Senior prom dinner, lol.

Then we went down by the river again.

And drove over the cool bridge.

And now it’s Forensic Files, then bed.

All in all a fun day! 

Have a good trip kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

Thankfulness #133 & #134

Number 133 seems to have disappeared, despite my writing it. Though I don;t remember what I used, I do know I wrote the post…So, I guess it will remain a mysterious thankfulness!

Yesterday I was thankful for:

Time with family: It Β was my cousin’s daughter’s graduation and the party went very well. Had a nice time.

Cheap clothes: We found cheap Big & Tall men’s clothes at Burlington Coat Factory for a fraction of what we’ve been paying at Casual Male, so now hubby has a nice set for today’s graduation. (He has a habit of wearing nice clothes to do stupid things in – and ruining them all the time)

Bike Riding: So, yesterday, hubby went nuts and bought us both bicycles. I haven;t been on one since 1994 (literally) so… yeah. It took me quite awhile to get used to it again. My steering is still a bit wobbly, but I’m balancing just fine, so I can report that riding a bike is kind of “like riding a bike”. Β My arms and shoulders are killing me today though.

And now I must get ready for graduation #2.

Have a cheap clothes kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

Thankfulness #131: Successful Release Party

Today I am thankful to Book Born and to everyone who attended my Goddess of Night release party in Book Born, and everyone who was there in spirit. There was pretty good attendance. We had a lot of fun, played some games, and generally had a good night.

Not much else. Went to Orschelns for the bro today and I got to play with the baby chicks and ducklings, so that was also fun:

It rained all morning so we had some nice clouds this afternoon:

And now I am hoping to write a little on the Vampire book I’m working on with Jonathan.

Have a baby chick petting kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

Thankfulness 128: Pompeii Exhibit

I’ve had a bit of a Pompeii thing since I was a kid. A lady at our church gave us some old National Geographic magazines, one of which featured Pompeii.

Image result for national geographic pompeii

Interesting fact: I still have that magazine.

Anyway, so when we saw the billboards for the Pompeii experience in Kansas City we had to go.

I was really pleased with the exhibit. They had some great artifacts (see farther down) but of course the star attraction for me was the plaster molds. All the people in Pompeii died and were buried under layers of ash and such that later hardened into rock, around the bodies.Β The bodies decayed, leaving cavities that archaeologists filled with plaster to reveal life-like figures that show the people at the moment of their deaths. morbid but also fascinating. I’ve spent years looking at pictures of the casts so getting to see them in person was really something.

02 (1).jpg

The crouching man:Β This victim of Vesuvius was discovered during excavations at the southern walkway of Pompeii’s Large Palaestra, or athletics ground. When he died the man was wearing boots and a hooded cloak. He had covered his mouth with the edges of the cloak as the toxic fumes and volcanic ash overcame him.

Front view where you can see him holding his cloak over his face.



The Guard Dog: Β This dog was left chained to a post to guard the House of Orpheus when the occupants fled. The bronze studs around its neck are all that remains of a collar. As the pumice fall-out deepened, the dog climbed higher β€” until eventually it ran out of chain and was suffocated.

05 (2).jpg


Mother and child:
This mother and child was found in House of the Golden Bracelet alongside the father and older sibling. The family sought refuge under the stairs on the lower level of the home. The family was incredibly wealthy, as the woman was found wearing numerous gold bracelets and a snake headed armlet, which suggests that this family was the owner of the home. Both the mother and the child are frozen in a boxer-like pose, which was caused by the extreme heat.

08 (2)

13 (1)

This child is also from the House of the Golden Bracelet:

13 (2)

One of the most detailed casts, you can see his face and the wrinkles in his tunic:

01 (2)

The man on his side was found in an alley with threeΒ other people:



And a child:

09 (2).jpg


As I said, they had some amazing artifacts besides that. Here’s a handful:

My favorite things were the statues and frescoes because you could SEE the human involvement there. You could see where someone had chiseled the marble, or the paint strokes that someone left. They’re long dead and gone, but their brush strokes remain; their little piece of immortality:

And for those who love social media stuff, they even had a selfie station in the gladiator section:

09 (1).jpg

And I’ll leave you with that and say that if this exhibit comes to a town near you I highly recommend it. I loved it. My only wish is that I could have had a little more time (I got kind of rushed through and only got to spend two hours in it. Another hour would not have been amiss). Oh, and that I knew they allowed pictures so I could take my good camera.

Have a surviving Pompeii kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚


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