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Thankfulness #119: Time with Hubby

Today I am thankful for spending time with hubby. Despite what he thinks, I did enjoy watching TV with him all day and having junk food for lunch and pizza for dinner:


We caught up on NCIS New Orleans to the tune of five episodes. We also did a snidgel of pokemoning while we waited for the pizza to cook at Casey’s:


He was cranky about y politoad because it is a poliwhirl using a kingstone evolution item, which he has the time but enough enough poliwag candies. However, he had the same chances to catch them I did, so kind of his own problem.

And now I am off. Have a politoad kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #118: Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day – I like it either warm or else cold and damp. I know, it’s weird. Other people see a wet, foggy, drizzling day, with temps in the 40s or 50s and they stay indoors. I go “whoo hoo!” and run outside because I love it. The brisk breeze, the little burn of each prickly drop of moisture as it smacks your face – I find it invigorating. I think I was a viking in a past life. Or British, maybe.


Anyway, we went to Omaha to do some pokemoning. I made my target steps, so hey, that’s something, and we walked all around the mall, down to where it hooks on to Heartland of America, which we’ve never done before. It’s not as far as I thought it was. The whole mall area is really neat, with lots of fun sculpture benches, cool paths, little bridges and some giant slides (alas though no one was on the slides for a change, there was a lake at the bottom of them).

It was still beautifully misty after dark, but by then we were no longer pokemoning by then (I’m not crazy).

01 (7)


In other news, I sent the book off to round 2 betas, though I still need to flesh out chapter one and two a little bit. But, I needed to get it sent ff so the betas had time to read it without having to rush as the last minute. It’s not their fault I’ve been slow because I do things like go to the park instead of staying home and working.

And now I leave you all to do some of that work.

Have a brisk weather kind of day!

Jo 🙂

00 (11)

(The eye shadow was worth sharing.)


Thankfulness #96: Fido is better

After doing a lot of peeing, Fido is no longer hacking and coughing, in fact his breathing sounds much better. His moral was also boosted by chasing a squirrel and then at dinner time I boiled him an egg and cut it up, so that when he begged for food (he always does this and I always share pretty much everything I eat with him) I had something to give him. He seemed to enjoy it, and he also got a little taste of chicken, and he seems to like the little marshmallows for treats almost better than his biscuits.



Of course with running him out, making him eggs, and such and such I did not get as much writing done as I planned. I did crack open the jelly we got from the Onward store in Onward, Mississippi (which is the home of the Teddy Bear, by the way!)


It was good but very sweet. I think half the piece of bread would have been plenty.

I also got to cook that chicken I started marinating the other day:


ready for the oven

I made some smashed potatoes to go with it – there was rosemary left over from the chicken and I had some thyme left from last week, so I used that with some garlic. The chicken is supposed to be cooked on a grill, but being 30 degrees I wasn’t doing that, so I baked it instead, and it came out nice:

So I can officially say that if you sort of follow the recipe (like I always use chicken breasts instead of cutting up a whole chicken, I always add extra garlic, and extra spices), let it marinade for 48 hours, and bake it in the oven it is delicious. I need to make notes about all of that on the recipe in my book.

We’re caught up on WWE and ready for Fastlane this weekend. Raw was entertaining as usual – I am waiting for Jericho to turn KO’s world upside down and make him pay. I am also still waiting to see if they tie in his motivation past the idea that he’s mad about the Goldberg match. Triple H did pull him aside and had a private conversation right before KO turned on Jericho, just like Triple H did with Seth Rollins before he betrayed Shield… just a thought. And obviously Rollins will be at Wrestlemania after all – when they take the time to say “You better not”, they really mean, “We’ve got you billed.” Besides, Triple H needs some big feud for it.

As interesting as RAW has been getting, Smackdown though. The Randy Orton thing… that was a little dark for the family friendly version of WWE. The hole full of what looked like raw hamburger and worms and all that bit about her last screams… I mean *I* enjoyed it. I’d like to see them delve a little into the supernatural stuff with Bray because his character has that potential – they could set him up as a kind of Undertaker replacement insofar as Undertaker is supernatural and all that. I also really enjoyed Maryse beating the crap out of Niki Bella – but then I hate the Bellas, so…

In all they both have some good story lines going that make me want to actually watch each episode instead of being content to miss several as I have been in the past. Waiting to see if they can keep the momentum, though.

And now I am going to go give the dog another Lasix, then try to write a bit more.

Have a doggy is feeling better kinda day!

Jo 🙂


Thankfulness #95: Banana Bread & Our Poor Dog

Today I am thankful for banana bread which I traded jelly for. Okay, I actually did not trade the jelly, the jelly was going there anyway, but I did get some awesome banana bread, so – score!


On the not so good side, we took Fido to the vet today:


He’s been coughing for the last couple of weeks, and it’s been getting worse. Since we’re all sick, we figured he might have pneumonia…well, after chest xrays it turns out he has heart disease. Though he is now on Lasix and a medication they called “gold in a bottle” because it’s 76$ for 25 days worth, the minute they gave him the diagnosis they instantly quit talking about the things they’d been talking about (such as getting him neutered) and in fact would not even give him his rabies shot. For that matter they offered to sell us less than 25 days worth of the pills “to start with”. Call me paranoid, but I’m feeling like they’re saying in a not so subtle way that 25 days might be a stretch for him…BUT other than the coughing he’s acting normal. Not lethargic, not refusing to eat or drink, still excited to go outside, excited when someone comes home, and he hops around as much as he ever has (he has a gimpy leg so he’s never been big on the jumping), so I don’t know. I guess we’ll see what happens.

And did I mention the Lasix? Yeah. He’s on three 50s for five days, then we knock it down to two. Guess what I’m doing for the next week? Taking the dog out every thirty minutes or so.


And now I need to go work on the TTC. Have a banana bread kind of day.

Jo :/

Thankfulness #94:

Today was chilly and not as productive as yesterday. I’m blaming it on my lack of a watch – yes, I still wear a wristwatch to tell the time because I try not to be attached to my phone, and I need to know what time it is all the time.


But as I said I didn’t have it this morning because my band broke, so my Dad being the nice guy he is took it with him to Walmart to get me a new band… which you can see in the picture, sort of. (and yes, that is one of those chakra bracelets I’m also wearing). Anyway, watch is back, and I now know what time it is. And what day. Yay!

Not much else today. Did some writing with the help of my immortal cat.


I mentioned the green sprouts popping up yesterday, so here’s a picture of that:


My other big accomplishment was getting my chicken marinade made. I’m making sweet tea brined chicken tomorrow for dinner, but it has to marinate 24 hours. It’s a bit of a pain, so I hope it turns out good.


I also did a tiny bit of pokemoning, but despite premises no party hat pikachu appeared for me:


And now back to my fight scene. I’m not feeling well all of a sudden, so we’ll see how much I get done before I give up.

Have a party pikachu kinda day!

Jo 🙂


Thankfulness #93: Feeling Better

Though I didn’t mention it, I’ve been under the weather since we came back from Florida, in fact I spent most of the weekend either sleeping or watching TV with hubby (we’re getting caught up on NCIS and NCIS New Orleans) which hasn’t helped the writing thing much. Hard to write if you’re asleep. But, today I felt quite a bit better – so either I’m getting over it or coming back down with it (I actually have a day or two of feeling really great before I get sick – lots of energy, clear headed, etc etc. I think it’s because my immune system finally has something to attack besides myself). Either way, I was able to get some stuff done – like package up things I need to mail. I got all but Jonathan’s sent off (it’s a big box and can;t go media mail). I also did a bunch of odds and ends and on the writing end of things, I am quite deep into the final huge battle, and in fact finished chapter 22 and started 23. I’m at a niggly spot right now, though, and am not sure how to proceed, so taking a break to do this.

Today was also Terrible Turtle Tuesday in Book Born, which means Jonathan and I get to kind of take over and post some games and such. It’s a lot of fun and we had good participation today.

It was also not too bad outside. The plants outside in the flower beds are peeping up, which has ruined my schedule. I planned to get plastic and start working on the flower beds in March – before the plants started popping up. Now I guess I’ll have to try to do plastic around them. Yeesh.

I’ve been listening to Evanescence’s first album all day. Weirdly enough. I was burned out on them, and haven’t listened to them in years – in fact the sound of them annoyed me – but I guess it’s been long enough that I’m over it. I ran into one of those “vocal only” videos on Facebook last night that featured Bring me to Life and it kind of made me interested again. (cool. I pasted the FB link in and WP made it a video. Snazzy.)

Not much else, so I leave you with a freaky snap chat.

Image may contain: one or more people, child and closeup

Have a feeling better kind of day!

Jo 🙂


Thankfulness #91

I’m thankful for a lot of things today. First, I’m thankful for the pokemon updates that let me catch some crazy new pokemon:

And for the new evee evolutions.

And for catching enough Ekans to finally evolve one:

And for running into Captain America near St. Joseph, Missouri. 

For not getting stuck in KC

For getting to stop in familiar territory. 

For getting to visit with friends

For surviving the very strange alternating passing lanes

For making it to Arkansas 

For getting a nice motel

And now for sleep. Have a Captain America kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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