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Little Buddy

Look at the little friend I made yesterday

Isn’t he – or she – a cutie? Hubby was mowing and had me hang on to it while he finished so he made sure not to mow over the little guy. As soon as he was done, snakey was releases back to his habitat, but in the meantime he was very well behaved.

Have a make a new friend kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

Mail Call

Yesterday started with a surprise…

Yep. Random dude taking a break on my porch steps. I didn’t care particularly, it was just as I said, a surprise. I thought about saying hello but by the time I got dressed and outside breaktime was over and they were down the road aways. They’re redoing our street, and it looks quite nice.

Got stuff in the mail, including my tiny food that comes with random slime….

My canister sets for the pantry that people demanded I wash first…(the lids are still wet)

And the world’s tiniest rolls of contact paper.

But it worked for what I wanted, anyway. Took every single scrap of the black but it just made the three boxes.

Then I got randomly sick, which is a thing that happens, so nothing else to talk about. Not even any ice cream.

Have a stuff in thr mail kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

To Shen…

Yesterday we had to take a trip to Shen to the walk in clinic because the father has a UTI. It’s not a bad one, he caught it fast, but still needs dealt with so it doesn’t get bad.

Anyway, the following are from the clinic. The sculpture hangs in the front area and then straight up the stairs and the the left is a desk that has the adorable bee decorations. However, having seen Man vs Bee this made me chuckle, as I’d already commented that the sculpture looked like a bigger version of the one in the show and then- bam! -bees, lol!

The doctor’s room was pretty cute, too. All done in animals.

Since we were in Shen, had to stop at old Mondos for lunch…

That’s eggs with ham and cheese, toast, hashbrowns, and sausage. They make the best hashbrowns, I swear!

Only other interesting thing was that we harvested some tomatoes and peppers.

And that’s all she wrote. Or all I’m writing anyway. Haha!

Have a tomato kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

New Flooring

After waiting for months, I was finally able to buy the new vinyl for the craft room floor. I waited so long, though, that this pattern was almost impossible to find. Then, I found it at Floor City for cheaper than the other places had previously had it! The only thing with it was that they won’t deliver to me – we had to go to Des Moines to a warehouse to ouck it up. But, doing that saved 400$ (literally) on shipping, so… yeah.

Ok. I say we, but I mean hubby. Hubby went to DM and picked it up. Either way, its here. That’s the roll in the craft room, waiting to acclimate and get put down. Whoo hoo!

We also had to run to Council Bluffs (it was a busy day) and while we were there we ate at Jonsey’s. I’d never heard of it, but it was pretty good! It home of the fried Taco, though only one us tried a Taco. I got the chimichanga, hubby got a fried burrito, and Chris got enchiladas and a Taco. I did taste it – the shell was fun. It a flour tortilla deep fat fried. Yeah, probably not good for you but very tasty.

And now that I’m hungry from looking at those pictures, I leave you with a dog and his Olaf.

Have a snuggly Olaf kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

Wine and Cheese Day

Yesterday was wine and cheese day, so my calendar informed me. Since this is obviously an important holiday, we celebrated with both.

The wine is from our trip to the covered bridges that we took in May. I haven’t edited the pictures from that yet, but I will someday.

Anyway, the wine was good. It’s was sweet, which is the kind I like. I’m not crazy about dry wines.

The only other exciting thing was that I made a new recipe for dinner. Mediterranean pork chops and sheet pan vegetables. It’s basically a marinade of lemon juice, garlic, and oregano, but it was super tasty! It came from a magazine or I’d link to it.

And that’s all I’ve got. Have to get some work done, so I leave you with a highly offended cat. She was laying on the couch when the dog jumped up there, and she was having none of it.

Have a happy wine kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

The Bat

Yesterday’s excitement happened when I was cleaning the kitchen counter. I pulled out the mixer from the wall and something screeched at me.

Yep. A bat! Of all the weird things. So, I did what any sane person does when they find a random sleeping bat – I pushed the mixer back and left it alone.

Until hubby got home.

He got his heavy gloves, tugged the mixer out, and grabbed the poor sleeping little bat. It woke up with a screech and was very unhappy, but we took him outside without incident.

Not that he wanted to fly away.

Eventually, hubby took the glove off and left it laying there, bat still on it. We went inside, and came back a few minutes later and he was gone. I’d guess he was just scared and froze until he felt the danger was past. Goofy thing.

Anyway, have to go get some work done, but wanted to get this posted.

Have a surprise bat kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

A Day Out

With my quarantine over, we got invited to a BBQ at Lake Icaria. It was a really nice day, much cooler than it has been, so that made it even better. On the way home, we saw a sign in Corning for Lake Binder, which we’d never heard of before, so we decided to stop and check it out. It’s got a nice sized lake, camping areas, and some picnic spots, but, most interesting were the lily pads.

You can see the weird things that look like little shower heads? That’s the center of the flowers after the petals have fallen off. And here’s what it looks like with the petals.

Weird, huh? There were also some pretty purple flowers too.

Anyway, that was the excitement for yesterday. And now I need to get some things done.

Have a surprise ake kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

Lunar New Year and Such

Meant to post this last night but didn’t. Anyway, happy lunar new year. I don’t normally really notice except for in game events, but since I somehow missed the whole month of January, I figure it was like a freebie month and I’m willing to say this is the start of the year. Yay!

I looked some stuff up on it, and one site said to eat fish for good luck. Funnily enough we’d planned fish for that night already. So here is my lucky fish.

It was ok. Didn’t save the recipe, because the other one we have is better by a lot.

We had a snowpocalypse scheduled for today. Man. You should see how much snow and ice we got. It’s insane!

Yeah. Since it was supposed to be terrible weather, we’d planned chicken soup. Even without that snow, the soup was good.

The only other thing worth sharing is that me Kimg Crow arrived from Squishable today. Meet BrΓ’n.

And it’s after midnight so I’m outta here.

Have a chicken soup kinda night.

Jo πŸ™‚

Eye Doctor

Went to the eye doctor today and picked out new glasses. She dilated my eyes and they are just finally to where I can read my phone. Holy batsnitch. No idea why it lasted so long on me. Wonder if Sjogrens affects it?

Anyway, don’t have the glasses yet but these are the frames.

Hubby hates them but he always hates my choices, so that’s ok.

Have a cute glasses kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚


If you thought yesterday was a waste, today was even more so in terms of anything to say. Just did work all day and played fetch with my cat, John Jones. She is a strange little thing and she literally plays fetch with Q-tips. You toss it, she runs, grabs it, and brings it back. She did this for about half an hour tonight before I think she lost it. And yes, it is a girl cat named John Jones. I could tell you why, but then you’d think I was morbid, so… (hint: When she was a litten she liked to crawl into small spaces. Now Google the name.)

But here are some random photos of JJ not playing fetch.

Isn’t she cute??

Have a fetching kitty kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

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