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Thankfulness #106: More Painting

Today I am thankful because the dining room painting is almost done – and we have a full gallon left at this point:

So we have plenty of paint – yay! I was afraid it wouldn’t be enough, but then I am a bad judge of how far paint will stretch. When we get this room done we’re going to redo the woodwork in the bathroom/kitchen because we used cheaper paint and it is coming off already, then it’s on to the front room. Yay!

In other news, I did some book cover and formatting stuff today:

NAPOJ BACHUSA - 2500.jpg

And my poor doggy was not feeling very well, I don’t think:

01 (3).jpg

But he is very soft and silky since his bath yesterday. let me tell you he needed it!

What else… Oh, Snapchat was fun…

00 (5)

I wish I looked that good in real life, sans the nose ring. I think it would be uncomfortable.

I also got the pre-orders for Goddess of Night going, so I can share links soon… and I did some other boring stuff no one cares about, so I’ll end this.

Have a painted kinda day!

Jo 🙂



Thankfulness #102: Painting

Today I am thankful for my uncle and brother getting some paint on the wall in the dining room. I had book covers to work on, so I had scheduled it for tomorrow, but the uncle proposed an exchange of labor and who am I to say no? (Okay, actually, the bro made the arrangements, I was uninvolved, but that’s all right)

00 (2).jpg

That’s the first coat. wOOt! If we can get this done then we’ll go down and get our china hutch and some other stuff from storage in a couple of months. Double wOOt.

And now I have a blog tag to do and then on to Turtles.

Have a painted room kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #83: Organizing


I mentioned last night that it was snowing, well the snow managed to last the day for a change.

The poor dog has a cold and has been coughing and looking kind of droopy, but he’s still eating and drinking and doesn’t seem to have a fever. If he’s not better tomorrow we’ll have to take him to the vet.


I did some writing, not a lot though, and we did a test paint patch:


That doesn’t quite capture the color, but anyway we’re trying Glidden complete which is supposed to have stain blocker built in. If it does it will save us a ton of money because the alternative is a prier coat of killz, which gets pricey. So cross your fingers that the stain doesn’t eat through it in the next few days.

In other news, hubby’s Valentines present arrived. Yeah, it is Edwin the Duck, whose main attraction was that he was a blue tooth speaker that was waterproof and looked like a rubber ducky. And he lights up and does other cool stuff via phone apps.

I got lucky and found a previously enjoyed version on Amazon for a third of the normal price. Go me! I did let him have it early, because that is also the kind of person I am.

And now for the thankfulness. Today I am thankful to Maegan Provan for helping me get the Valentine’s Party organized for Saturday (It’s a facebook party, so you can ALL come join us!). We worked the schedule out and I got all my graphics made and my bits written up.


That’s all the cute little graphics in my party folder (yeah it’s named Book born coz that was the first place I had a party on after the reformat and I have been too lazy to change the name). The blank spaces are images that have the winning answers on them – not gonna give them away 😉

And that’s all I’ve got. Have an organized/light up ducky kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #45: Cookie Baking Time

I know.  I missed a couple days. Not because anything traumatic was going on, but just because I was busy and lost track of time. For instance on Friday I got my hair cut:

And we went shopping. Hyvee had some great items in the bakery I did not buy but enjoyed looking at:

Saturday I worked on Mom’s present -no pics coz I don’t want her to see it – and between Saturday and Sunday we got the dining room completely scraped, wiped down, and patched:

And today Mom and I made Christmas cookies! 

They still need frosted, but all that’s left after that is 3 kinds of candy. Even better than baking though was that we got along for a whole day. I think that’s some kind of record. 

And now I need to go to bed.

Have a getting along kinda day!

Jo 🙂 

Thankfulness #39: Expensive Ink

Yesterday we went grocery shopping. The crowds were no more than usual, and we had some fun, but the best part was the super expensive printer ink. 

Let me start by saying I don’t like our HP printer . It was bought when wireless printers were pretty new, to replace my Kodak. The Kodak made the most beautiful ,  professional looking prints, but the print head clogged all the time and had to be replaced at 30$ ( or was it 50$?). Because if that, hubby hated it, but I was willing to deal with it – then that wireless HP came along and hubby replaced – and got rid of – my wonderful Kodak. 

Fast forward. Kodak had quit making printers, but recently partnered with someone else to make a printer that has good reviews. So a couple montjs ago I marked it as a “to buy” and have been waiting for the day to drop 60$ for it. 

So, last night we needed to buy ink for that HP. The ink cost $62. Across from it was that Kodak printer for 60$ that comes with ink. Guess which we bought? 


We haven’t hooked it up yet, but I’m excited to try it. If it prints good I can stop frequenting Office Max . 

And now my lunch is done . 

Have an expensive ink kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #38: Christmas Crafts

Yesterday I was thankful for making the cute little santas:

They came out cute and for once we mostly got along. Wish I could say the same for today 😦

Also did Christmas cards and the weekly turtle page and the bro started scraping the dining room ceiling. yay!

Have a happy Santa day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #29: Words


Today I am thankful for words. To be specific,  10,853 words. That’s how many I managed to write today – wOOt! – which leaves just 7,859 to reach the 50,000 required by NaNoWriMo, and I have two days to do it in. This should be gravy.

I thought I was farther behind than I was. The last word count I remembered was 28,000, but apparently I got it up to 31,000 the other night (who knew). So I started 3,000 ahead today, which helped a lot.

As to the writing itself, sadly a lot of those 50,000 words will get deleted come December first, but I’m on chapter six, maybe chapter seven. I have a bit more of the plot, and then I have to figure out what to do. I know where they are going to go for the big climax, but I don’t have much planned to fill the middle. I think they need to run into the bad guys a couple times – I might go back and add that into one of the previous chapters in fact, so we can start “meeting” them. But I don’t know. As usual, it’s all up in the air.

I did promise Christmas decoration pics yesterday, so here they are.

First, the cute hat ornaments we made:

And now for decorations:


We’re mid scraping on the frontroom, so the tree had to go in the dining room this year. Because of the in flux nature of those rooms, we barely did anything else to them,  so the bathroom is crammed with lots of Christmas stuff, as is the kitchen. Someday I am going to have this house done and really do it up.

I tried to stick to a themed tree this year, as I’ve been discussing, but I didn’t make it. We ended up having to add several ornaments that are sentimental. I mean, what is Christmas without a zombie on your tree?


And I leave you with a squishy chicken in a santa hat!



Have a three-thousand-extra-words kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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