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Old Fort Madison

In June hubby and I visited Fort Madison, Iowa. Though I lived near there for a few years, the old fort was an attraction I’d never seen. Hubby vaguely remembered having visited it at some point, and also when it was built (he said they had men from the nearby prison build it.) Since we all know that hubby and I love historical stuff, we had to go.

I enjoyed it a lot, though initially I thought it was a bit pricey, the amount of things they have there are worth the price – we spent a couple of hours there but could have easily spent five or six had we decided to read all the material they have on display. (The man who runs it went to Washington and dug up all the paperwork pertaining to the fort – from records to receipts – and a lot of it is copied off and organized in binders. I did flip through a couple and found it quite interesting. If we’d had more time I’d have looked at a lot more of it, but we were limited…I forget why.)

Though there were re-enactors, who were pretty knowledgeable, the highlight was talking to the guy running it, Mr.ย Watkins. I’m a bit anti-social, especially at museums and such, and prefer to read exhibits usually rather than chat with people because I can never think of any questions, or anything to say that makes me seem intelligent, but I really enjoyed talking to him. He has a passion for the period in history and it translates well. By the time we were done talking to him, we were as excited as he was!

(Here’s a video of him firing the musket that was really fun to watch.)

There’s a website on the fort and the history that does a better job than I could at telling you about it. But, one thing I was interested to learn was why it had to be rebuilt – I always wondered where the original went. Apparently the soldiers themselves burned the original down when it was abandoned! There was also an “Indian attack” on the fort at one point. Led by Tecumseh, it was part of a large organized strike on several places, all done simultaneously.

Anyway, check out the website! I admit, I didn’t expect it to be that exciting – I mean, it was a fort/factory (aka trading post) but it really is pretty interesting. (There’s a voice over that tells you a brief history after it first opens – and it looks like they have an awesome Halloween event going on called Dead Zone… OOoooOOooo.)

And of course, I took a bunch of photos. Here are a few. There are more in my Flickr album as always.ย 


And now I need to go to bed.

Have a loving history kinda day! (And don’t be surprised if something on this shows up in one of my vampire stories some day!)

Jo ๐Ÿ™‚


7 Days of Thankfulness #6

This week I was thankful for

1. I am thankful for the snapbridge capabilities of my new Nikon, which lets me download photos straight to my phone.It’s made it much easier to post my cat photo of the day on Facebook!

2. When mom had her barium test, I was grateful they did not find any cause for bleeding, however at the same time that means we don’t know where her blood is going still.

3. I was also grateful to get out from under the stress of some formatting I have been working on. It was stressful because it was very, very complicated – far more complicated than I know how to do. I was trying to figure it out, but with working on the house and everything else, it was just too much.

4. I am also thankful for getting our trip schedule ironed out. Hubby and I will be heading to West Virginia at the end of this month, and had planned to leave on a Friday, however he is now working every Friday, so we had to readjust. Our host was very awesome about the change, and I am really looking forward to going.

00 (4)

Random sunset picture

5. Friday I got Hitmonchan, which completed my pokedex – sans regionals (pokemon only available in regions I don’t live in like Japan and Australia, etc.), the Legendaries that have not made it this far yet, the ones that are not released, Mew Two, who is invite only, and Unown – who is super rare (and the tracking map with alerts cost 10$ to access), aka I probably will never be able to fill those slots, meaning my dex is done!

We also enjoyed a nice time at Gene Leahy in Omaha.

6. Saturday I was grateful for what we managed to get done on the front porch. We got it sanded and painted (though I had to putty some spots, so it will need repainted in a few places), got one pillar set, and got the front piece attached. We also learned that we will have to paint the pillars white. Apparently you can’t paint fiberglass pillars with any paint that has a Lightness number between 56 and 0 because it will get too hot and warp. So, that means we’ll have to buy more paint. *sigh*. And since it’s Sherwin Williams, it’s insanely expensive. *double sigh* But better to do it right.


7. Sunday I was thankful for a nice time at my cousin Tim’s twelth birthday party. I was also thankful for catching an Entei – the new Legendary Pokemon. While I wouldn’t mind getting another one with better IV, if I don’t I at least have this one, so my pokedex is keeping up.

And now I am going to finish this Western that Dad and I are watching, and go to bed.

Have a great week!

Jo ๐Ÿ™‚

Mount Pleasant, Iowa

In June we went over to Fort Madison, and on the way home we stopped in Mount Pleasant (mainly to get Paul Revere’s Pizza). While waiting (for the pizza place to open) I took a few shots of the square – something I’ve always been “going to” do. Yeah, it just took me almost twenty years to get it done.

I got these done some time ago, but just noticed I’d never shared them here, so there you go. I also finished the photos from our visit to the old fort in Fort Madison that I’ll post later.

Have a photo editing kinda day!

Jo ๐Ÿ™‚

7 Days of Thankfulness #4

And here we are – a week’s worth of thankfulness!

1. I was grateful this week that Shaun sent me the info for GuruShots, a fun photo challenge app. They host challenges and you upload pics to it, and vote on other’s photos. Simple, fun, and the different themes could be an inspiration for taking pics if you want (or you can use old ones, which is what I am doing at the moment). If you’re on Guru Shots hit me up – I’m under Joleene Naylor (just using my FB account)

00 (5)

2. I was especially grateful to get the front/side flowerbed plastic put down and mulched. it took 40 garden staples! 40! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

3. I was thankful to FINALLY get a 100% IV Pokemon (This is their stats like attack, defense, etc. The higher the stats, the better they are when fighting.) I’ve only been checking IVs or a couple of months, so I may have had one before and tossed it without knowing (you have to use a separate app/site to check the pokemon’s IV).

00 (4).jpg

4. I was also grateful that my rocks turned out so well. I’d be even MORE thankful if I could find some painted by someone else once in awhile!

5. On Friday i was thankful to finally catch Raiku! We did two raids and I caught him at both! This saved on grocery day, so it saved us having to go back to Omaha for a second day this weekend.

00 (1).jpg

6. I was also grateful for getting the spindles for the front porch started and for getting the last of the blue and red painted on the deck (there are little squares that will go at the top that are also red, but they need nailed up still)

7. Sunday I was sick, but I was grateful to Amy Wilson for suggesting the anime Yona of the Dawn. I spent the whole day binge watching all 24 episodes. I need more. More!



Viking Lake Pics

Last Saturday hubby and I went to Viking Lake (as I mentioned in my weekly thankfulness post), and I got to play with my new Nikon. I haven;t edited the photos, but I did use the awesome Snapbridge app to download some of them to my phone, so here are the unedited images:

They have swans!


Some pretty flowers and butterflies – you can see the little balls on the end of their antenna! (click for a bigger view)

The water was pretty, too:

We got to see some wildlife:

And caught a pretty sunset on the way home

I have to say I’m pretty excited about the pics – this camera upgrade was just what I needed. I am really loving it – and the 300 zoom is awesome!

And now I am off to do who knows what!

Have an awesome camera kinda day!

Jo ๐Ÿ™‚

7 Days of Thankfulness #3

And we made it to thankfulness #3! Here are the seven things I was thankful for this week:

  1. I am thankful to be able to live in the kind of town where someone can put a box of free tomatoes on a park bench labeled “Free. Please Take” without having to worry about someone dumping the box out all over, or throwing them at stuff, or destroying them for the sake of making a mess. I have to say the kids around here are pretty well behaved for modern kids, and it’s ย nice change from other places I’ve been. No way you could have done that in Bolivar.00
  2. I was grateful for the response to my Vampire Challenge – I have 10 members already! Are you interested? Check it out?ย 
  3. Today I am thankful that we found Mustard! he disappeared Sunday night and though we looked, we couldn’t find him. As it rolled around to Wednesday, I was pretty worried. However, he came strolling up to us while we were Pokemoning and he is now safe and sound. 

  4. I am thankful for the awesome package I received from Donna – she is an amazing crafter and she sent me so many amazing goodies! 

  5. I am also thankful that Dad’s potassium is starting to drop and his kidney function is up 15%. Woo hoo! If we keep it up, he may soon be back to normal!

    00 (1)

    weird art at the Shenandoah Clinic

  6. I was thankful for some time with hubby out at Viking Lake. he was getting over being sick, so it was low impact, but I took some great photos – I’ll do a separate blog for those tomorrow – but here we are wading at “the beach” (along with some park signs)

    and enjoying an ice cream cone from the cafe there.

    and going over a train

  7. On Sunday I was thankful for a great time with family. My cousin Skye celebrated his twelfth birthday at Two Rivers park in Nebraska. Afterwards we went to see his pet rats and I got to shoot a crossbow which was fun :)(and no one got hurt!)


    I also got a chance to play with my new Nikon a bit:

    And there we go! A week’s worth of thankfulness in one post ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great week!

Jo ๐Ÿ™‚


West Point, Iowa, Cemetery Part 2

Today I was thankful for the 10$ Walmart gift card I got from ebates because I was short on cash ad because of it was able to get the stuff I needed. Worked out well.

Not much else. I helped hubby change the hub in the truck (though its not done) and did some weeding and of course went to walmart as I mentioned. While we were in Shen there was a Snorlax raid at a gym, but even though we recruited one other person, the three of us couldn’t do anything with it. I really need to meet some more pokemoners. This is exactly why I’m in no hurry for legendaries, they’ll just be another thing I can’t do because I don’t live in a city with twenty plus local players near me.

Tomorrow the brother and I head to Missouri for a week. Cross your fingers we make it because his driving…I kid. Okay, maybe not completely. Ha ha!

And now the rest of the West Point photos.


And I think I’ll go to bed early tonight. I have been fighting with a teaser but I don’t like anything I do with it… I dunno.

Have a gift card kinda day!

Jo ๐Ÿ™‚


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