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West Point, Iowa, Cemetery Part 2

Today I was thankful for the 10$ Walmart gift card I got from ebates because I was short on cash ad because of it was able to get the stuff I needed. Worked out well.

Not much else. I helped hubby change the hub in the truck (though its not done) and did some weeding and of course went to walmart as I mentioned. While we were in Shen there was a Snorlax raid at a gym, but even though we recruited one other person, the three of us couldn’t do anything with it. I really need to meet some more pokemoners. This is exactly why I’m in no hurry for legendaries, they’ll just be another thing I can’t do because I don’t live in a city with twenty plus local players near me.

Tomorrow the brother and I head to Missouri for a week. Cross your fingers we make it because his driving…I kid. Okay, maybe not completely. Ha ha!

And now the rest of the West Point photos.


And I think I’ll go to bed early tonight. I have been fighting with a teaser but I don’t like anything I do with it… I dunno.

Have a gift card kinda day!

Jo 🙂


West Point, Iowa Cemetery Part 1

Today I was thankful for making plans for October. Hubby and I have been planning to go see some friends in West Virginia in October, and we have now managed to include the Harveys too, so I will get to see even more of my favorite people! How awesome is that?

Other than that I did some more book covery things and did get some more photos edited (I’m going to start on some teasers for my Executioner stories next). Not much else of excitement except that Burger King f***ed up my order (the strong word is needed there). I’ve been counting calories and balanced everything out so I could have a piece of oreo cheesecake with dinner, then they did NOT give me my cheesecake, which the brother did not discover until he had come all the way home. No one was going to drive twenty-plus miles to go pick it up (I wanted to but got vetoed because, you know, gas costs money) so no oreo cheesecake. Hubby did get me a piece of strawberry swirl from Casey’s, which don’t get me wrong I appreciated, but it wasn’t the same. Boo hoo.

Anyway, on to the West Point photos.

Part 2 may come tomorrow.

Have a getting to see awesome people kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Today I was thankful that my tablet worked on the first try. I haven’t felt well all day, and the added annoyance of the tablet not working would have made it worse. I also got Photoshop Elements to work so I could make PDFs again. I was going to knock Windows back to before the creator’s update (as that was what several online sources said to do) but when I went to do it, Windows informed me that there was another update waiting to finalize, so I let it go and that seems to have fixed things for now, at least. Still, the laptop has been running slower since the update so it may still go. I did uninstall some things, but there are a lot of things running (like cortana and skype??) that I don’t want to run, so I need to go in and disable their processes and see if that helps.

Not much else. Hubby has put in for Monday off, so fingers crossed he gets it. Saturday I have to pack. Um…I went for my nightly pokemon/walk…I had a piece of cheesecake for lunch…Worked on some book covers…Watched Smackdown from a week ago…I really live a boring life.

I do have one more set of photos edited (The West Point cemetery) but I’ll save those for tomorrow, so tonight you get a random photo from the archives. Pick a number between 1 and 237…109? Okay…Let’s see what’s on page 109 of my Flickr.

OoooOOO. August 2010. A few of these are some of my favorite photos. Lucky!


You know, I have enough old photos I could probably do blogs for years of of them. My flickr has 23,619 items in it, and even subtracting for book covers, images for blogs, and things like that, I bet a good 20,000 are photos, and 10,000 are probably even decent. Craziness. (And also the reason I pay for the pro account)

Have a cheesecake kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Salem, Iowa

Yesterday I was thankful for all the prayers and well wishes from my FB friends. Dad went in to the doctor for flu-like symptoms and they did a scan (the name of which I’ve forgotten) to check his kidneys and while they were doing it found a mass “near” his liver. He has to go in Monday for a CT scan on it. He does have a history of benign fatty tumors (he has one on his side, in fact, that they just left) so I am hoping that’s all it is. Unfortunately, on Monday the brother and I will be in Missouri (we’re scheduled to leave Sunday) and we can;t reschedule that because it involves too many people/places. But, hubby has put in to have Monday off and go with him to the appointments. Hopefully it turns out to be nothing and they can go celebrate with lunch out afterwards.

Anyway not much else. The rash is getting better slooooooowly, and I have to draw the TTC page tonight. So, moving on, here are some photos from Salem, Iowa we took while on the east side.


If you’ve never heard of Salem, you’re not alone. It has a population of 383 (so Google says) but it does have a timelord. I swear, there is a gas station there that looks like a shack (I seriously wasn’t sure about bothering to stop because it didn’t look big enough to have a bathroom) but inside it’s huge. And they sell Hunt Brother’s Pizza:


I love that stuff.

And now I a back to a book cover. Have a pizza kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Random Iowa Photos & Fulfillment

Finally. Today, after a year of playing Dragon City, I have accomplished my goal: I beat Candi Davenport’s dragons!


Gwahahahahaha! While this does not matter to her in the slightest, I am quite delighted. Especially since she’s still several levels ahead of me (and truthfully has probably not played it in awhile. Oh well.) Truth is, when I started playing Dragon City she was my highest leveled friend – at the top of the totem pole – and this is why beating her is a thing. Plus she beat my dragons up a few times when they were tiny, ha ha!

I also had some Pokemon fun:

The eggs are in front of the cafe… I call it “Tomorrow’s Omelettes.” And that’s Pikachu #3. One more and I’ll have enough candy to evolve him to a Raichu in a hat.

Not much else, so I will share some random Eastern Iowa photos from our trip. (Lucky you)

And now I am going to either edit photos of Mount Pleasant or get back to organizing Facebook photos. Hmmm.

Have a beating Candi kinda day!

Jo 😉


Fort Madison Part 3

Today I was thankful for getting the wood we need to fix the deck with next weekend. There are three bards that need replaced – two came with a hole burned through them (I think the previous owners had a BBQ sitting there) and another has a chunk missing. Probably it had a knot hole in it that has gone soft over the years. Anyway, we got the boards today along with some more trellises for the roses (another big one to go by the driveway and two small ones for the baby rose by the air conditioner). I want to get some more to put around the hibiscus and get it off the driveway/it’s neighboring plants, and maybe a couple more the the baby rose. Someday this yard will be whipped into shape.

Past that I did nothing interesting, so we’re going to finish up the Fort Madison photos! Lucky you! We went to the park and then walked around a few blocks. Hubby used to have a paper route in the area, so it was fun. Except the two cemetery looking pics, which are from a cemetery.


Fun, huh?

Have a getting ready to get things done kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Fort Madison Part 2

Today I was thankful for the brother being willing to do the grocery shopping (it was our week) because hubby had to work today and then went and mowed part of Dad’s jungle.

And now on the the subject of the post: More photos from our trip to Fort Madison!  These are downtown:

I have at least another round of these, some sunset pics, Salem cemetery, and I am almost done with West Point cemetery. Aren’t you excited? I can take a million pictures in a five minute span. Don’t believe me? Wait until I get to the Confederate Cemetery we visited in Mississippi (I think it was). Hubby gave me twenty minutes. I jogged from stone to stone (It also had a really, really OLD section off to the side that was fantastic) I probably took 200 photos. No, they won’t all make the cut, but there will be plenty, I’m sure.

Speaking of cameras, Hubby has been looking at getting me a new body. And while I want one because I need more focal points, I am looking at the rice tag and thinking instead maybe just a new lens for now. I won’t lie, my basic lens is in not so good shape. It’s been dropped/knocked off of places one too many times, and I lose the lens cap a lot and, well, anyway… I need to work on being better with lenses. I know.

Off to finish West Point. Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

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