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Coming Up Roses

Yesterday was spent visiting with family, so with nothing to really share, I have some fewer photos instead. Sadly, these are not my roses, but they’re my pics, so I get half credit, right?

And here are a few I played with. I pay .99 cents a month for the Lens Distortion editing program so I should use it now and then.

And I leave you now. Have a pretty roses kind of day!

Jo πŸ™‚

From Car Wrecks to Rainbows – a Week in One Post

Yeah, I’ve been busy, and lazy, so you get the whole week at once.

First, my bro hit a deer. He’s ok, but the car is not.

Though one good thing on Sunday, we ended up getting to enjoy the spaghetti dinner from the community building. It was a fund raiser for a family who had a fire. It was very tasty, including some strawberry cake that I kind of wish I had the recipe for.

Another thing we had this week was a lot of rain. So much so that the duckies at Dollar General went out for a swim.

I did get some ice cream made though. Chocolate mint, strawberry, blueberry, maple, and vanilla pineapple.

So far we’ve only had the maple. I just used the normal vanilla recipe and added a teaspoon of maple flavor and a half teaspoon of vanilla. Though I don’t like walnuts, I mixed some in Dad’s.

There was also a mystery bug…

Wednesday we went to our weekly Council Bluffs trip. I found the exact carveable foam pumpkins I’m looking for to make man eating plants – for $25 each!!! I did not buy them. I did, however, enjoy lunch at Great Wall. (Mine was the lemon chicken).

Also saw some neat buildings

And a lot of dust.

Today the exciting thing was the sky. It was supposed to be hot and sunny. Instead we had clouds…

And rain…

And finally rainbows

And now I leave you with a dog snuggling a stuffed duck.

Have a rainbow kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚


Yesterday hubby and I spent the day at parks doing POTA – Parks on the Air. It’s a ham radio thing, wherein a ham radio operator sets their radio up on certain parks and makes contacts with other ham radio operators who then get the check that park off their list. The goal is to get all the parks in the state, or the country, or whatever marked off, so to speak. But to do that, people have to go sit in the park and operate the radio.

Anyway, so that’s what we did. Because it was a gorgeous day.

We stopped by Viking Lake first.

Though it’s still August, there’s a definite autumn vibe.

Then we headed for Lake Anita because we’d never been there before.

Truthfully, I’ve never heard of it before, but it is a really nice park. It has campgrounds, a large lake, obviously, and a bunch of shelters.

Weirdly, most of the shelters don’t have a bathroom anywhere near them, and since doing the POTA means we have a lot of equipment set up, we like a bathroom close by so the stuff doesn’t have to be left unattended. Luckily one shelter not only had a bathroom, but an actual flush toilet bathroom with sinks and all! Score! Even better, our shelter had some little feathered friends in it.

There were a lot wild flowers and some very cool trees.

Despite the clouds rolling in, we stayed until basically dark because it was so gorgeous out.

So that was it. We had a lot fun, and it was nice to be outside and not bake to death for a change. And, bonus, we got rain today, so even better.

Have a cool weather kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

General Dodge House part 2

Here’s the second half of the Dodge House.Ki



On to the second floor

Bedroom (I think it was Mrs. Dodges)

Another bedroom. I think maybe General Dodges

The red room

Children’s room

Gold bedroom


Art Nouveau room


Head housekeepers room

And that’s it. There’s another house next door, but I’ll have to do it later.

Have a fancy Victorian house kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

General Dodge House Part 1

I mentioned we were out last Saturday. We went to a couple of places, and I took so many photos that I’m breaking it up. Today you get the photos from the General Dodge House, so called because General Dodge lived there. He was an important figure in the UP rail road. Let me find a link… I was going for Wikipedia but this page seems more interesting:

Speaking of lots of photos, the mobile app has an issue with that, so I have to break this up. Annoying, I know.

The entryway


Dining room

Back parlor

Front parlor

Part 2 on the way….

A Day Out

With my quarantine over, we got invited to a BBQ at Lake Icaria. It was a really nice day, much cooler than it has been, so that made it even better. On the way home, we saw a sign in Corning for Lake Binder, which we’d never heard of before, so we decided to stop and check it out. It’s got a nice sized lake, camping areas, and some picnic spots, but, most interesting were the lily pads.

You can see the weird things that look like little shower heads? That’s the center of the flowers after the petals have fallen off. And here’s what it looks like with the petals.

Weird, huh? There were also some pretty purple flowers too.

Anyway, that was the excitement for yesterday. And now I need to get some things done.

Have a surprise ake kinda day!

Jo πŸ™‚

Snowy photos

Meant to post this last night but didn’t get that far. That’s ok.

As I mentioned, we did get some snow. I actually went out in it Sunday and it was a lovely day so, photos! Most are Villisca but there are a couple in Red Oak as well.

And then there are some night photos

And finally, for fun, I did a comparison using the “photo” setting vs the “night” setting. The difference is quite interesting. If this posts correctly, photo should be on the left and night on the right.

And that’s what I have. I leave you for my bed and sleepy time.

Have an atmospheric photo kinda day

Jo πŸ™‚

Twelve Hours

Our winter weather arrived….though it took its sweet time. They said 9 am. Here was the world at 1pm.

And here it is at 1 am

No snowpocalypse by any means, but at least there is snow. It always fascinates me the difference snow makes on the landscape. It completely transforms it, like cold, icy magic.

Now off to watch the last Cobra Kai episode.

Have a snowy magic day

Jo πŸ™‚

Winter Sunset

Not much was accomplished today. It happens. They say we’re supposed to get snow tomorrow (Friday) but I’m not holding my breath. They’re usually wrong. This has been a very dry winter so far.

Tried making the red pop like it did in person but it took away the toneless gray of the rest of the sky. Just used Light Room on the phone so not like I did a lot of work on it.

That’s the original which doesn’t look like it did in reality, either. Oh well.

Off to bed. Night!

Have a wintery day!

Jo πŸ™‚

West Virginia: Point Pleasant

Hello! This is going to be the last of my holiday snaps for now. Luckily I’ve been able to just embed them from Instagram, so it’s saved me a bunch of time – BUT it means they’re kind of scrambled up because Instagram isn’t the best medium for posting photos in groups thanks to the inability to mix vertical and horizontal.

So, Point Pleasant. In my mind, it’s most famous for the Mothman cryptid, but maybe that’s just me. (Amy was surprised I’d ever heard of Mothman, so there you go.) But once I realized it was in the general vicinity, I knew we had to stop!

One sad thing, so my camera started doing this weird thing where after you take the photo, instead of showing it in the view screen (like normal) it would flash back to an older photo. I checked the thumbnails, and they showed all the photos, so I wasn’t worried. But, eventually, it got annoying, so I powered off ejected the card and popped it back in, and when I did that, all of those disappeared, so I have zero photos of the statue without us in them, and lost several building photos, etc. that I didn’t notice until much later.

But on to these. This is hubby and I in front of the statue, of course, and then the rest are the Mothman Museum (I had no idea there was a museum!). The museum has displays on all the different components – I’ll try to keep this short. There is a lot on the UFO sightings and the Mothman sighting (of course), that went on for two years. Then there is the Men in Black, who were these strange men who showed up during those two years, talking to anyone who had seen any of those aforementioned UFOs or the Mothman (called the Birdman, btw, by the press at the time), then they cover the collapse of the Silver Bridge (that killed 46 people I think it was), which many people think was connected to those UFOs/Mothman. I have no idea if it really was all connected or not, but regardless, it’s all there, along with a section of items from the movie Mothman Prophecies that came out in the early 2000s.

Anyway, the photos. The second is the entrance inside the store, the third is a Mothman costume, fourth is all about the Men in Black, some more Mothman costumes, then a piece of “broken glass” from the movie (they had a lot of movie stuff there), a model of the bridge, some newspaper clippings from the bridge disaster (they have a massive collection of clippings on all the different elements!), and a piece of metal from the bridge that collapsed.

Yeah, how cool is that? After that we went hunting for the bridge site. The first photo is the replacement bridge – the Silver Memorial Bridge – taken coming back into WV from Ohio (of note, it now goes into Henderson, not Point Pleasant. You have to cross it, then cross that green bridge to get into Point Pleasant.) Second is a mural that I *think* is where the bridge used to be because the plaque (which is supposed to be posted where the onramp for the bridge was) is straight back from it. Speaking of the plaque, its #3. Then there’s the new bridge viewed from the river front, and finally another shot of driving over it because we ended up hopping back over to Ohio for lunch at Bob Evans, haha!

While looking for bridge stuff, we ended at the riverfront walk and wow! There was so much there! I had no idea, I guess. I didn’t think about the fact that West Virginia used to be Virginia, but it has so much old history – like Revolutionary War history! Coming from an area that wasn’t really settled until the 1850s/60s, I don’t really think about it. Anyway, the third photo is of a tiny piece of the crazy long mural that runs along the river (it’s fantastic!), then there’s a barge in the river, then there are statues of Chief Cornstalk and General Andrew Lewis from the Battle of Point Pleasant. At the end of the river walk is an amazing park, that has some of the best placed benches I’ve ever seen (this is the big monument in the middle that Instagram chopped off because, vertical.). A shot of that green bridge from the river, and another shot of the Silver Memorial Bridge, then a few more historical markers. Imagine living somewhere that has that many historical places/events! We have a single axe murder in 1912 here, and the town I grew up in had nothing.

There was also an amazing little cemetery – again divided into portrait and landscape shots:

And that wraps up what I’ve got to share with you. Hope you at least enjoyed a few of them.

Have a surprise museum kind of day!

Jo πŸ™‚

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