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Random Poetry: Remember

(originally from July 28, 2008)


Just a  random poem I was playing around with.

moon poem smaller

Of interest – that poem has since been published in the Spring 2010 Target Audience Magazine 🙂

Song playing at the moment – I Will Follow You into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie


Okay, so I am getting back to posting the worthwhile stuff I have accumulated over the years….

(from July 2008)

This was written for the CPCC weekly collab share:

Soaked in sweat, startled awake from my dream,
In the cold morning light, nothing‘s as dark as it seems.
The land was purple and golden, cool light hypnotize,
turquoise in water, a lightning bolt pierced the sky.
I stand on the zenith beneath the star’s shower of dust,
arms opened, eyes closed in a portrait of lust.
With memories, I paint your beauty on the backs of my eyes,
while your voice slips away, echoing through my mind.
I wander through fields, alone in time, lost.
Seeking you, needing you, I’ll pay blood as my cost.
Then I see you approach, as from heavens serene,
But there’s fear in your eyes, like a cold, frozen scream
I try to reach for you, but you’re flying away
As night turns to dawn and dawn turns to day.
You cry, “Circle back, before I hit the ground.”
And I catch you, holding tight, not making a sound.
But you slip through my hands, as the moonlight past the sun.
You flee into the mist, all my hope is undone.
Wracked in despair, this is where I will lay me down,
without a word or a whisper, no stone and no mound.
It’s just one dream consistent, day after day;
repeating, reoccurring, endless cycles of pain.
I must conquer this fear, this nightmare of mine,
The circle is broad, but I’ll pass beyond it this time.
Soaked in sweat, startled awake from my dream,
in the cold morning light, nothing is as dark as it seems…

(Some lines are from: Cheryl, Debra, Colleen B, Off2Troy, Lady Seda, Lanie, Tyler, Linda, Miranda, Raiden, BlackSunchine, joshibear, Michelle, Winetr’s Chuld & juliet)

As a bonus, The poetry nest has a Bermuda Triangle shindig happening and here’s what I dropped off there….

eyes of onyx stare
infusing fear into my soul
taking away hope

I blink back in confusion
attempting to comprehend
trying to understand

the boat sinks below me
slipping underneath the waves
disappearing to the bottom

aliens move around me
restraining me for the journey
ignoring my fear

The Bermuda triangle grows smaller
shrinking in the view screen
disappearing as we leave

the spaceship flies away
leaving behind the earth
taking me to unknown places

Song playing at the moment – Lacuna Coil – Kill the Light

Walk With Me

(originally from March 2008)


I admit, this is inspired by a misheard lyric :p But it was such a cool lyric that when I discovered it was *not* used I had to do something with it, so here it is! (There’s a poetry challenge idea… write a poem off of your favorite misheard lyric, LOL!)

Walk With Me

Darkness wraps itself around you
Makes your fears and nightmares come true
In the shadows, can you feel me?
Creeping closer ’til you can see
So you stand amazed
You can not believe
I slowly smile
And you fall down on your knees
In my casket lay
All our hopes and dreams
Now resurrected
Why is it that you scream?

 Drowning in your own confusion
Your questions rising in profusion
All the prayers you cried have come true
From the grave returned to find you
And your tears they fall
Landing on the floor
Your trembling fingers
Reaching for my face once more
Whispered words of praise
Slip softly from your lips
All your desire
Burning in your unspoken kiss

 Against the night I’ll raise my voice
At your feet I lay this choice
The world of death beyond this portal
Will you dance with an immortal?
Lie in your grave with me
You can’t look away
I’ll taste you’re life
Save you from life’s slow decay
Intertwined we’ll be
For eternity
Just take my hand
And walk into the night with me

Fav Song of the moment – “Chasing Cars”- Snow Patrol

Old Poetry

(from February 2008)

This is an exercise from Shotgun Poetry (which I believe is now defunct, but perhaps not?) What you do is take an old throwaway poem and redo it by changing key words to their opposite, with the intention that it still make some sense in the end.   Well, my PC is down, which is where everything of mine is at from 1997 till October of 2007. Anyway, luckily I have a few things from 1997 (when I was still Joleene Harris) on paper and managed to dig one up! (Yes, I still have notebooks from high school.)

Maturity (August 1997)

Softly echo down the hallways in the caverns of our minds
No where to go, no way to turn, the path to life we can not find
Seeming softly, overflowing memories buried deep inside
Hide the pain and hide the anger, fires burning out your life

Darkness tripping out the daylight, crystals forming cold as ice
Destroying all we hold in silence, revealing yet another vice
Tonight you hold the truth inside you, tonight you’ll tell another lie
Throughout the coldest, frightening anger, hiding from those burning eyes

And so a slave to what you once were, holding on for safety’s sake
Quiet truths entombed in cobwebs, fate has not a smiling face
Down the hallways of your memory, standing out inflicted pain
Remember always what they’ve made you then wash yourself clean in the rain
Knowing that you can not hide or try to shrink away from me,
For I am what you’ve grown to fear and my name is maturity

I have no idea what any of it as supposed to mean. Which is why I gave poetry up for a long time! That and I ran out of depressed feelings!

And here is the redo of it:

Immaturity (March 2008)

Softly echo through the dungeons in the caverns of our minds
No where to go, no way to turn, the path to death we can not find
Seeming softly, overflowing fantasies buried deep inside
Hide the pain and hide the anger, cold and freezing up your life

Daylight tripping out the darkness, crystals forming hard as ice
Destroying all we hold so loudly, revealing yet another vice
Tonight you hold the truth inside you, tonight you’ll reveal another side
Throughout the coldest, frightening fear, hiding from those burning eyes

And so a slave to what you once were, holding on for danger’s sake
Quiet lies entombed in cobwebs, fate has not a smiling face
Down the hallways of your memory, standing out imagined pain
Remember always what they’ve made you, your skin still dirty in the rain
Knowing that you can not run or try to shrink away from me,
For I am what you’ve grown to fear and my name is immaturity


So there you go!  Spiffy, huh? Whole different story now! Not that it makes a lot more sense…..

And now for the Segment I happily call “Random Things from My Pilfered Laptop” I SHOULD have had some lovely snow pics for you but I’ve been too lazy to take them off, so instead enjoy two more horrible poems from my high school years!

Useless Perfection (April/May 98 )

Marbleized beauty in Crystal shrine,
Perfection at their fingertips,
Unclosing eyes, unbending hands
Eternally softly smiling lips

In perfection was she created,
To be the sculptors lover’s dream,
All to be the perfect woman
But perfection isn’t what it seems

Many mortal hearts she’s stolen
Holding them tightly to her breast,
The one that cared the most for her
Found at her feet eternal rest

Her marble arms so round an perfect
Could not hold him close to her
Smiling lips so soft and open
Could not kiss him though they yearned

And so perfection was created,
Standing in its gilded cage
Worthless to the world around her
A remnant of an ignorant age


Stone (January 1997)

I do not feel regretful
I have nothing to regret
I have no painful memories,
I choose to forget
I have no grief and anger
I let none bother me
I have no well know secrets
I don’t let others see
I’ve no history of scandal,
I stick close to my home
I feel no painful loss
I have no loved ones of my own
I feel no pain and sorrow,
For my heart is made of stone
But never will I feel love
Because I’ve made myself alone

Fav Song of the Moment –  Anarchy – KMFDM

Collab Poem- In Lucifer’s Arms

(originally from January 2008)


In Lucifer’s Arms

I consume your mind, your heart, your essence
and leave you with a longing in your dreams.
In me, you’re lost, your soul’s evanescence
hungry and vulnerable, you always seem

Skim a sea of tears for a salty taste,
dredge through your misery and pain.
Then I’ll watch as you fall from grace.
is it arrogance that keeps me sane?

You disappear in shadows and hide your face,
quiet like the silence of the grave,
and though we move together through this space,
you now know that you cannot be saved.

My cloak of deceit is a fitting disguise;
a demon wrapped in angel’s hue.
You see your soul’s burning demise,
when you look behind my lying eyes of blue.

But in despair for me you fall,
knowing I’m the only one who’ll understand.
And now I come, my name you call,
that blood stained blade falls from your hand.

You beg, “release me from the bonds of hell!”
as you gaze upon my stone cold face.
dead fall your eyes that know so well
your ambrosia lips are now mine to taste.

And so to Hell my new bride came,
vermilion spilling from her wound.
A scarlet letter marking her eternal shame,
our seal of marriage, her mark of doom.

You see, to a fragile soul, Satan is just a footstep away,
waiting in the shadows warm,
watching for the broken ones; the lonely stray,
to claim another lover for his arms.

I say, come to me with an open heart,
bring me your yearning and your pain.
We’ll forge a bond and never part,
you’re just one in millions to whom I’ve said the same.

Some lines from: Cheryl, barb, pink saphire, Mosaic, Jimmy B, Glenn, April, Colleen B, Margie, Steve, inner Beauty, Ruggi

A Random Poem

(originally from December 2007)

I was working on a picture in PSP and I dunno why I suddenly did this instead.

Where Dead Dreams Lie

Where dark demons sing for the angel’s delight
Slumbering garden cast adrift in time
And the words of the damned daily hold back the light
While wind whispers in cold endless rhyme

Dark angel who sleep wrapped in wicked dreams
Amidst ashes of ages uncounted
Sweet demon’s desires and cold ivory screams
While innocents lies are unfounded

Weep for me now in this garden of dust
Where no one will come when you call
And only the footsteps and cries of the lost
Echo inside these cold lonely walls

Though withered the bloom of love’s dawning day
And forgotten the sweet tender sorrow
Still morning and night, cold darkness enslaves
As the sun drowns out each new tomorrow

Still the mockingbirds sing, wrapped in shadows of white
And from the angel the bloody tears fall
And the wind whispers it’s dreams ’round the eves of the night
While I listen and wait for your call.

But the silence is all that my ears can discern
As I wander down life’s darkened path
Alone, I am bound, round it’s twists and it’s turns
‘Neath the veil of transparent black

Searching through dusk, through the red haze and gloom
For the garden where all dead dreams lie
Where the flowers that whiter, brought by mortal doom
Are the hopes that we each have let die

For there will I find you, my poor lonely angel,
Lost ‘midst the tombs of the weeping
Where the songs of the dead are a dirge for cold hell
And the forgotten are left for the keeping.

But not in this life will I reach this cold place
Where devils dance while angels bleed
So hasten sweet death, leaving only a trace
Body cold now and dead like my dreams

Fav Song of the Moment – A tout le Monde – Megadeath ft Cristina Scabia

Poem vs Story – Haunted

(originally from November 2007)

I was working on a poem for the CPCCC, but I came up with something totally different. Though, I didn’t feel that it completely captured what i was going for, or maybe it did(?) – so I tried a story type version. With both of these on the same theme,  I thought I’d take this chance to do yet another Poem vs Story and let you decide which is better!



In the darkest night
You haunt me
Like a specter from a past I cannot hope to shake
In the hazy shadows
You call me
Tempting me from the reality’s that we make
In most secret dreams
You hold me
Arms warm against the chill of star strewn night
In raging passion
You claim me
Hot flesh melding until there is no wrong or right
In the aftermath
You tell me
Though time has rent us, still you won’t forget
In the morning
You leave me
And back I go to this life that I have set

In light of day
You remind me
Whispered words of memories I can’t forget
In the lonely hours
You chain me
With the heavy shackles of my past regrets
In the dimming day
You own me
Chained to a choice I was too scared to ever make
In the evening’s warmth
You taunt me
Asking what might have been and laughing as I break
In the deep twilight
You hurt me
Hateful spirit who nightly haunts my dreams
In the growing darkness
You scare me
Because memories are not always sweet

In the darkest night
You call me
Voice like ice chills me to the bone
In the hazy shadows
You haunt me
Cold demon, will you never fade and leave me alone?

It seems so long ago when our paths crossed and then separated. You went your way and I went mine, too scared to do anything more. How could I make overtures when your feelings seemed so contrary to my own?   Yet now, as darkness comes once more to my tiny world, I close my eyes and see your face.

You haunt me.

Like a ghostly wraith, your memory follows my every step. Its footfalls echo in time with mine. I turn and see your face, untouched by time. Pale eyes stare back at me, questions in their depths of all the things that might have been had I only dared. But I used my fear as a shield and I hid safely behind it, too afraid.

You call me.

In the night your voice is lifted. In dreams I hear you say my name and feel your touch. Your lips taste like summer’s wine and my senses overflow as our bodies brush and meld with one another. Promises of forever and whispered words half remembered cling to my fevered brain when I wake in the night with heart pounding. My eyes blink back the dreams that seem at once so real and yet so foreign.

You chain me.

Shackles of regret bind me to your shadow and hold me in this dungeon of despair and sorrow. I can not escape their bite, no mater how I try. Through the window I can see a life, but I can not reach it. I’m held back by these bonds you won’t unfasten. I hate them and I love them. I dread them and I embrace them. They are bittersweet like my memories of you, like summer’s end, the ghostly reminders of what has been before and the warning of the lonely winter on its way.

You hurt me.

Even when the golden dawn brings the warm sun to the skies, still you’re with me. Sometimes slumbering beneath the surface of my soul and sometimes standing in my heart with a twisted knife in your hands. You reopen wounds that should have healed, scars like smiles that mark my skin. And there you’ll stay until my eyes run tears and my soul bleeds crimson.

You own me.

I can not live my life while I am tortured by these doubts. I can not reach for other things held back by restraints of regret, but I can not forsake you. Your picture is printed on every page of the book of my life, hidden in the decorative edges where the eyes can not easily see, yet the soul can feel. And I feel you watching me, taunting me; this spirit of a love never tested presses down on me until I am suffocated in my sleep. From you I get no peace, no rest

You scare me.

And I scream to the heavens, begging for release from this unending hell. Be you man or demon or specter of my own design, I beg you to release me from this prison of remorse.  Stop this endless parade of torture that strings from night to day! Release me from the shackles you have bound me in and give me back the life I should be living. Free me from these halls of memories, these caverns of despair where in I tread and let me live! Forgive me for my fears, my inadequacies and cease this maddening torture before it is too late.

But as the night wind whispers in the trees, as the shadows stretch and meld into a sea of darkness, again in dreams you come to me. With arms so warm and safe, you give to me your double edged blade, your two fold gifts: a haven from the world while sleeping, and memories to plunge me into hell while waking.

You haunt me.


You’ll see the second poem to this set on Saturday for the Cheryl’s Pal’s Share , though I may attempt to slap one together that uses some more lines as well, so I may have two this week.

I suppose this was random enough and so doesn’t warrant a “Random Things…” segment. Pity though, I have some lovely cemetery pictures uploaded finally! Maybe next time?

Instead, though, how about a “Random complaint”?

This thing is slow, nothing will connect and I am getting irritated.

That was a random complaint bought to you by Alltel Phone company, Acer Laptops and Yahoo Messenger.

Fav song of the moment – “Rainy Monday” – Shiny Toy Guns

Random Acts of Poetry

Another new blog. Holy smokes!

Okay, so I was updating my website the other day (another shocker!) and I thought “I should generate some poetry to slap on there!” because I tend to churn the free flow stuff out in a few minutes (especially if it doesn’t rhyme!) and so it’s an easy update. I didn’t end up using any of it, as it turned out I have some stuff I submitted to a mag awhile back that hadn’t seen the light of day (will post it in the future) but I thought that we could have some interpretation fun!


That’s right. Interpretation fun. I will post three random acts of poetry and you tell me their meaning! There’s no right or wrong answer, so read away and tell me what YOU get out of them!




The rain drips

The canvas crawls

Moonlight steals across the room

So many thoughts betray this wicked mind

A phantasmagoria of sight, taste and sound

Rainbow wishes made of porcelain

That break at the sound

Of the cricket’s




The meaning hidden behind the mask

It crumbles though your fingers like the dawn

Broken shield of your imperfections

In a place where all the dreams were held together

By a rusty colored staple

And a piece of faded twine

As if a child had stored them away

To keep until they grew, like some treasure

Tarnished by the years and stained

With dust tracks of forgotten tears

The taste of empathy still lingers

In forgotten hollows of imagination

And all that once was, is lost

And what remains is just a wrinkled phantom

Still clinging to the illusions

Of yesterday



An eternity of silence drips

Like raindrops from the eaves of time

And drowns this petty room with suffocating tension.

Words have deserted us and left our mouths empty

Fleeing from the scene as though running

From some tragedy replete with flashing lights

And witness statements, too many signatures to count

Now we are just casualties of our own indecision

Injured by our fears and trepidations

All the apologies we should have made

And confessions that we should have spoken

Now to old and heavy to give life to

So there is nothing left to say or do

Except scream silently inside and pray

That someone can see the blood mixed with our tears

And save us before it is too late

And this ever growing silence

Suffocates us both


Did you get anything out of those? or is it just a random smattering of meaningless words strung together because they sound cool? YOU decide!

P.S. Titles would be helpful, too!

Fav song of the moment – 30 Seconds to Mars -Hurricane

Poetry: The Green and Peaceful Meadow

(Originally written October 2007 for the JannRae art challenge. the image was a painting of a happy, fluffy bunny…)

The Green and Peaceful Meadow

The little fluffy bunny sits in his field of green,
chewing on the clover feeling alert and yet serene.
The birds chirp in the branches and the butterflies all dance
while the sweet scent of the lilac adds a hint of soft romance.

The bunny hops along and pauses by a leafy fern,
waiting for his mate from her foraging to return.
Then he hears the sound of footsteps, louder now as they draw near –
a host of men and weapons march beneath a sky so clear

The bunny sniffs the air, wiggling his tiny nose,
he smells the marching men and his trepidation grows.
Soon stomping boots surround him, they move mindless towards their goal,
he scampers through the grass and weeds escaping this patrol.

The bunny darts into his den, his heart beats fierce and wild.
The soldiers march above his head without a word or smile.
Explosions rip through air and sky, raining fire on the earth,
the bunny burrows further while men run and duck and curse

The meadow now lays desolate, smoke clouds the darkened sky,
scorched earth is all that marks the land where so many men have died,
eradicate each other in the conquests of this war.
If they must they’ll kill the world with principles they’re fighting for

The little fluffy bunny sits on a patch of barren land,
his happy meadow ruined by the greedy hand of man.
His habitat’s destroyed and his mate will not return
now there’s nothing left for him to do but watch the dead world burn

and… it won. My first winning poem. Yay!

Colors of Your Life- Colab Poem

(originally from September 2007)


The Colors of Your Dreams

I will come to you in the middle of the violet night
When the blackness creeps across your soul
I will come to you in your moonlit dreams
On shimmering wings of gold and gray.

I will lead you down the roads forlorn
Pink roses running down blue waterfalls
along a beaten path of whispering trees
through the sun dappled shadows of your misery

I will lead you down the twisting lanes
Through grassy glens and green meadows,
Touching your soul, tormenting your heart,
agonizing thoughts of what should have been

Your tears are silver moon drops on your pillow
and as the yellow sun breaks free, I leave.
I fade away beyond your arms,
Beyond the reach of your tears.

Bathed alone in orange, empty bed a reminder
of the night when your darkness took over,
Overtook the light with trembling knife,
and left me in a pool of CRIMSON.

Some lines from: Cheryl, Glenn, Rebecca, & blood (iz red)

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