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Random Iowa Photos & Fulfillment

Finally. Today, after a year of playing Dragon City, I have accomplished my goal: I beat Candi Davenport’s dragons!


Gwahahahahaha! While this does not matter to her in the slightest, I am quite delighted. Especially since she’s still several levels ahead of me (and truthfully has probably not played it in awhile. Oh well.) Truth is, when I started playing Dragon City she was my highest leveled friend – at the top of the totem pole – and this is why beating her is a thing. Plus she beat my dragons up a few times when they were tiny, ha ha!

I also had some Pokemon fun:

The eggs are in front of the cafe… I call it “Tomorrow’s Omelettes.” And that’s Pikachu #3. One more and I’ll have enough candy to evolve him to a Raichu in a hat.

Not much else, so I will share some random Eastern Iowa photos from our trip. (Lucky you)

And now I am going to either edit photos of Mount Pleasant or get back to organizing Facebook photos. Hmmm.

Have a beating Candi kinda day!

Jo 😉


Pikachu in a Hat

Today I am grateful for having already caught the anniversary Pikachu:


Hubby has to work a lot of overtime this weekend so we probably won;t get time to go pokemoning in Omaha. Luckily, for once, I caught the special pokemon in my own town. Amazing.

A lot of people on Twitter are bitching because they want some huge thing for the anniversary. I wish they’d quit whining. I’m not in any hurry for the “Legendaries” they’re screaming for because it will just be uber powerful pokemon that people like us can;t get (We don;t know anyone to raid with but the three of us, and there doesn’t seem to be any other players around so we already can;t do the yellow egg raids as it is.)  And as for Gen 3 I haven’t caught all of Gen 1 yet! Let alone Gen 2! Great for them that they live in an urban area and have everything but most of us don’t. I’ve quit other games because they spend so much time catering to those with no lives who need in-game content 24/7 because, considering I get an hour or so a night in a rural town, I find it overwhelming. And I know I’m not alone. Who wants to be overwhelmed with a game that is supposed to be relaxing and fun?

The rash is getting better. Still there, but it is a bit lighter I think. Hubby thinks so, too. I hope it is gone by the time I go to Missouri but I doubt it will be. Bleh.

Have a pickachu in a hat kinda day!

Jo 🙂

AR Fun

I know it’s supposed to be Blogophilia tonight, but between one thing and another I’m not done yet. I have two of the prompts worked into the story (a continuation of last week’s) but haven’t made the third yet, so I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

Today was one of those one thing and another days. I had company (which I enjoyed, might I add), had to cook, pokemoned for about 45 minutes extra just because it’s the start of the Equinox event (more ice and fire types and extra XP),  etc etc. so I didn’t get a lot done. There’s always tomorrow, I guess.

Anyway, I thought I’d share my fun AR shots I took tonight. AR – Augmented Reality – is what the pokemon game is built around; the idea that reality has been added to – aka with the pokemon that pop up in real world places. They have a cool feature that let’s you play that way, or just take photos. I haven’t done much with the photos in the past, but I’ve decided to try to get some fun ones because while catching a pidgey may not be exciting, taking a photo of a pidgey perched on a tree would be a lot of fun.

Taking a shot is actually a bit challenging because you have zero control over where the pokemon shows up in the screen. And it isn’t a matter of, “Oh, he’s at the bottom, so he’ll stay there when I lift my phone up.” No, he stays rooted where he is, as though he was *really* there, and if you move your phone too far he just disappears off frame. SO a lot depends on where your phone is aimed when you switch to AR mode, and then it’s still a matter of getting it lined up by changing your angle, and… anyway, it’s a “thing”.

Also, I mentioned dinner? We had Native tacos, which are so, so good!



Oh, and hubby said the soap from yesterday’s remelt blog worked just fine. he compared it to sandpaper, in fact, so maybe fewer coffee grounds next time. Then again, maybe the sandpaper is a good thing.

And now I am heading to bed and will write more tomorrow. I also need to get my party stuff worked on for Saturday.

Have a pulling Pikachu’s tale at Walmart kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #119: Time with Hubby

Today I am thankful for spending time with hubby. Despite what he thinks, I did enjoy watching TV with him all day and having junk food for lunch and pizza for dinner:


We caught up on NCIS New Orleans to the tune of five episodes. We also did a snidgel of pokemoning while we waited for the pizza to cook at Casey’s:


He was cranky about y politoad because it is a poliwhirl using a kingstone evolution item, which he has the time but enough enough poliwag candies. However, he had the same chances to catch them I did, so kind of his own problem.

And now I am off. Have a politoad kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #103: Pokemon Go Plus

Today I am thankful for hubby getting me a Pokemon Go Plus:

04 (1)


I’ve wanted one for awhile now, but it’s been cost prohibitive. However, he’s been working overtime lately (which is another thankfulness point because it was sweet of him to use his overtime money for that when he is the one having to do five 12 hour days and not me.)

He had to order it online and site to store it to Walmart, so went to pick it up and of course had to test it. I caught a couple of new ones:


And finally got my Ponyta evolved:

00 (3)

Yay! Also worth mentioning, I finally got a chocolate shamrock shake:

03 (1)

Isn’t that pretty? I think it’s the prettiest shake I’ve ever gotten from a McDonalds – and we got in Glenwood of all places!  Not that there’s anything wrong with Glenwood, per se…

And now I close this to go through and make a list of all the scenes I need to add into the book. Though I’d rather draw paperdolls, as weird as that is.

Have a Pokemon Plus kinda day!

Jo 🙂



Thankfulness #97: Pikachu

Yesterday we went to Omaha first the weekly shopping but since it was nice we stopped at the park and then the Gene Leahy Mall (also a park) where I caught…

And then made:

It took several tries because the buggers kept running away, but at last!

I’d say more but I have work to do. Have a Pikachu day!

Jo 🙂
PS.  Playing with hats at Walmart 

Thankfulness #87: Pokemoning Fun

Today I am thankful for hubby taking me pokemoning for a couple of hours. We just went to the park in Red Oak, where a lure was going. Apparently with the Valentines event, lures go for six hours (holy cats!)


So I walked back and forth between it and the other pokestop in the park. Thanks to that I got enough steps in to hatch some eggs, including a Machop that, with the double candy of Valentine’s event, gave me enough candy for an evolution:


I also caught a Ditto:


Yes, he’s a tiny ditto, but he is mine.

Along with the six hour lures and double candy, there are also lots of pink pokemon running around:


Can we say Jiggly Puff?

But, I think the crowning event was at the end. I have pokemon in three gyms, A Vaporean and Jolteon here in town, and a Rhydon in Stanton – that has been trapped there for a couple of months and will never come home to me. But I get a gold bonus for having them in gyms, so today we hit the ones in Red Oak, hoping to add a bit more to that bonus. Both were already red (as are we), but we battled up the first and I stuck yet another Vaporeon in it (it had three already). Then we went to the second where the line up was nearly identical, including three Vaporeons, with the exception of a Rhydon that made me miss mine even more. I battled that gym up, opened a slot, and went to pop a pokemon in  – only it wouldn’t let me. Hubby suggested I restart, but that did nothing. And then a nasty suspicion dawned on me… Sure enough…


That was already MY Rhydon. He’s not in Stanton – he’s in Red Oak! Well who knew???

So, anyway, we cut off after that to come for WWE Elimination Chamber, only then hubby crapped out after the Cruze/Ziggler/Kalisto match, so we’ll have to finish watching it tomorrow.

Have a finding your Rhydon kinda day!

Jo 🙂


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