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A Coupa AR…

Yeah, I fell off the blig wagon over the weekend. We got the sink fixed, did some KH1.5, watched some movies, etc etc. Nothing too exciting. Want to see Captain Marvel still but this Saturday is Raquaza day, so we’re heading to Des Moines, so might not get to. We’ll see.

In other news, here’s a couple AR shots.

I took those Friday since our snow is now melting away. (Boo!)

Speaking of melting, it’s made for a weird texture.

I thought it was fun, anyway. Also on Friday, the bluffs outside Council Bluffs.

And as a final goodbye, take a look at these cupcakes from Sam’s club. The lemon was good, and the strawberry was not bad. Mom had the coconut ( the bro and I split the other two) so no idea how it tasted, but she seemed happy.

And now I’m off. Have a cupcake kinda day.

Jo 🙂

Another Day…

The live writing went well tonight. There were four of us hanging out, and I actually was inspired, so some writing even happened! I also did some editing on the Executioners, as well as dyed mom’s hair and got caught up on Supernatural.

My monster buddies, Sam, Dean, and Cass.

Not much else, so I leave you with a pair of AR photos for the day. It’s meltan, the newest pokemon. His body is made of liquid metal, and he can melt metal and absorb it. However, I don’t think my cheap silverware was what he was looking for…

Ooooooo. Shiny! It looks like high grade metal…

Hmmmm. What is this cheap stuff??

Have a monster-ific kinda day!

Jo 🙂


Forgot to post last night. It was game night (a recently instituted event to take place every Tuesday). We finally played the brother’s Tribbles card game that I got him as a present like 18 years ago. It was fun, though it’s only 4 player and we have 5 players, so…however if we buy a second version we could expand it to 5. Need to check Ebay.

Not much else. Cooking, cleaning, adult stuff. Doing the live write tonight on FB on my author page.

Anyway, here’s yesterday’s picture:

Have a tribble kinda day!

Jo 🙂


Almost forgot an AR of the day…long story, but we got the washer fixed, then spent significant time battling brown water. Turned out finally that we think it’s the softner, so bypassed it, then flushed and the sink is running clear. See if it still is tomorrow. Fun times.

Now for the AR shot of the day.

Brrrrr. Goes with the -4 F temp outside (-19 windchill).

Have a stay warm kinda day!

Jo 🙂

AR Photo of the Day

I meant to take some cool shots in Omaha but didn’t, so this is what you get.

Had a lot of fun, hence forgetting my AR pic til the last minute. Did some raids, hung out. Weather got iffy or we’d have stayed longer. And now I go to bed.

Have a raid winning kinda day @

Jo 🙂

It’s Coooold in There!

Look what I found in the freezer looking for a snack!

Took over 300 shots today to get Smeargle. Yeesh. In other news it was a total screw off day. Mostly Kingdom Hearts 1.5. I did fix dad’s laptop, so there’s that. Tomorrow I think we may be heading to Omaha for a bit unless the weather is icky.

Not much else, so I leave you with Eevee and the cats.

Have a snacks in the freezer kinda day.

Jo 🙂

AR Fun Continues

Not much happened today. Watched some Voltron, some Supernatural, some Golden Girls, played some Kingdom Hearts Remix….and cleaned and all that boring adult stuff.

I did get a fun AR photo.

Drowzilla attacks!

It took 250 shots to get Smeargle today.

And here are some bonus funny ones.

And now I’m off to bed.

Have a Drowzilla kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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