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Tales from the Mist

As I said yesterday, after my mom passed away I went through and touched up her poetry books and published the last three unpublished collections – we had planned to do it when she finally came home from the hospital (where she went in November), but alas that homecoming never really happened, so I had to do it afterwards.

Anyway, we finally got the paperbacks and they look pretty good. Since there are twelve of them, I’m only posting one a day to keep the post from being crazy long.

My mom’s amazingly succinct description: A collection of easy to read poems of love, death, horror and fantasy.

FREE ebook:


Have a misty kinda day!

Jo 🙂

The Egg of Orlin

As I mentioned, my mother passed away in February. Though she had several poetry books published, they needed updated (formatting requirements change over the years, for instance), and there were three books that she hadn’t gotten put up yet. It took me two weeks, but I got all fourteen of them done in both ebook and paperback. Then, after waiting a month, we have finally received the paperback copies, and I’m pretty happy with them. Since there are twelve of them, I’m going to do one per post so that it’s not a crazily overwhelming post.

My mother’s amazingly succinct description: A collection of easy to read poetry; tales of warriors and maids, love lost and won, and the ever grim death that greets us all.

FREE ebook:

in paperback:

Have an eggy kind of day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #21: Entries!

Yesterday I was grateful for contest entries. After the expo in Des Moines, I had left over stuff; a poster that I won’t be able to reuse (by the Book Born Expo I’ll have book 9 out), some leftover books no one bought, and like 50 bags of swag. I sent some of the swag off to I SMell Sheep review blog and the Book Born group, but what to do with the rest of it?

Initially I had planned to do a raffle and try to recoup some of my expo losses, but a quick google search of “Raffle Legal” proved that impossible. (Hint: Raffles are gambling, and gambling is not legal. Non Profits can get away with it in some states, but since I’m hardly a non-profit…*sigh*) Yes, I’ve seen other authors do it, but my luck would be I’d be the one who got smacked for it, so instead I just have to do a giveaway. I’ve tried to offset this by giving people six entries for proving they purchased Brothers of Darkness, but so far no one has done that. I have gotten 15 “freebie” entries, and 4 “website celebration” entries, and that’s waaaaay more than I figured I’d have on day 2. Usually I do things like this and get maybe 10 by the end of the week.

Want to enter? You can check out the giveaway and find links to enter on my author blog.

Aside from that, we went pokemoning in Red Oak for a couple of hours and, despite the cold, I did walk enough to get the final candy I needed to complete the 400 Magicarp candies and create:


TA DA!! It’s taken me months to get this thing! I finally had to put magicarp as my buddy and walk with him to get the last candies. Now I need to work on evolving a Pikachu.

We also watched WWE Survivor Series. Some of the outcomes were quite surprising, and some weren’t. I knew poor Kalisto wouldn’t get the win, though I was rooting for him, and I thought if they were doing it the smart way they’d let Goldberg have it, though everyone else in the house thought it would be Lesner, so I got to bask in my rightness and a lot of “Pfffft. Told you so!” I was surprised about Cesaro and Sheamus being the final winners in the Tag Team match, though that meant with the wins/loses so far that I knew which team would win the the big match, but that was okay. Ellsworth taking Stroman out was a lot of fun, and Jericho is always good and… well, I was surprised that they let Bray make the final pin. They’ve kind of under utilized him for a long time. They build him up in promos as the eater of worlds and such, and then he always loses. So while I love Roman, I did enjoy seeing him victorious. Truth be told, I had a hard time picking who I wanted to win, so as long as it was either Bray or Roman that made the final pin, I would have been happy.

And that was my exciting day. i need to get some writing done today if I can figure out how to get some quiet.

Have a 400 magicarp candy kind of day!

Jo 🙂



Thankfulness #14: My Snifty Camera/ Super Moon

Today I am thankful for my snifty Nikon. Despite it’s advancing years, sticky lense, and aggravating buttons, in the end it does the best it can with what it has. Basically, I just took it out to get some snaps of the super moon:

I’m convinced for the billionth time I need a bigger zoom than 200.

Aside from that I spent the day with hubby. We finished last season of NCIS New Orleans and watched the first episode of this season. Was surprised to see Brody go, but I am rubbing my hands together at The Christopher/Sonja tension, so that’s good. While we watched TV we broke out the funnel cake kit we’ve been saving for a special occasion:

00 (1).jpg

They turned out waaaay better than the mess we tried on our own last year. Namely hubby said it was the metal ring that made the difference.

After lunch (we’re adults, we can eat funnel cakes for lunch!) we started Final Fantasy XIII-2 – finally!


I wasn’t sure about it at first, but before we left the first chapter we had both a Moogle companion and got to ride a chocobo, so BOOM! I’m on board. Plus Noel is kinda hot, though with Sareh being engaged to Snow there won’t be a romance with them, which is kinda sad, but if she betrayed Snow at this point I’d have to be furious, so better they don’t do that.

I did get some Nano words in, and I’m planning to get back to it after this posts. Haven’t caught up yet, but I will.

Have a super moon kinda day!

Jo 🙂


Thankfulness #11: Friends

Today Facebook was literally waist deep in hate speech. I won’t get into it because passing it on only perpetuates it, but I will say I’ve had enough. I’ve deleted the FB app from my phone and turned the alerts off on the computer unless someone tags me or comments on one of my posts. I plan to keep an eye on Book Born, I Smell Sheep, my street team, and messenger, and that’s it for a few days because otherwise I am going to start getting nasty back. I already did on one post, and that’s when I decided it was time to bow out.

Anyway, today I am grateful for friends because after I posted that I had had enough, several went out of their way to send me something cute or funny, which made me feel better. I admit, I missed social media with the last elections – I barely used Facebook until a couple years ago, so maybe it was like this last time. or maybe people have gone insane.

 And now it’s late so I’m heading to bed. I got about nothing done today, even further behind on NaNoWriMo . .. *sigh* 

Have a friendly kinda day!

Jo 😦 

P. S . Here’s some fun Snapchat pictures.


Today was not very exciting.  I finished my paperback formatting of Patrick, did some various online stuff,  and tried my jamberry nail decals finally. 

That’s about it. Oh, except the fuzzy rat. I’ll try to remember to take a pic of him tomorrow. 

And now it’s bed time. 

Have a jamberry kind of day!

Jo 🙂

There Be Turtles

Jonathan and I are selling autographed prints of the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy comic (20$ includes S&H). We’re taking the first round to the Book Born retreat in Michigan on Monday, where we’ll autograph them.


As for the retreat, I guess I haven’t mentioned it before. Book Born is an awesome facebook readers and authors group. Back in June (just when we started saving to paint our house, ha ha!) Christine came up with the awesome idea of renting a lodge on one of the Great Lakes and getting together for three days.

Fastforward to now, and we leave Monday morning. We’ll drive all day, get a motel, then finish the trip Tuesday and arrive to meet everyone – including the aforementioned Jonathan who I have collaborated on a million things with over the years. The funny thing is, people think we’re related, but we’ve never even met in real life. So, this will be a first, that we are celebrating with a live Terrible Turtles Broadcast on Tuesday. Readers can PM their questions on facebook and I’ll throw them at Jonathan during our live appearance. It is going to be fun.

Past that there are a lot of plans. There’s a dark space park an hour away that looks cool, there’s a lighthouse, there are foreign pokemon I need to catch, there’s talk of a bonfire, we might watch a movie, there may be some book discussion, we’re going to head into the nearest town for lunch on Wednesday…My only plan is the TTC video, some pokemon, and at some point I am hitting up that lighthouse with a camera.

The retreat ends Wednesday, but we’re hoping not to be home until Sunday. It’s going to depend on how much money we have left, but if there is enough we thought about going to New York for one night, and then heading home through Ohio (I think there may be the tiniest corner of Pennsylvania, too), just to say we’ve been to those states. Bust, as I said, it depends on whether we can eat and sleep cheap. And since there’s three of us…

In other news, Brothers of Darkness is formatted and uploaded. I may run through it again real quick and check something I forgot about (a formatting issue), and I need to finish the paperback version. That’s on the list for tomorrow; that and digging up stuff to pack, since I need to go to bed super early Sunday.

And speaking of bed, I should head there now.

Have an autographed comic kind of day!

Jo 🙂



We watched the first episode of American Horror Story season 6 last night, and can I quote Daniel Bryan with a:

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Finally -finally – they are bringing back the scares. I’m not saying previous seasons weren’t good, just not scary.

Season one – the scariest to date, but mostly it was twisted and brilliant, with clever plot twists and surprises, but not a lot of jumps or gasps. I didn’t walk upstairs alone in the dark after watching it and worry that Tate might get me. I’d have been happy if he showed up, actually. Call me a dirty old woman.

Season two – despite the psychiatric Institute, the demons, the aliens, and the nazis,  I think this season was mostly fun and twisted. The name game song still makes me laugh, and the scene with Quinto and Paulson where he calls her mother is worthy of psycho. Good TV, but not scary. I didn’t walk upstairs afterwards alone, worrying about aliens or ex-nazi.

Season 3 – probably my least favorite, though it was still good. Creative would be a good word for this, as they created their own mythos on witches and linked it to contemporary things,  like Stevie Nick’s songs. It had sneaky politics, and good twists,  but at the end of the day I didn’t walk upstairs in the dark fearing the axe man or the witches.

Season four – the most disturbing of the set, what bothered me in this season was not the Paranormal,  but rather the contemporary moments; what they did to Meep,  the snuff film, taking the lobster hands. The disturbing part of this was the absolute cruelty that one human can do to another,  and though sickening, heart wrenching,  and disturbing, it didn’t make me jump.

Season five – gory is the only word I have for this. Yes, dealing with vampires and killers,  a lot of blood was expected,  so I’m not complaining,  but rather than scare me, or make me lay awake at night in fear, it just made me cringe and go, “OMG I can’t believe they showed that.” Not that it wasn’t good, with plenty of twists that by the end has you on the side of the psychos (one of AHS’S strong points IMHO is to make you side with the monsters as if they were right all aling.) But, it didn’t leave me afraid I’d run into the countess or March,  heck, it left you feeling like they were a jolly bunch you’d like to spend time with.

Enter season six. Creepy house in BFE..uhuh…creepy noises in the dark…oh man…and I’m not ashamed to say that I jumped at the hot tub scene, and that I was actually tense while they hid in the basement. And did it bother me in the middle of the night? Damn straight.  Finally, finally they have scared me a bit. Now, let’s see if they can keep it up.

In other news, we went shopping, etc today. Had fun at the park pokemoning, and got some good snaps.

And now I leave you with pretty roses.

Have a pokemon kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Chocolate donuts

We got some work done upstairs, no pics though, since it doesn’t look dramatically different. We sorted some stuff in the craft room and rearranged a little bit. Lots left to do there.
We had to stop early because tonight was Extreme Rules WWE pay per view. We have the WWE channel on roku so we don’t have to pay for it, but anyway. I was upset that Calisto lost his belt. Otherwise things went the way we thought they would until Rollins appeared at the end. Things are going to get interesting. Not that we will probably get to keep up as hubby is on a Seinfeld kick and never wants to watch the weekly shows.
I leave you with some chocolate donuts.


Have an extreme kind of day.
Or a chocolaty one.
Jo 🙂


Hubby and I went to Atlantic’s theatre to watch Captain America: Civil War.


They have a cute theater with two screens, one upstairs and one down. In my youth this would have impressed me greatly. Now I think it’s “fun” in a kitschy way. Oh, how Springfield ruined us, Lol!
Anyway, the theatre was cute.



The movie was good. To tired to do a review of it, but I enjoyed it and liked all the extra characters that are drawn in. I need to see about the new Spiderman. This kid seemed ok. I liked Toby McGuire’s but the second guy…eh. He was too cocky and smart ass and bleh. This kid didn’t seem that way.
Anyway, movie. As I said, good. Lots of fights and effects, which is what I paid to see, and I still love the clashing personalities of the heroes interacting. Good times. I’m interested to see where it all goes from here. In the meantime, I’m going to bed.
And just so you feel you completely wasted time by reading this…


Good luck.
Nighty night!
Jo 🙂

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