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Un-Go is an anime that the brother and I finished tonight. I enjoyed it and wish there was more than twelve episodes and one OVA. The story is a young man who inadvertantly wakes a Shiki (demon type thing) that feeds on souls. After a lengthy and semi-confusing OVA that took me a couple of viewings since I was going in blind with no synopsis, the young man becomes a detective with the Shiki (named Inga) at his side. Inga has a very handy ability in that he/she can ask each person one question, and the person is compelled to answer truthfully. Far from being a fix all though, the detective usually has the case locked in before he lets Inga ask her question. Most of the episodes are individual cases, with the last three as a single case. After I got the feel for the mystery style, I did pretty good at guessing, but the first couple I was terrible at, Lol!
We’ve started Hozuki, which is a comedy about hell and is quite amusing.
And now I go to bed. Have a musical demon kind of day!
Jo 🙂


I’m embarrassed to say I did nothing today. Well, nothing useful. I mean I tidied, swept, cooked dinner (including a recipe for quick garlic cheese biscuits that was good but needed to bake longer), dealt with pets, and sort of handled Facebook, but other than that: nothing.
I did, however, play with my tablet a bit. I’m back to the paper doll blog for awhile, and I fixed an outfit, made and shared an outfit, and did an outfit to post tomorrow. There will be a new doll tomorrow but I really made her in January…
So, yeah. Kind of a failed day. I just have no energy, and haven’t had for a few days. I could literally stay in bed all day and sleep. Maybe I have something… There’s no fever but the fatigue and lack of energy is incredible. Hopefully I can push past it tomorrow.
In the meantime, here’s the biscuits I mentioned


-with some spaghetti. Funny story, so it’s dinner time. I’m full and have set my plate aside on the coffee table – I’m ashamed to admit we eat in the front room and watch TV because otherwise we fight – and as I lean back, one of the cats hops on my lap and, slick as you please, reaches out and snags a noodle with a single claw. She then snaps it up in her jaws and *slurps* the noodle down like Garfield. I didn’t even punish her because I was to busy staring. Damn cats!
And speaking of cats, here’s two of them, neither of which are the spaghetti slurper.


Have a more productive day than me!
Jo :/

Noname will be…

Okay, I was going to title this Nonmae will be Nonuts, but that seems insensitive, even to say about a turtle. Yes, I said a turtle.


That is Noname the turtle (Noname IS his name). He’s been a good turtle all these years, except he has this propensity to fan his…male bits.. ALL the time. in water, out of water, in mid-air while he’s flying (okay, he doesn’t fly, but you get the picture). Anyway, all this fanning has caught up to him and they got…well…stuck. I think the correct term is prolapsed. Anyway, there’s no vets local – Omaha is the closest –  and you don’t even want to know what they charge for a turtle neutering, but that’s where he is tonight. We pick him up tomorrow and sell a lung, kidney, and maybe a cat or two to pay for it. (ha ha!)

Aside from that it’s High Five day! Well, it WAS high five day. It was also Joleene Naylor Day in Book Born FB group and it went well and I had a lot of fun, so…


high five!

And now I need sleep. Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

Blogophilia Week 3.9

It’s time again for Blogophilia! What is Blogophilia? It’s the fun blog group where Marvin gives participants prompts to use in their weekly posting. This week’s prompts are:

Blogophilia Week 3.9 Topic: Selling Your Soul

Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 pts) Quote Shel Silverstein
(Easy, 1 pt) include the term ‘rising star’

I still don’t have anything creative or clever. I am in the middle of editing some photos from 2012 that I;d planned to use for another challenge, but I think I missed the deadline on it. I also have some old photos back but there’s not much worth sharing – it’s mostly the back of people’s heads at the Ray Stevens’ show.

I guess I feel like selling your soul (not mine – I need mine!) for some kind of inspiration. I have some short stories I want to write as supplements to the upcoming book but I am totally uninspired. I tell myself I CAN do it, but If the track is tough and the hill is rough, THINKING you can just ain’t enough! It takes action, and I’m not feeling very action-y.

We did finish watching American Horror Story Hotel finally. It ended up being quite good, though I wasn’t sure about it for the first seven episodes. I think the trouble is normally we wait until they are ALL done then glut on them in two days, so we don;t have to *wait* for all the explanations, but this time we started out watching them with everyone else, once a week, and so there were too many weeks of “this doesn’t make any sense/what does that have to do with anything/god there is too much sex” until stuff finally started to make sense. One thing I enjoy with that series, besides Evan Peters (sorry, but he is adorable!!) is that they use the same actors in every season but in totally different roles, so they really get to show off their scope. More than one is a rising star, to be sure, or should be at the very least. (Did I mention Evan Peters yet?)

So, though this is a waste of space, I will close it now and collect my points.

I leave you with a photo of the awesome dolls I got in the mail today from the ever awesome Donna Yates! They are Jorick and Verchiel (from my book series) and an awesome surprise doll!


Have a happy vampire kinda day!

Jo 🙂


Mixed Bag

I have nothing to say. Actually, that’s not true. I always have lots to say, but I don’t have anything worth sharing. I have lots of boring stuff to say about my book – I got the symbol designed and drawn for the top of the chapter pages, I re-did the synopsis, and I set up the pre-order at Amazon. I also have the book back from three of the six betas and need to go through and incorporate their (very good) suggestions, along with some things I have been discussing with Steve (like another action scene in the boring part) – but that’s boring to listen to.

I could rave about the band I am currently obsessed with – The Dreaming, if you want to know. It’s most of Stabbing Westward regurgitated into a band I think is better. Or maybe not. I admit, while I owned SWs albums back in the day, I didn’t listen to them a whole bunch. I guess they just didn’t catch me at the right moment. But anyway, The Dreaming has, and I’ve gone on to buy all three albums. I’ve got Etched in Blood on repeat right now. Bullet* is my current favorite, though it will change in a day or two. Maybe I need to backtrack and re-check out SW?

Other than that I have worked on some book covers and been editing a friend’s book. It’s taking me forever because I keep forgetting to edit and then have to backtrack and redo whole sections because I was busy reading it.

I could also talk about the Terrible Turtles comic, of which I posted a new page tonight wherein my twin sister is rescued and I’m blown up by the evil turtle overlord – but you can always just go check it out yourself.

I don’t know. I just feel randomly bleh for some reason. I was fine earlier and then…I think it’s that baby dolphin the tourists killed. I keep running into it on facebook and every time I do it upsets me more. The poor thing. It looks so upset in the photos and then… I hope they catch whoever did it and throw their asses in jail for a long time.


Anyway, here are the two covers I’ve finished recently:

And now I think I’ll take my bleh self and head to bed.

Have a “song driving you insane” kinda day (I am!)

Jo 🙂

*You know you wanna hear it:




Yes, that’s just what it looks like: a hole in my hand. This was taken last Friday before it got infected and my hand swelled up like a rubber glove full of air. After an ER visit, antibiotics, lots of time with it elevated to drain, and a lot of whining, I am happy to say it once again resembles a hand and the fingers are all usable.
Anyway, that’s where I’ve been all week, avoiding any kind of typing because it was hard to do with my left hand.
Hope everyone else has been doing better!
Have an in-infected kind of day!
Jo 🙂

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Well today was the craft fair. My first ever craft fair. I went with high hopes that were dashed on the rocks of reality. In total we made 54$… I don’t mean 54$ of profit, I mean 54$ period. Less the 25$ booth fee that’s 29$ and I’ll give you a hint, the crap I bought to make an this cost a LOT more than that.


People looked but almost no one was interested in buying it. I had one lady who bought 3 sets cards (sold in sets of four) for $7 a set exclaim in amazement how cheap they were but evidently no one else agree. That or they thought they were crap.
Sure, I can try to unload the crap on Etsy, but I find the site confusing, especially the shit of paying their cut at intervals. What? Sorry, but I prefer a consignment arrangement where they just take their cut to start with. Plus you only get to sell a handful of items with the free account and I’m not looking to be a crafter for life, so not interested in paying. I get that some people make money but it’s not me. I’m too slow and even when I practically give the stuff away no one wants it anyway.
Yeah, I’m depressed over it. I’m allowed to be. I don’t need to justify it, or shrug it off, or pretend I don’t care because it’s “silly” or because other people wouldn’t be depressed. That’s more aimed at me than anyone else because when ever I interact with others I dismiss my feelings because they are “stupid” and people will think I’m “stupid” for them. But I am depressed. I’m upset because I already felt like it was junky crap and that sort of proved it – but even so I expected to sell more than one ornament, two bottles, and a handful of card sets. And I had to reduce the ornament to 50% off to get her to buy it.
Anyway, I won’t do that again (burned me once, shame on you. Burned me twice…) I don’t have the time out money to invest in it to come out with a negative balance. And I didn’t enjoy sitting at the table with a fake smile trying to think of chit chat and silently praying someone might look at my spread (desperation much?). I hate chit chat. (Frankly I hate deep conversations, too, and unless someone wants to take about anime, books, TV, movies, writing, house renovations, or organizing closets I am just tired of it all. ) I’m not good with strangers, and I’m lousy at selling things (this explains my book sales) and then to push through all of that terror, anxiety, etc etc for nothing…


I dunno. Anyway, the crap is on my Facebook in a crafts album with prices listed.

The pics aren’t the best because they weren’t meant as sale shots, but I can take better ones….

Hopefully that works. Anyway, I’m going to bed now. Have a better one than me.
Jo 😦

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NaNo and Christmas Crafts

01I haven’t done a real post in awhile. I don’t know why I always fall off in October. It’s when I actually start to do things worth sharing. maybe that’s why – my extra blogging time is taken up with other stuff.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year to try to get most of book 8 (Masque of the Vampire) written. I was already on 23,000 words when it started, and have managed a total of 16,359 as of this moment. Unfortunately, I am supposed to be at 20,000, so I’m behind. One of the problems I have with naNoWriMo is the getting behind – I was sitting at almost 16,000 earlier today and needed just 18,000 to be caught up. So I stay up late and – bam! At midnight ti rolls over and now I’m 4,000 behind instead of the 2,000 I was just an hour or two ago. It makes it feel kind of hopeless, like no matter how much you put out you can never catch up.

Really, I’m not sure NaNo is a good thing anyway. I use it as an excuse to get to write – I tell authors/friends/fellow writers wanting book covers or favors that I’m working on a book the rest of the year and they say “Okay, but can’t you do this?”. But, during November you use the words, “NaNo” and they say “Oh! No problem! See you in December!” So in that respect it’s good, but it’s encouragement to just vomit as many words as you can might not be the best. For instance I like to write a bit, then instantly re-write it, cull it down, tighten it up, then go to the next bit. NaNo discourages this because by deleting even one single word, I am taking away from that precious word count that is o, so very important, meaning that the time I spent writing that word is now irrefutably wasted in terms of the end goal. This means a LOT more editing when NaNo is over, because since I’m not doing it now I’ll have to do it later.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Anyway, not much else. My website has had a graphic redesign – though none of the content or navigation changed, just a bit of cosmetics. I haven’t had time to keep up with blogs because besides NaNo and book covers I have also stupidly signed up for a craft fair, meaning I need products to share. Sadly, I haven’t managed very many. Please enjoy a bunch of my crafting photos. (note these are ALL I have gotten done. Eek!)

And it’s late, so I am outta here. Have a good one!
Jo 😉

Home Again

I read a couple of blog posts tonight about “coming home again” and how it is impossible, and how everyone has done the sophisticated, modern thing and moved far, far away from their “hometown”, shook the dust off their feet, and lost touch with all the people they knew growing up. If I kept following links I could have read several more of these blogs, each one detailing the snapped threads of friendships, the melancholy of knowing you are so much cooler than the people who didn’t move, and the sappy message that home is where your hubby and kiddos are – hubby being someone you met in that far, far away place.

I don’t mean to sound completely sarcastic (Okay, maybe a *little* sarcastic) but as someone who has moved “home” again, I find this attitude cliche. Like most of my generation, I bought into the idea that *the* thing to do was graduate and run – run far, run fast, and don’t look back. Scrape off all those friends and family you grew up with so that you can make a whole new group of super amazing friends who will be as close as family to you…

Um… what?

Not only are those damn hard to find, I can’t help but wonder WHY we’re doing this. We already had friends and family who loved us. We already had a history and roots. So, we dump it all to run somewhere “cool” and start all over and spend years trying to get the same thing WE ALREADY HAD. The answer is simple: we have to get rid of them because they know us too well. How can we become a totally new, totally cool person if we have to drag around the memories of who we were and all the embarrassing, stupid, uncool things we did?

These realizations came to me as we were contemplating the move here last year, and I won’t lie when I say that there is still a part of me that is brainwashed – a tiny part of me that thinks about hiding under the bed when I mumble that I’m back to eating in the same restaurant I ate in since I was a baby, and hanging out with the same people I hung out with in high school – And then I think “Why the **** should I be embarrassed?” I like the spaghetti at that restaurant, so why should I go somewhere else? And yeah, I’m hanging out with those same people because we had fun back then and we have fun now. All the generations who came before us were PROUD to have the same best friend for years, so why the heck shouldn’t I be? Yeah, she knows me – but that’s not as “uncool” and “confining” as TV would have us believe. There’s actually something comforting about it because that means she’s seen me at my stupidest, most uncool, and still talked to me anyway.

That’s not to say I didn’t make some awesome friends in Missouri – many of whom I miss – because I did. And that’s not to say I didn’t love it down there, or would trade my time there for anything, but there is something to be said for being back in south west Iowa. So, to the question “Can you go home again?” I say, “Only if you want to.” Because to do that you have to scrape off the modern concept that success is equal to the miles you get away from your hometown, and you have to accept who you are – not just who you are now, but who you were then – and realize that in truth they’re both pretty cool people.

At Least I Wrote a Sentence

NOTE: I wrote this last night but evidently did not post it. So you get it today. I wouldn’t even bother except I went to all the effort to type it, so…

Today it rained. No, it poured. And poured. And poured. All over my sort-of scraped house. Okay, only a piece of the house was sort of scraped – and it’s only sort of because the paint remover I put on did not work so well this time. Either A: it got wet, B: it got too cold C: it sat too long/not long enough or D: it was not applied thick enough. It worked wonders on the test section on the front porch, so I know the stuff works… *sigh*

I spent ALL day working on putting the anthology together. i already complained talked about my lack of accomplishments today over on the paper doll blog where Katelina got a cool coat, so I won’t rehash it. The pics of the flooded compost yard are on hubby’s phone, and he has not shared them with me yet. If he does I might stick them up tomorrow, though I don’t know. Photos and such are sort of a “moment of” thing nowadays. Tomorrow it won’t be relevant anymore because I (and everyone else) will have moved onto something new. It’s a symptom of our instant gratification/digital/globally connected-up-to-the-minute society. We can watch natural disasters all over the world in real time, so who wants to look at flooded compost yards two days after the fact?

I did get a blog award but they are hard to do on the phone so I will catch it tomorrow on the laptop.

Not much else. I wrote my sentence for the day. It’s a method that Juli over on the Williamson Vampires blog is trying. Most word counts for authors are 1,000+ words a day. Some days that is doable, but some days it’s not, and there are those of us (*ahem*me*) who, once they start missing the daily 1,000 word quota, will go “Oh well, I missed it this day, and this day, so why bother at all?” This method’s goal is to write one sentence a day – which there’s really no way not to have time for that – heck, I could text it to myself and there’s my sentence, so it’s pretty do-able –  without being limited to that one sentence. For instance today I wrote 260 words (or 27 sentences). When you look at that in contrast of the 1,000 word a day goal it’s pathetic, but when you look at it with the sentence a day.. Booyah! I rocked that! So it makes me feel a bit better – even if all that happened is the airplane landed and Xandria found out they are not anywhere near California (She’s never been to the U.S. before). I could have gone further but then I got worried – it’s an opening scene and there are a LOT of characters there (8 to be exact) and that felt like a LOT to introduce on page 1 – I usually like to start with just two or three and trickle the rest in slowly, but there’s not another good spot to open. Once they’re at their destination there will be even more characters, and before they leave for their destination there would be a bunch of characters seeing them off, who are not relevant to this book, so the plane seems to be the best starting point. Anyway, I got all concerned about that and started checking out how I had started my previous books. Book 6 starts with a multi-character scene in it, and no one complained that it was too confusing (in fact I got some compliments on its ability to stand alone) so I am going to just go ahead with the plane scene, confused people be damned!

This feels like it’s the length of a book itself so I am ending this here. Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

P.S. Here’s a scary Halloween photo:


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