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Saturday in the Sun

Happy Saturday! Or rather Sunday now, since I am always behind on doing everything *sigh*.

Today we had a family picnic at Hacklebarney Park. Hubby and I went and looked around it once shortly after we moved here, though at the time everything was under water, so we didn’t spend any time there. Funny, because it’s only a few minutes from us. The even funnier part is we’re not the ones who picked the location, my cousin did.

Anyway, it’s a nice park. We claimed the shelter, so it had bathrooms and it was near the lake/pond. I took the good camera but I haven’t had time to look through the pics or take them off, so you just get cell phone shots. Also of note: I am lousy at photographing people, so there are like four pictures of people and that’s it, though I promise you my family was really there and aren’t imaginary.


In other news, I dyed my hair blonde tonight – or rather hubby did – but it did NOT get rid of the *&^% green! It faded it a little bit, but the green is still clinging. It was good when I first put it in about 100 washes ago. At the time it was aqua:



Now it’s  only present along the bottom portion of some of my hair, and it’s faded to the color the Titanic is now – that undersea, corroded metal color…I’d hoped the blonde would get rid of it, but it didn’t, so we’re going to try putting magenta over the top. That should do something. I’d take a pic of it’s current state, but it looks flat because of just dying it, and I’m too lazy to make it look good.

We also watched Crimson Peek tonight, the last of the movies we rented from Red Oak. It was goooood! Really good. It was soooo classic gothic that I got a huge kick out of it – I loved gothic novels when I was a teenager, and I suppose they have probably colored my opinion of horror and creepy and all the rest, as nothing is creepier than some huge old crumbling gothic mansion perched on the moores or on a cliff, some dark secret shuttered within its walls… And then it had Tom Hiddleston, so it was a super win-win.

The other two movies we got were Angry Birds – which I thought was cute – and Batman Vs Superman – which was okay. I didn’t find it “too dark” by any means – in fact it wasn’t half as dark as the Dark Knight series of Batman with Christian Bale – so I have no idea what people were complaining about. What I did find it was disjointed and choppy. Characters did things without having logical motivation to do them (even though the things were necessary for them to do). For instance, Lois dives under the water for the spear – why? No one told her they needed it – elsewhere Superman and Batman are sort of saying they will need it, but there’s no way she could hear them. That she jumps to the same conclusion as them seems a bit of a stretch. There were several other instances of this. I realize it’s done for time, but it took the believability away for me. I also wasn’t impressed with Wonder Woman, like everyone else was. I’m sorry, but she’s not bulky enough; she’s too waifish. She doesn;t seem imposing in any way, and all the reviewers carrying on about how great it was to see a woman not as a sex symbol… um, where??? 90% of her appearances are her in a skimpy cocktail dress, looking sexy, and flirting with Batman. I was really disappointed, especially after everyone else had raved about it. But, over all, it was good. Ok. It had Henry Cavill. Shirtless. Heck, even dressed, he has those gorgeous eyes… so… yeah. Let’s just say Superman has never been my cup of tea until very recently and leave it at that. 😉

And now it’s five in the morning so I need to get to bed. Have a Tom Hiddleston & Henry Cavill kinda day!

Jo 🙂


We watched the first episode of American Horror Story season 6 last night, and can I quote Daniel Bryan with a:

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Finally -finally – they are bringing back the scares. I’m not saying previous seasons weren’t good, just not scary.

Season one – the scariest to date, but mostly it was twisted and brilliant, with clever plot twists and surprises, but not a lot of jumps or gasps. I didn’t walk upstairs alone in the dark after watching it and worry that Tate might get me. I’d have been happy if he showed up, actually. Call me a dirty old woman.

Season two – despite the psychiatric Institute, the demons, the aliens, and the nazis,  I think this season was mostly fun and twisted. The name game song still makes me laugh, and the scene with Quinto and Paulson where he calls her mother is worthy of psycho. Good TV, but not scary. I didn’t walk upstairs afterwards alone, worrying about aliens or ex-nazi.

Season 3 – probably my least favorite, though it was still good. Creative would be a good word for this, as they created their own mythos on witches and linked it to contemporary things,  like Stevie Nick’s songs. It had sneaky politics, and good twists,  but at the end of the day I didn’t walk upstairs in the dark fearing the axe man or the witches.

Season four – the most disturbing of the set, what bothered me in this season was not the Paranormal,  but rather the contemporary moments; what they did to Meep,  the snuff film, taking the lobster hands. The disturbing part of this was the absolute cruelty that one human can do to another,  and though sickening, heart wrenching,  and disturbing, it didn’t make me jump.

Season five – gory is the only word I have for this. Yes, dealing with vampires and killers,  a lot of blood was expected,  so I’m not complaining,  but rather than scare me, or make me lay awake at night in fear, it just made me cringe and go, “OMG I can’t believe they showed that.” Not that it wasn’t good, with plenty of twists that by the end has you on the side of the psychos (one of AHS’S strong points IMHO is to make you side with the monsters as if they were right all aling.) But, it didn’t leave me afraid I’d run into the countess or March,  heck, it left you feeling like they were a jolly bunch you’d like to spend time with.

Enter season six. Creepy house in BFE..uhuh…creepy noises in the dark…oh man…and I’m not ashamed to say that I jumped at the hot tub scene, and that I was actually tense while they hid in the basement. And did it bother me in the middle of the night? Damn straight.  Finally, finally they have scared me a bit. Now, let’s see if they can keep it up.

In other news, we went shopping, etc today. Had fun at the park pokemoning, and got some good snaps.

And now I leave you with pretty roses.

Have a pokemon kinda day!

Jo 🙂

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