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More Habi Makeover Fun!

I posted Quickness last night, which means I need to post Clucky tonight. You can’t just post one and not the other! If you’re interested in joining us, you can find our Facebook group at . We’re always looking for more people who want to have fun playing with their pets!

And, while I am on the topic of pets, there’s anther pet game I’ve discovered called Bitty Pals. I have a duck there named Dibble. I’ll get into it another time, though.

Have a your-digital-pet-is-ten-years-old kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Habi Makeover Fun!

The habi makeover community site is down now. Never fear, that is not the end! The website still works to download the program, and we’ve moved our community to Facebook! That means Clucky, Quickness, and all the little pets are still getting happy new habitats!

In light of that, I thought I’d share some of those happy habitats. this is my pet Quickness, that I took over from Jonathan yeeeeeaaaaarrrrrs ago. As in, back on MySpace. Yeah. That long ago.

To keep this from displaying in an obnoxious way, I’m using the thumbnail grid, but they are worth clicking on and scrolling through at the larger size if you like these kind of things like I do.

And now I am off. Have a turtle-in-a-monster-mask kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #32: Understanding

I mentioned when I posted yesterday that I felt pretty blech (I even forgot to use my new banner!), well it got worse and long story short I didn’t get the Turtles page done for the week (I’m gonna try to belt it out this weekend, though).  Anyway,so today I am thankful for Jonathan’s being understanding and not being *too* disappointed (though I know he is a bit disappointed, as he writes the pages and enjoys sharing them with everyone).

Yesterday I had a different blog in mind, so I uploaded some more habi pictures (aren’t you excited?) So I’m gonna go ahead and toss those in a gallery to bore – I mean entertain- you. Plus that way I don’t need to try to think of anything interesting.


Have a feel better kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #31: Google

Yesterday I was pretty blah.I finished NaNoWriMo, but in doing so I’ve hurt my neck, and I think I’ve come down with Jonathan’s superflu, so…I didn’t do much. I did manage to get Habi Makeover done – the theme was decorating:


Quickness decorates his first apartment while wearing his hamster kigurami/jammies


Clucky helps decorate the office

Which brings me to what I am thankful for. Now this may seem odd, but I am thankful to Google for closing Superpoke Pets when it did. Why? Because we were the FIRST big money game to shut down. We got lots of press, and to try to appease people, they made a very cool SPP Lite program that let us export and save all of our habitats. Using this program, Neil managed to engineer and editing program called HabiMakeOver, and created a community around it, so we can continue to decorate our pets habitats literally forever.

Other games have since ended- games people had big money invested in – like Sims Social, Pet City, on and on,and the players of those games got nothing. No downloads, no cool programs, no way to keep going after the developers quit on it. So, if SuperPoke Pets hadn;t been the first, we wouldn’t have gotten any of that either. And that’s why. though it was horrible at the time, I am grateful to Google for closing it when they did so that we could get to keep playing forever.

If you don’t know what HabiMakeover is, you can check out all the details here, and join the community here.You no longer need to install any items- they are all stored online now – you just need to install the program. Heck, you technically don’t even need to join the community, but you should!

Still not convinced? Here are some more of Clucky’s great habitats! Click the thumbnails to make them bigger!

I think I’ll post some more tomorrow – won’t that be fun? Also, I did say that I wanted  NaBloPoMo Badge? Well Green Embers made one!


How cool is that?

Have a tiny pepper badge kinda day!

Jo 🙂



So… I got all but the Special Editions and 101 Tips done with updated links and bios and such. That may not seem like an amazing thing but considering each one has at least four documents and that includes all the free short stories and the Collector’s Editions… Let’s just say it’s a lot of documents.
Also updated the website and sent out a newsletter. Bleh. So why do I feel like I didn’t do anything?
Not much else to report. We did our taxes finally – Taxslayer has a new site I do NOT like. I found it confusing and hard to use. Oh, and we paid all the bills too. It’s just a great day.
Last night I stayed up a bit and made habitats for my pets on Habi Makeover. The theme was Bugs or Butterflies.



Aren’t they cute? Wouldn’t you like to adopt your own pets?
Dinner is about done – we’re running late because of the taxes and bills which took forever – so I’m outta here.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂

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Nutin’ Honey

That old cereal commercial popped in my head, the one for Nut’n Honey cereal? Is that still a thing? Can you tell I’m out of touch with the world?

Hubby and the brother started to hang the doors. I say started because they got one of the double doors up, and then had to stop because the old hinge recesses in the door jam don;t line up, so they had to be filled with putty, which needs to sit over night before it can be sanded. The door for the laundry room also needs sanded down a 1/16 of an inch, and needs new hinges after all. They did get the door put back up in the entryway so now we can shut the dog upstairs. However when it’s opened it overhangs the front room doorway and is kind of stupid. (My phone is still dead so no pics, but you’re not missing anything.)

In other news hubby set himself on fire. He’s not seriously injured, but he did melt a lot of his beard, his eyelashes, burn off the hair in the front, as well as the hair on his legs and arms, and give himself a flash burn on his hands. How did he do it? A smoker, lighter fluid, and fire. That lovely woosh you get when you soak things down and then throw fire on it. I love him but sometimes he’s not the brightest crayon in the box, just the singey-est.

Edited today. Totally redid a character’s back storyline, so had to completely redo a couple scenes to reflect that and then some random bits here and there. Took several tries to get it right. Damn, I’m on the wore. I think the final copy is going to have typos in it. *sigh*

As I said no pics, so enjoy some random wallpaper that was made for my superpoke pet Quickness:


Isn’t that pretty?

Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

PS if you’re interested in the pets I speak of, check out or It’s a lot of fun 🙂

More Habi Makeover Fun

I shared some of Clucky’s great habitats the other day, so I thought it was only fair to share my other pet, Quickness the turtle.

If you don’t know what Habi Makeover is, it is a fun program that allows us to use the old Superpoke Pets Lite files to create and decorate new habitats. It’s the only online game I participate in, though right now we don’t get points or coins or anything for playing with one another’s pets like we did on the old SPP website, instead the fun is just in the decorating, and that’s fine with me, because that was the part I enjoyed. Well, decorating and looking at other people’s habitats. And with the new beta version it is easier than ever to decorate said habitats.

Okay, enough of a recruitment speech. Here are Quickness’ habitats. Though he is mostly a boy, he has, on occasion, had to be a girl. It’s good for him.

Habi Makeover Habitat Fun

I’ve mentioned habi maekover before (okay, so it was in 2012, sue me). What is it? The short answer is it is a continuation of the old Superpoke Pets game that has a fun community. And thanks to the newest upgrade in the standalone habi makeover program, it’s getting easier and easier to make habitats. In fact, you don’t even need the old spp files now, so even if you never played Superpoke Pets you can still join and adopt a pet.

One of these days I am going to make a “how to” video or two, but in the meantime there’s lots of info on the habi makeover wiki.

So now that you kind of get what it is (think Pet City or Bitty Pets but cuter) I’m going to randomly share some of Clucky’s habitats with you. Yay!

And because there are so many, I think I’ll save Quickness (my other pet) for another day.

Have a good one!wpid-signature.png

Superpoke Pets is gone but Habi Makeover Lives On!

I was browsing through blog stats the other day and saw that the posts I did on the demise of my favorite online game, Superpoke Pets, are still some of the most popular. But those posts only tell half the story. Thanks to Neil and his amazing Habi Makeover project, not only so we still have our pets, but we can decorate with them and, with the newest update, we can post the habitats on our profile and go play with friends’ pets just like the old days of SPP (there’s a constantly updated list on the homepage of who has changed their habitats). And he’s still working on improving it. Coming up will be user created items (you can already get an arcade background as well as several solid color habitats that are new), pet salon options, the ability to size things larger/smaller than before and more.

The coolest part is you don’t even have to have ANY of your files from superpoke pets to join. Everything you need – the items, and the programs (habi makeover and spplite) are available on the community site, so you can download, install and start decorating.  And if you’re confused there is a very awesome Habi Makeover wikia that has 99% of the answers!

Oh, and it’s free. There is an option for premium membership for 5$ a month that allows you to decorate your profile, access the files section (which is very handy if you’re still trying to get the thousands of items) and will let you upload your habitat to your profile (right now it is free to everyone, but it will go premium later). Yes, I admit, I pay for the premium membership because I love my little pets  plus I think Neil needs some kind of compensation for all his hard work. Having seen this grow from nothing, it is amazing how much he has done!

Now that my recruitment speech is over, I’m going to share my HMO habitats 🙂

Yes, I used the fun gallery function.

Currently listening to – Mythbusting the blogosphere webinar


Been awhile since I posted regularly on here. I need to get back to setting posts up.

So what have I been doing? Had some health crap. Been working on way too many book covers. My third book, Ties of Blood, has been released in ebook (paper back is coming ASAP – I have to make a handful of corrections to the file and then upload, then approve – yay), I got the book trailer for Legacy of Ghosts done, and I think that’s about it. However, I am going to be making a few small changes to the way I do things.

I’ve been rushing around, making myself sick with too little sleep and too much work (some days I put in 14 plus hours working on book covers etc.) and though I do like to do them, I need to put my health and other stuff first. That means I am going to be slower at them. I know this will probably irritate people, but if it’s too inconvenient for them then no problem – there are several other book cover artists out there. I’m not the only one and I don’t have to take every cover that comes my way and skip meals or sleep to get them done in time. It’s silly. Now, I just need to find an artist to send overflow people to!

I admit, I also put some time into the save Superpoke Pets campaign early in September (as you might remember from my blog posts), but they have given us an option called SPP Lite where we can download our pets in decorated habitats and still play with them – so far there is no way to redecorate, but that’s okay. You can’t have everything. Oh no. I feel a rant coming on.

Yep. Here it is.

That is something that chaps my toes. We complained, we cried, we whined, we said “I want my pet and I want to play with freinds’ pets! I don’t care about anything else!”, so they gave us that – which, they did not need to do. If  Farmville closes do you think they will make a special program to allow you to download your farm and keep planting? I highly doubt it. So, we have our SPP Lite and do 60% of the people appreciate it? NO! It’s all “But I want to decorate! I want my clubs! I want everything the way it is now or else I will sue, sue, sue!” Well, go ahead and sue, people. Ever hear the phrase “you buys your ticket you takes your chances”? I bought my ticket – or my gold items, in this case – I played with them, and I will play with them to get as many habitats done as I can before March sixth, and that’s it. Period. They are called VIRTUAL goods for a reason. Frankly I got more use out of many of them than I have out of a movie ticket, and I pay 12$ a piece for those (I’m a 3-D junkie – sue me! hahahahahahaha!).

But that’s people in general. You give them an inch and they want more. Maybe I am “old fashioned”, but I believe in take what you can get and shut the *&^% up. Be grateful for what you have, don’t sit and whine about what you don’t. This applies to everything in life, not just virtual games. Pre-hubby days I had a crappy tape player that had one speaker – guess what the sound quality was for that – and the antenna was a coat hanger – but I was damn glad to have it.  I listened to hours and hours of low sound quality music on it. My first car was a POS ’78 Impala that was dead more than it ran – but I was damn happy to have it.  Hell, my current desktop PC has a lot of power under the hood, but since I can’t afford the fancy cooled case it needs, I have an old case and the power supply sits outside of it, with wires stringing into the tower to keep it from overheating. Doesn’t look good, but it works, and who do I need to impress, anyway? I could go on and on, but you get my drift. You don’t always get what you want, and when you do get something it’s not always perfect. For instance I found a pair of awesome shoes in clearance for 5$ (17$ off) last night – but they were a size to big. You know what? They’re sandals, so I just tightened up the back strap and Voila! I got a 5$ pair of very awesome shoes.

I dunno. I just don’t get some people sometimes. It’s like they enjoy being upset and unhappy and go out of their way to be so. Okay, so life is not perfect, so I can’t have everything exactly the way I want it, so what? Shut up, suck it up and grow up. That’s my motto.


Okay, now that I am done ranting, I will also mention that I have been on a Lauri Ylonen and The Rasmus kick lately. I don;t remember what kicked it off, but I dragged out The Rasmus’ last album Black Roses and started listening to it – I mean I really listened to it this time – and wow! I really like it! Then I found out Lauri has a solo album so I started looking those songs up on youtube (fun fact – In America we can not buy Lauri’s album new World. It is not on Amazon. it is not on itunes. If you find it somewhere let me know!!) ANyway, if you’ve never listened to The Rasmus I say “go! go to youtube and do so!” I always knew they were good (I have listened to them off and on as filler for the last several years) but have recently begun to appreciate HOW good.

OKay, it’s 5:30. gonna set up a few blog posts then off to bed coz I have to go to the doctor tomorrow (I think it will be yesterday by the time this posts).

fav songs of the moment – “Heavy” & “In the City” – Lauri & “Bullet” – The Rasmus

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