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Blech…But I’m still Thankful

Today I am thankful for being able to get into the clinic. By the time I went to bed last night the nodes all around my ears were swollen, and also like a crown around my head, so I decided the clinic was in order today. Called at one, got in at two, quite a cry from southern MO when it took weeks… BUT unlike southern MO it’s not a doctor, but a nurse practitioner, and it’s a limited small town clinic, not a real doctor office. Like they’d have probably never caught that I have Sjogrens, they can’t do any kind of x-rays etc. But for rashes and colds and flu it’s wonderful. Which is what I have this time. Apparently.

That weird rash that was on my arm last night? Well, it’s spread. It’s now on my face and neck, and apparently it is all over my scalp, which may be why it is itchy.


*sigh* Anyway, so I got in today.

I didn’t have to wait very long. Maybe six minutes. Anyway, they think the swollen glands  and fever are a response to that. She said I must have a good immune system. It’s like, yeah, it’s so good it attacks me all the time! (autoimmune and all). Ha ha! But I’m now on prescriptions.

I felt pretty bleh today, so though I started packing up stuff to mail I didn’t get it done. I didn’t get much done, really. I did get attacked by the cat:


Ha ha! Not really. I mean, it was the cat, but she was just trying to climb up my leg, not attacking me. My upper legs are covered in scratches from her doing that. But it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t even hurt. I didn’t even know it had bled until hubby came home and was concerned. (What a good hubby).

There’s something else I am grateful for. Hubby, I mean. I know how lucky I am to have a husband who genuinely loves me and worries about me and spoils me, though he doesn’t think I appreciate that, I do. And it doesn’t mean we both didn’t put in our time, because we did. There were a few times when things were so…tumultuous that I thought we might divorce (okay several) but luckily we’re both stubborn and realized that you have to stick it out to get to this point. Especially as argumentative, pig headed, bossy, and, well, stubborn as we both are. And it doesn’t mean we don’t argue or snip and snap still, because we do, but there’s no one I’d rather argue with 😉

(Now we’ll see if he really reads my blogs.)

Not much else. We drove past Glenwood yesterday, or near Glenwood, where the tornado hit Friday.

The RV park was even worse, but I couldn’t get decent shots of it without turning around, and we were running late for WWE, ha ha!

I have pics I could post but, eh. Later.

Have a non-itchy day,

Jo :/


AR Fun & Old Dunnigan Park Photos

Today I was thankful for the heating bags from my aunt and Juli, one on each side of my head helped a lot! (More later on that.)

Since Pokemon had the equinox event going this weekend, hubby and I went to Omaha and pokemoned for a little over an hour, then made a Walmart stop (where I continued to pokemon, ha ha!)



We also watched Money in the Bank tonight, but my head hurts too much to review it. I have a hard, pea sized lump behind my left ear, and the glands along the bottom of my neck are swollen and hurt. I noticed the lump and swelling last night (it didn’t hurt much then, but hurts now). Also my scalp is itchy (kinda weird). Hubby said to give it a couple days then go to the doctor (or I should say Nurse Practitioner because we don’t actually get doctors around here – I even went to ER in Red Oak once and could not get a real doctor…). I guess it will be a chance to meet the new one. I did google the symptoms and am happy to say that it doesn’t fit lymphoma (no night sweats, unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite, or painless lumps – this friggin’ hurts!- I worry because cancer runs in my family – my uncle had lymphoma in fact – and with Sjogrens my chances are increased), but it does fit an embedded tick, an infected bug bite, or an infected gland. So, we’ll see how it goes.

Not much else to say that I can think of, so gonna end this with some old photos I finally got edited. These are from the Dunnigan Park in Bolivar, from March of 2012.


And now I’m going back to editing the photos of Fort Madison because my head hurts too much to do anything else.

Have an Equinox extra pokemon event kinda day!

Jo :/

Takeover Thankfulness

celebration thing

I promised to come back but didn’t. Isn’t that just like me?

Anyway, yesterday I was thankful for the success of the takeover in Once Upon a Page. I admit, it wasn’t as busy as some of my others have been (I had about 17 participants, not counting my fellow authors who were also hosting), but I appreciate that people came and hung out with us and played games and what not. I always worry that there will be zero, so 17 is waaaaaay better than that.

Thought I’d share a few of the takeover graphics with you and then I am gonna go do some photo editing I think.

Have a takeover kinda day!

Jo 🙂


The last couple of nights we’ve had some pretty interesting storms with a LOT of lightning. Both nights the brother and I headed out of town to get some lightning shots. I don’t want to say we’re both fraidy-cats, but we do get spooked. The first night we had an okay time at our first spot – wasn’t creepy or anything, but the storm moved away, so we had to relocate. In the second location, we were on a hill, in the pitch black, on a gravel road in BFE, surrounded by the lowing of either cows or bullfrogs (really, it was bizarre sound that was sort of a mixture of the two and unlike any frogs or cows I ever heard), when there was a scuttling, scraping sound, kind of like I imagine The Luggage in Discworld novels makes, or the sound of some kind of very large crab. It scuttled/dragged itself across the gravel and into the weeds along the side of the road. By the time we got the light up and on it (I did mention it was pitch back out as the storm – and lightning -were in the distance, right?), the thing was concealed in the tall grass and the deep ditch. Needless to say, we decided it must be an alien facehugger. So, we left rather hurriedly. (laugh if you want, but I’m still alive.)

Last night we returned to the first spot (not stupid enough to go back to face hugger territory) but it kept pouring rain off and on (it’s hard to adjust a camera, hold a light, and an umbrella all with only two hands.)  Finally I set the tripod up in the backseat and rolled the window down just enough to take pictures out of it, ala FBI. I got some good ones, but then that weird frog/cow noise started, the wind picked up, and the rain really hit like a monsoon and we decided we were done. (I’ve left out the story of the radio coming on blaring music that nearly gave us both a heart attack, but it was exciting.)

So, today I am thankful to still be alive after adventures with the brother :p

As for those storm photos, here are some for you!

Tomorrow is the big Facbook party BTW. I’m giving away summer fun prizes. You don’t need to be a reader of my books to come join and play games, so there’s no excuse not to come!

Have a “not killed by a face hugger” kinda day!

Jo 😉

Fan fiction and Flowers 

Today I am grateful for receiving the first entry in the fan fiction event. Whoo hoo!! I haven’t had time to read all of it yet, but I enjoyed what I did read. 

And now, you thought I forgot to bore you with flower photos. Ha ha! You were wrong!

In truth, the base pics were pretty bad ; harsh lighting because they were taken late in the day. So I thought, why correct it when I can tweak it? Using those snazzy overlays I bought a bit back, I embraced the sunset lighting scheme and enhanced it. I’m happy with the results. 

And now, bed time. 

Have a fan fiction kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Mysteries & Flowers

Today I am thankful for the third mailing of Risen, the Mysterious Package experience we got for my brother. He has enjoyed it, which I’d hoped he would. Though I will say we didn’t have to spend as long solving things on this one, but that was because we have the translation app on his phone, so the Russian was easy to translate. Had we not had the app it would have been quite an ordeal, let me tell you. This mailing included a letter that wrapped things up and a severed finger in a vial of serum. OoooOOoooOOooo.


Other than that I finally got around to buying the Last Shadow Puppets second album. I admit, I put it off last year because I HATED the song Bad Habit and was only iffy on Everything You’ve Come to Expect – and then I forgot all about it. But I thought of it today, so I finally broke down (after sampling the songs on Amazon) and I’m glad I did. I still dislike Bad Habit, but it might eventually grow on me. The rest of the songs are worth a listen, especially Patterns, Aviation, and The Bourne Identity.

And now I share some more pretty flowers with you! Ha ha! They will never end!

Tomorrow evening we’re heading to Bloomfield, Iowa so we can make it to the salvage yard there in the a.m. and get the fender for our truck – the only thing left to fix from where hubby hit the deer.

Have a severed finger kinda day!

Jo 🙂

More Pretty Flowers

I should have been working on blogophilia. Instead I finished editing my Lauritzen Garden photos. Whoo hoo! As for what I am thankful for, today I am thankful for people contributing to my Spooky Moment of the Day that I post on my author page every day. I have been trying to get others interested in submitting things, but so far have not been exceedingly successful, so I was quite happy to get four items submitted today.

And now, on to some more photos!


I have another billion pictures. so look forward to some more later this week. Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll have the blogophilia story. I’m a day behind this week because of the holiday weekend.

Have a pretty flower kinda day!

Jo 😉

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