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It’s Cooooold Out There!

Hello, hello. Man, is it cold outside. I was going to stay indoors, watch some TV, do my Live Writing and let Pokemon Day pass me by. Of course, in the end, I didn’t. We did watch some TV, though. We’re on episode 12 of Voltron and my curiosity got the better of me, so I finally looked up Beast King Golion that it’s based on. Turns out it’s free on Crunchyroll, so we watched episode 12. It’s amazing the difference a few lines of dialogue make in the show to make the two episodes very different from one another. Golion, of course, is the superior story line since its the original, so it makes more sense. But I still love Voltron anyway.

As for Pokemon, we ended up hitting Red Oak for a couple hours. I did not get the shinies I wanted, but hubby hatched a shiny cleffa, which he was nice enough to trade me for my Starmie from 2016, netting us both luckies.


And I got some of the special eevees. When you evolve them, they keep their flowers.

Hippie Vaporian

I also snagged a second Smeargle.


And got some fun AR shots:

Spheal in the snow

Snorunt is cold

The arctic explorer is bundled up against the cold.

The snow pile was really amazing. Zoomed in, it looks like an LotR mountain.


Other than that my big accomplishment was that the brother finally got his homemade noodles. I’ve been supposed to make them since January 3rd (his birthday) but something always happens. Not tonight, though.

So there were the highlights of my day. Tomorrow is turtles qnd hopefully hanging some shelves. Good times.

Have a birthday noodles kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Discovery Rant and More

I watched Discovery and Orville last night and forgot to share this. Discovery has improved this season BUT Michael Burnham is STILL running things. Example: they receiving a hale from the planet below. Bridge officer tells the Captain. Before he tells them to answer, he, the captain, first LOOKS TO BURNHAM FOR PERMISSION! And this isn’t just any captain, it is Pike, in his prime, getting permission from someone who is not even his first officer! What???? In the whole show I think she is present for a single order that she does not then countermand in front if the WHOLE BRIDGE CREW. I’m sorry, but that’s not how Star Fleet works. It just irritates the crap out of me. They need to chill and either make her act like someone on her pay grade or promote her so it makes sense. If she were first officer, then okay, but she’s not. Or if she and Pike were long time friends, ok, but no reason he should be tolerating her behavior. Despite what the show tries to cram down our throats, she is not the most brilliant mind in Starfleet. They could get along just fine without her, do this constant butt kissing is wearing.

Orville was good. My only complaint is that it’s a two-parter and I have to wait to see what happens. I expected the usual trope with robots, which has not happened yet. If it does in part 2, I’ll be okay with it because it means we get Iasaac back. But if it doesn’t I’ll also be okay because it makes sense. By the way, no one in Orville spends all their time countermanding their captain in front of the whole crew, not even the first officer.

Also spent yesterday replaying Kingdom Hearts. 3 came out last month but we don’t remember the storyline, so we thought, what the heck. It was a snow day, after all.

After the blizzard.

Look what came in the mail. Just need set #5 at a cheap price! Yay!

And now for your AR photo of the day

Meowth says move, but Ancient Kitty doesn’t care.

And now I need coffee. Have a caffeinated kinda day!

Jo 🙂

P.s. bonus cat pic:

Thankfulness #122: Coffee

Yesterday (I think it was) my brother got my Ninja Coffee bar to stop blinking the clean light, so I felt the need to drink copious amounts of coffee today to test it out. It was all tasty, hot, and delicious. Also I used some snazzy sugar-free latte foam I picked up at wal-mart, so no sugar (I really need to kick the sugar in my coffee). It’s sucralose (or something like that) based, so maybe it won’t kill me as fast as aspartame. (No, I haven’t actually researched this). I need to learn to drink it black, but I think that is going to take some time. I have cut down on the sweetner/sugar, so plus there.

Dad brought a movie home tonight:


I’d give it 4.5 stars – it doesn’t get 5 because it wasn’t as cheesy as I had hoped. It does get points for counting bullets/ammo – they ran out of ammo multiple times when they were supposed to! Also because Miz actually *grabbed the guns* from the bad guys after he took them out instead of walking off and leaving them (That annoys the crap out of me) and because when chasing people in a dark parking garage, the bad guys used their brains and turned the lights on instead of running around in the dark like most movies! Oh, and they get props for giving the biker gang radios – that was intelligent. Most movies just have a bunch of disorganized bumbling bad guys, so it was nice to see some thought put into it. Of course, the final points go to Bo Dallas’ hair. It was looking especially fluffy and wavy. I’m afraid if he’d captured me I’d have smiled and said “Anything you want, sweety”. But then I have a thing for those Rotunda boys… (Yeah, Bray Wyatt too… though that beard could use some trimming… snip, snip.)

While I’m on TV, Dad and I are on season five of Hell on Wheels, the last season I believe. I think we’re getting close to running out of episodes. I have lots of varying opinions on things. I will say they do a good job of not making anyone 100% likable or 100% unlikable – except Swede. I hope he dies soon. But they get points for realistic layered characters.

In other news, I got Turtles done today – yay – and the new page is posted at . I also got some teaser tags made for Goddess of Night, which releases on Sunday. No, I am not doing much on the release day. It’s WWE Payback, y’all. Did you not see where I mentioned Bray?  He’ll be wrestling in a House of Horrors match.

Gotta have priorities.

Maybe later in the week. I’d have to try to throw something together and set up an event… I dunno. I might ask Book Born about it…We’ll see. Maybe I’ll crash Terrible Turtle Tuesday… how weird would that be since I an half of Terrible Turtle Tuesday? Ha ha! (I’m probably not going to do that, FYI).

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day (if hubby is feeling better – he’s sick tonight) and hopefully I’ll get the front matter updated in all the books and reupload everything. That’s always fun to do.

And now I leave you with a weird coincidence. I’ve been listening to 30 Seconds to Mars all say on YouTube – so they randomly drop in “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers, just as I get to this page in a clickbait article:

18156884_10210818827320309_7455506183176206324_n (1)

The chorus was literally playing as I read it. OOoooOOOoooOOOooooOOooooOOOoo.

Have a Bo Dallas with good hair kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Catching Up Again

I got behind the last two days, so let me get my thankfulness out:

#120: Monday I was thankful for hubby listening to me whine. I was sick, so most of the day is a horrible blur, but when he came home he was nice to me briefly 😉 I kid. he was mostly nice to me. Though he said I was whiny.

#121: Tuesday I was thankful for some quality pokemon lure time. Also to Sherry for having the book back super fast. Dang!

Other than pokemoning I have been combing through the book deleting nuisance words (like 100+ too and a bunch of scoffs and… yeah). I’m ready to start another read through, though since hubby will be home in about half an hour I don’t know about starting it. We’ll see what he has planed. I’ve been doing some book cover work for others, as well as myself, and the collector’s cover for Goddess will be revealed soon:


Besides that, I’ve been watching Hell on Wheels with Dad  – we get a couple episodes in at night. I admit, at first it didn’t catch me that much and I would work while we watched it, but lately I’ve been closing the laptop and giving it my full attention. We’re on season two now. (If you don’t know, it’s a western that follows the people building the Union Pacific railroad. they’re supposed to be near Council Bluffs, but I snicker at the landscape. No way is that what Iowa looks like, or looked like in 1865.) It’s kind of gritty – the events are girtty-ish (I’ve run into worse, like so far I don;t think a single woman has been raped, which would have happened long ago in some other series), but the real gritty-ness is the sets and costumes. they take great pains to show the mud, the dirt, the muck, the blood. I’m not usually into too much of this grit. Sure, I like realistic, but there’s a line where it just gets gross, but there’s enough suspended belief with the characters and their interactions (like the woman British aristocrat woman who is running around dressed as a man) that I can go with it. I guess the two extremes balance each other out. I do wish the Swede would get killed, though. And the only characters I am really rooting for are the Irish brothers. (Sean is adorable) though they’re kind of turning a bit. I’m also warming to the lead character Bohannon a little.  I wasn’t enamored with him in the first few episodes because he was kind of a selfish jerk, but he’s getting better. I will also note that the woman with the “Indian tattoo” aggravates me just a hair because I know about the real story/woman it was based on, which of course has nothing to do with this story at all.

And now I leave you. Have a pokemon lure kinda day!

Jo 🙂


Thankfulness #85: Squishable & Paranormal Lockdown

First, I got my awesome valentine’s present from hubby today.  Pebbles the penguin!

Then we went to Emerson for the event I mentioned last night.

Had a good time and enjoyedr the show. It was cool seeing it on TV because we’d been there and they totally agreed with me about the hallway having something nasty in it. Angry. In fact they spend a lot of the show on it. So that was vindicating.  Then they got voices in Grace’s room, which was where we got the voice on the recorder, and then they got lots of thumping and banging by the kids room, which we did too (that was also where the stuff was knocked on the floor). Though I disagree with them on the front parlor. The chick was talking about it being unwelcoming but I found it the opposite. I thought it was the nicest feeling room in the building and in fact I spent some time there by myself calming down after the hallway. But, different people. Maybe they didn’t like her for some reason.

We left shortly after coz hubby didn’t feel well, but it was still fun.

And now I am signing off. Have a giant penguin kinda day!

Jo 🙂

PS. The gel eyeliner works much better.

Thankfulness #34: Clever Hubby

I have a takeover coming up in Book Born (I think we’re gonna go the 7th. The problem i we were both disorganized, so, LOL!) and I’m planning a vampire Christmas theme, but just try to find vampire Christmas items on the cheap for giveaways. So, I thought I’d make some ornaments (I stole the idea from a magnet I saw at walmart – for 3$ it was a tiny square of wood that was badly painted with a vampire face) but instead of a squre I wanted a circle, only, have you ever tried to cut a circle from wood?

But being brilliant, hubby used the hole saw! Then I painted the little blighters, and now I just need to glue ribbon on the back:


One set of three goes to this month’s Street Team winner, and the other six will be for the takeover. I haven’t decided how I’ll do it yet.

Not much else. Watched WWE TLC last night. Alexa Bliss’ winning surprised me. AJ’s didn’t, though the way they had him win was a surprise. In retrospect they already told us that would happen (when Ambrose talked to Ellsworth on Smackdown) but I just hadn’t really thought about it. The pre-show tag team was no surprise. Vaudevillains and Ascension can’t win anything, which is a shame IMHO. I had a hard time picking who to root for on the tag team belt, though seeing Wyatt win was good, though I have become fond of Slater, and I was also sad to see Kalisto lose. I wanted him to go over on Corbin, but I guess this cements Corbin’s spot as a “bad dude” (as if he needed that), and Kalisto’s as a poor underdog. Carmella/Nikki went about the way I figured it would, and her revelation about who really attacked Nikki wasn’t a huge surprise either. I seem to recall at the time that it was fairly obvious who did it, though maybe I have attacks mixed up. We’ve been a bit spotty on the weekly shows, so I might. All in all it was entertaining though, and had some good moments. Becky and Alexa were fun with the first women’s table match, and it was interesting to see  two women’s matches at a PPV. I do think WWE is really working to make the women’s division equal to the men’s, though they’re doing a better job on NXT. But, it’s easier to do that with a brand new brand than it is to upgrade an existing one. I’d like to see them get rid of all the Barbie girl dancers in the women’s division (like Summer Ray, for example) and get more like Nia Jax and Asuka, or heck even Becky and Charlotte. You know. Girls who can actually wrestle and not just dance.

And that’s all I got. I need to get some work done!

Have a happy ornament kind of day!

Jo 🙂


Thankfulness #21: Entries!

Yesterday I was grateful for contest entries. After the expo in Des Moines, I had left over stuff; a poster that I won’t be able to reuse (by the Book Born Expo I’ll have book 9 out), some leftover books no one bought, and like 50 bags of swag. I sent some of the swag off to I SMell Sheep review blog and the Book Born group, but what to do with the rest of it?

Initially I had planned to do a raffle and try to recoup some of my expo losses, but a quick google search of “Raffle Legal” proved that impossible. (Hint: Raffles are gambling, and gambling is not legal. Non Profits can get away with it in some states, but since I’m hardly a non-profit…*sigh*) Yes, I’ve seen other authors do it, but my luck would be I’d be the one who got smacked for it, so instead I just have to do a giveaway. I’ve tried to offset this by giving people six entries for proving they purchased Brothers of Darkness, but so far no one has done that. I have gotten 15 “freebie” entries, and 4 “website celebration” entries, and that’s waaaaay more than I figured I’d have on day 2. Usually I do things like this and get maybe 10 by the end of the week.

Want to enter? You can check out the giveaway and find links to enter on my author blog.

Aside from that, we went pokemoning in Red Oak for a couple of hours and, despite the cold, I did walk enough to get the final candy I needed to complete the 400 Magicarp candies and create:


TA DA!! It’s taken me months to get this thing! I finally had to put magicarp as my buddy and walk with him to get the last candies. Now I need to work on evolving a Pikachu.

We also watched WWE Survivor Series. Some of the outcomes were quite surprising, and some weren’t. I knew poor Kalisto wouldn’t get the win, though I was rooting for him, and I thought if they were doing it the smart way they’d let Goldberg have it, though everyone else in the house thought it would be Lesner, so I got to bask in my rightness and a lot of “Pfffft. Told you so!” I was surprised about Cesaro and Sheamus being the final winners in the Tag Team match, though that meant with the wins/loses so far that I knew which team would win the the big match, but that was okay. Ellsworth taking Stroman out was a lot of fun, and Jericho is always good and… well, I was surprised that they let Bray make the final pin. They’ve kind of under utilized him for a long time. They build him up in promos as the eater of worlds and such, and then he always loses. So while I love Roman, I did enjoy seeing him victorious. Truth be told, I had a hard time picking who I wanted to win, so as long as it was either Bray or Roman that made the final pin, I would have been happy.

And that was my exciting day. i need to get some writing done today if I can figure out how to get some quiet.

Have a 400 magicarp candy kind of day!

Jo 🙂



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