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Lazy Day Three 

Wednesday was a lazy day. A couple trips to the store, breakfast for dinner, and TV pretty much wraps it up. Not bad at all.

We did try an aloe drink:

It was mostly grape juice with jelly bits of aloe in it, so not bad tasting. Unlike the chips:

They’re missing something, though Ryhan liked them.

I mentioned TV right?

We watched Annabelle, which was okay, Bye Bye Man, which was pretty dumb, and The Smurfs Lost Village which was cute, and I was subjected to Big Brother, ha ha!

Oh, and my rash is getting better. 

More excitement later.

Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

Day Two 

I’m using this as my weekly blogophilia post. The prompts are:

Yesterday I was thankful for Dad’s results. The mass is just a fatty cyst, though his prostate is enlarged. However I’m guessing it’s not cancerous as their two treatment options are to “hollow it out” (what????) or bypass it with a catheter between his bladder and kidneys. He has to see a heart doctor to determine if he’s healthy enough and what not.

So while it’s still something it’s better than it could be.

Though I am on vacation, I had to get up at 7 to go to the dentist (long story). The traffic in Springfield was crazy, there were so many cars that we were just a face in the crowd. Seriously, I’d forgotten about it. Though the dentist office has moved to the edge of town and with exits closed we took a scenic route.

Their new office is swanky 

Anyway, after the initial appointment I had to come back at 4, so we killed some time with breakfast:

Yes, despite what they told us in Mississippi, the omelette biscuit is still available in Springfield.  Whoo hoo!

After that we went to the Super hyvee, which is gigantic, and Chris got his candy bar.

He loves those. 

It would have been nice to go to an art museum and see Vampire’s Kiss by Boris Vallejo, but alas we just wandered around until lunch time. The taco truck was in town!!! I love the taco truck!

We did get to visit with Pattie for awhile, so that was awesome.

Anyway, we eventually got back to the dentist and then headed back to Bolivar where amazing pokemon were out.

And my amazing niece made amazing cheesecake. 

I could get addicted to this, easily!

We also watched all of the Lemony Snicket episodes, so now to wait for season 2. 

And now I must go to Aldi’s. Have a cheesecake kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Day One

We slept in late, I admit, and I had to go to bed early, so it was a kind of short day, but fun.

The bro and I did a bit of pokemoning. 

Bolivar is crazy with stops and gyms. There was one raid after another.  We spent some time waiting at the Bolivar park. 

We finally called it good enough and headed back for food and TV.  Eventually we took a walk that paused at Sonic.

And then walked up to Casey’s. 

Then, back at the house, after an episode of American Series of Unfortunate events, I had to go to bed to get up at 7 a.m.

Bah for mornings.

Have a sonic strawberry slush kinda day!

Jo  🙂

Villisca Fireworks

We went to the Villisca fireworks show last night, which was amazing! Seriously, I don’t understand how our tiny town can have such a better show than the bigger towns  (looking at you, Red Oak), but hey, I’m not complaining.  

Though the show got interrupted because a bunch of kids snuck up through the corn field into the firing area. They caught about six of them, though the others escaped. I’d like to know where their parents were.

Anyway, here are the mandatory fireworks pics.

You know it was a good show because afterwards it rained ash:

Afterward we came home and lit a few off, though it was late so hubby and the bro wiped out. But it was fun getting to shoot them legally in Iowa.  This is the first year since 1930-something that they’ve been legal. Though we didn’t get the brand we usually buy:

They were ok, but expensive.  Next year we’re going to Missouri to buy them, ha ha! 

Anyway, need to get going. 

Have a raining ash kinda day!

Jo 🙂


I mentioned going to the doctor, right? And getting some antibiotics for a pre-ear infection and a steroid for a rash? Well, as the weeks progressed, the rash got worse, the lymph nodes have not gone down, and by Sunday I felt absolutely horrible – could not stay awake, could not stop scratching. Nothing helped.

Turns out the doctor gave me antibiotics that I’m allergic to.

Now, I’d say it’s not her fault if I hadn’t reiterated that I am allergic to Cephalixen as she was trying to run out the door (the pills she prescribed me were Cefdinir, and the similar name bothered me, but she seemed okey dokey with it). I know, I should have trusted my gut and looked that s*** up, but I was stupid and, oh, I don’t know, trusted the doctor who charged me 150$ office visit. I mean, she’s the one with the degree, not me. I expected she’d know that they’re in the same family, and so they’d cause a billion horrible reactions…but, apparently not.

Anyway, I am off them now. She wouldn’t give me any new antibiotics, even though my lymph nodes and ears are still painful and swollen, as she felt I’d taken the others “long enough to fix it” (even though it is NOT fixed and I was only halfway through the course). Unhappy is an understatement at this point. I wonder if I can get into a real doctor in Springfield? Yeah, it’s a six hour drive, but might be worth it for some decent medical care! (I miss Dr. Hahn!!)

Anyway, so that’s where I’ve been, and where I will probably be for awhile. I am still having trouble staying awake, and the Benadryl I’m now on 4 times a day isn’t helping with that (it helps a tiny bit with the itch though, so that’s something). Ugh!!

Hope you’re doing better than me.

Have a better day than I’ve had

Jo 😦


P.S. Here’s a picture of a spider.


AR Fun

I know it’s supposed to be Blogophilia tonight, but between one thing and another I’m not done yet. I have two of the prompts worked into the story (a continuation of last week’s) but haven’t made the third yet, so I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

Today was one of those one thing and another days. I had company (which I enjoyed, might I add), had to cook, pokemoned for about 45 minutes extra just because it’s the start of the Equinox event (more ice and fire types and extra XP),  etc etc. so I didn’t get a lot done. There’s always tomorrow, I guess.

Anyway, I thought I’d share my fun AR shots I took tonight. AR – Augmented Reality – is what the pokemon game is built around; the idea that reality has been added to – aka with the pokemon that pop up in real world places. They have a cool feature that let’s you play that way, or just take photos. I haven’t done much with the photos in the past, but I’ve decided to try to get some fun ones because while catching a pidgey may not be exciting, taking a photo of a pidgey perched on a tree would be a lot of fun.

Taking a shot is actually a bit challenging because you have zero control over where the pokemon shows up in the screen. And it isn’t a matter of, “Oh, he’s at the bottom, so he’ll stay there when I lift my phone up.” No, he stays rooted where he is, as though he was *really* there, and if you move your phone too far he just disappears off frame. SO a lot depends on where your phone is aimed when you switch to AR mode, and then it’s still a matter of getting it lined up by changing your angle, and… anyway, it’s a “thing”.

Also, I mentioned dinner? We had Native tacos, which are so, so good!



Oh, and hubby said the soap from yesterday’s remelt blog worked just fine. he compared it to sandpaper, in fact, so maybe fewer coffee grounds next time. Then again, maybe the sandpaper is a good thing.

And now I am heading to bed and will write more tomorrow. I also need to get my party stuff worked on for Saturday.

Have a pulling Pikachu’s tale at Walmart kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Remelting Adventures

Continuing the thankfulness thing, yesterday I was grateful that my soap worked.

Awhile ago I ordered some amazing soap from Bubbles Bubble Soap (Click the link, like the page, but know she’s not making new orders until fall.) Among the order was some lovely coffee soap. I’ve been careful and dragged out my bars of Coffee Soap (which I use only on my face) and so have just enough to last me until she starts making them again-

Or I did.

Then hubby inadvertently tried my coffee soap and found out that it takes all the carbon off of him from work. In a week he’s used almost half a bar.

Oh heeeeeeeaaaaaaal no!

So I checked online to buy some from someone else (to give to HIM) but it’s like 5$ a bar plus S&H and as fast as he is going through mine… yeah. That could add up fast. So I looked into making it myself. The idea of messing with lye scared me a bit. I’m not a careful, exacting person. I’m a chef, not a baker. I slop things, I don’t measure, you get the idea.

Then I found the remelt method wherein you’re not making soap, but just personalizing it. It looked a lot cheaper (2$ worth of soap from the dollar store) and a lot safe (no explosions) so that’s what I tried.

I got the initial instructions from Whole New Mom, though her instructions are for any kind of soap, not just coffee.  She also calls for unscented, natural, blah, blah soap. Did I mention I got two bars from the dollar store? I just went for the least scented that they had, since we don’t care about making it a certain scent.

So how does this work, exactly? First, if you want coffee soap, you need coffee grounds. I saved them for a few days, because I’m the only one who drinks coffee in my house.


You want used coffee grounds, so the internet tells me, because new ones will “leech”.

On the day if, you’ll want to prepare whatever you’re molding in. The article suggested a loaf pan, but mine are huge, so I ended up using two mini loaf pans lined in wax paper.I  tried pressing coffee grounds into the bottom to make the soap look pretty – and it did sort of work, but I don’t know that I’d bother again. Oh, I might.


Now, before you can melt your soap, you have to shave it. The site suggested a cheese grater. This worked well, but it took awhile and left some little chunks. You could probably just chop your soap up, though those chunks didn’t melt as well as the flakes did.


Some time later….


You can see the chunks I mentioned in the photo. Anyway, then you put the soap flakes in a double boiler to melt. If you’re like me, you don’t have a double boiler, so it means you have to put a smaller sauce pan inside a bigger one. Be careful – the water pops up around the edges a bit and could burn you.

Add 2 oz of liquid (I used coffee, of course!), then heat this over low/medium heat (depending on how hot your stove is (mine is super hot). Stir this for awhile and it will start to melt.


Keep stirring and eventually it will totally melt. The article said you’d have a lumpy, translucent substance. I had a creamy, pudding-like texture instead (probably because I melted a different soap than they suggested using). Anyway, when it was all melted I dumped in about three tablespoons of coffee grounds:


Stirred well, and divided between my two loaf pans:


I did sprinkle the last of the grounds on top, but it wasn’t very thick.

In about half an hour the soap had hardened enough I could pull it out of the pan and it held its shape.


It was pretty moist, so I let it sit overnight (as several “real soap making” articles talked about letting the moisture evaporate out, i assumed this is along the same lines, but very truncated.) Then, today, I cut it up:


I wrapped all but one up in individual pieces of wax paper and stuck them in a ziplock baggy for storage.

So, how does it work?

I have no idea. Hubby had to call in today because the truck wouldn’t start and he had to fix it. That means he didn’t get any carbon on him to test it with. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

And now I suppose I should post this and head to bed. I got some photos edited the last two days that I will share tomorrow or the day after. Tomorrow is actually Blogophilia night, though I want to showcase my cool new art dolls, so we’ll see what ends up where.

Have a melty soap kinda day!

Jo 😉

PS – Last night’s axe murder house photo is worth sharing (note the cool blue glow – there were people staying the night):


And the brother has a magician vibe going:


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