My Apocalypse List

The Apocalypse of 12-21-12 never came. We even had a party to welcome it, but there were no zombies. I guess that means my list is kind of unnecessary now.

What list? This list. It’s an Apocalypse list, which is like a  Bucket List, but instead of a list of things to do before you die, it’s a list of the things to do before the world ends. Even though the Apocalypse didn’t kill us there may be another one around the corner, so I think I’ll keep this awhile longer.Now that it’s 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 I am going to delete the accomplished goals and add some new ones. If it all goes well, this should be a slowly evolving list as things get crossed off and added. If all doesn’t go well, it will stay as it is.

I guess that’s part of the fun.

  1. Publish Patrick in October – plausible if I hop to it.– DONE! October 2016 – go get your copy!
  2. Write Book 9 –  Goddess of Night, it’s the last in the series. Plausible – UPDATE: started it and am about 1/3 done with the rough draft – Dec 5. 2016 DONE and it’s Published on April 30th
  3. Go to Japan – probably not going to make this one.
  4. Watch many on a long list of anime including KK, etc. – possible. I did watch Death Note
  5. Make an Amaranthine calendar for 2018 – I have all the images I need, just need to do it. I wanted one for 2014 and 2015 and 2016 and 2017 but didn’t make it. 
  6. Finish Fallen – or whatever we name it – iffy. We’ve been working on it for four years and have 67 approved pages (this doesn’t counted the hundreds of rejected pages). – UPDATE: Doubtful. It’s May JulyAugust October February and we still have 67 pages. Not Gonna Happen. It’s April and we suddenly have four new pages and a brand new plot. Maybe we will do it this time. –UPDATE: 1/14/14 – She’s waiting on me. My fault. UPDATE: 12/31/14 – I need to send her my new ideas UPDATE: We’ve decided to make an outline. UPDATE: it’s on hold again
  7. Promote the Terrible Turtle Conspiracy  we’re doing it! The comic is back at!
  8. Finish the funny vampire book(s) – iffy. Yes, there are two. One stars Willy and is coauthored by Jonathan and the other is about vampires in Alabama in the 80’s. They have an undead sheep. It’s fun. UPDATE: 1/24/14 – Jonathan has sent me a completed chapter one. yay!  UPDATE: On chapter two UPDATE: I think he’s gotten busy. UPDATE: we’re back at it
  9. Make an Amaranthine series trailer – iffy. It takes time. UPDATE: Dec 2016, I got a bunch of images for it. Now I need to write it…
  10. Catch up on photo editing – iffy. Time constraints and all.
  11. Write the Executioner Stories – We’ll see. If I do them for Blogophilia then maybe. UPDATE: I have Aine available & Ark, & Verchiel is in an Anthology collection. UPDATE: I’m working on Beldren UPDATE: Bren is done. I need to do a romance one next.UPDATE: 12/5/16 – still waiting to get to it. UPDATE: 5/1/17 Planning to take a year form novel writing to do this.
  12. Upgrade my Ham Radio License – need to study. Lots. UPDATE: I need to buy new study guides.
  13. Finish remodeling the kitchen the cabinets need painted, the pantry needs done…I need a microwave cart and i might paint the counter top. – UPDATE – we need a new counter top, to put up quarter round, put up tile, fill in the cubby and fix around the light switch – 6/4/15 – UPDATE 8/17/15 – decided to refinish the counter top with a kit, but need to do that, install backslash, fill in the cubby and put up quarter round. still. Still. UPDATE 12/5/16: Quarter round is done, and I might not refinish the counter after all. It’s growing on me. But I do need to buy some red tiles… UPDATE 5/1/17: Bought the red tiles, now we need to put them up and we’ll need to buy new chairs.
  14. Organize my bedroom not gonna get to paint it etc for a long time but let’s make it livable at least!All done except the clothes – 6/5/15  – UPDATE 8/17/15 mostly undone, but the clothes are sorted and I got rid of a LOT. Yay me. Still needs done.
  15. Paint the trim on the house –  We bought the paint for it.
  16. Fix the front porch – We bought pillars, jacks and such, now we just need a free weekend and the gumption.
  17. Re-do the pantry – might be do-able when hubby has his extended weekend at the end of August. –We didn’t do it. Who knows when we will.
  18. Finish the dining room wallswe got the wallpaper scraped, now we need to TSP, repair cracks, and start painting. Be nice if it was done for Christmas. UPDATE: DONE!
  19. Put the tiles on the dining room ceiling.

6 responses to “My Apocalypse List”

  1. Juli Hoffman says :

    I want to read more about Willy and the other one with the undead sheep! He! He!

    I introduced my youngest sis to some of your work and TTTC on Christmas. We were cracking up reading about the zombie bunnies! She’s a huge anime fan. She was very impressed with your artwork. She dabbles in anime drawing herself and kept pointing out some of the more subtle details I might have missed. 🙂 Perhaps your artwork is as contagious as your rabbits? LOL

    Thank you for all you do, Jo! You’re blog posts are both entertaining and inspiring. Hoping 2012 is a wonderful year for you! Have a blessed new year! 🙂

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Vampire Willy has kidnapped Katelina a couple of times – not sure if you’ve seen those crossovers on my blog. Jonathan has too much imagination 😉

      yay! glad she enjoyed it 😀 Does she have any stuff online? It’s always nice to find those who appreciate the “genre” so to speak as most of the comments one hears s what a waste it is and only untalented hacks draw anime. *rolls eyes* Let’s see some of those people try it….

      And ditto! As I was telling Sue the other day, you’re on my “favorite people list” and I am hoping to see more of your vampires in 2012 😉

      • Juli Hoffman says :

        You’re on my “favorite people list” too! 🙂

        I’ll have to check out more of your older posts. Vampire Willy is a riot!

        I think avoiding technology must be an inherited trait in my family. No, my youngest sister hasn’t posted anything online…not yet at least, but I’m trying to nudge her in that direction. She didn’t know that was even an option until recently! I guess it’s like writing, you don’t know what your options are until you start getting serious about it.

        Of my biological sisters, my youngest sister inherited more creative talent than any of us, myself included. She shocks people because she comes across as being very quiet and reserved on first impressions. Besides drawing anime and jewelry making, her passion is music. She went to college for a music related degree and did drum line at the college level. She owns and plays more instruments than anyone else I know! She corrects people when they call her a drummer; she’s a “percussionist.” She plays anything you can beat on, pluck, or strum. She plays guitar: acoustic, electric, and base, all kinds of drums, piano, accordion, marimba, mandolin,and few other obscure instruments that I can’t think of right now. She has a crazy/insane amount of talent! For the record, I did NOT inherit ANY musical genes. 🙂 This is also the same sister that helped me build a shed. 🙂 He! He! Her focus has been on writing her own music, and trying to get a band together while still holding down a day job, but she has a hard time finding other people who are as serious about music as she is. She’s played in a few coffee shops. I think that’s SO COOL!!! A proud older sis moment! I’d love to see her record her own stuff since she writes her own music. She told me that she’s considered that as an option. She said she could actually play all the parts, but she said that it’s a lot of work getting all the tracks to fit together later on. I have zero musical talent, so I’ll have to take her word on this. 🙂

        • Joleene Naylor says :

          Yeah, we were a non technology tribe until I married the husband. I had never been online until 2000 (sad, i know) because I could not see the point in it. In fact when he wanted a computer I said it was “stupid” and a “waste of money”. heh. One of those “boy is my face red” moments 😉

          ha ha! i remember the shed blog!

          It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. They are usually quiet for a reason!

          She should do some recordings and slap ’em up on itunes! I’ve seen several one man bands on Myspace (well and now on facebook and youtube I guess) who do everything themselves. Patrick Duvall (sp) is one. He’s pretty good and seems to be doing well for himself with it.

          I wish i was musical, too :p I played percussion in junior high/high school band because… drum roll (pun intended)… I can’t read music! The drum parts were easier – if there was a note you hit it (banged it, crashed it etc), if not, you don’t. Then they got into Tympani drums and bells and… ergh. It made for many tense, sweaty palmed moments, but I scraped past. You;d think I’d have just learned to read it, but I seem incapable of remembering what goes where, despite repeated attempts to teach me. This is why i gave up on the band part way through HS 😉

          You should get her started working on musical scores. How snazzy would that be to get customized music for your book trailer?!?

          • Juli Hoffman says :

            Yay! Vampire Willy links to check out! 🙂 I’ll send my sis the links as well.

            I had NO idea you had once been a percussionist. I tried to play the clarinet. I never got past the “sound of cat’s screaming in agony” phase. Four years worth, and I was still having trouble with the fingering! I’m sure there’s a dirty joke in there somewhere! LMAO! I wasn’t very good at reading music either. I just screetched along. 🙂 Good times!

            I think I NEED to “nudge” her towards musical scores for book trailers. Good call! That would be an interesting niche market to get into. Dovetailing interests! She was telling me that some of the new stuff she’s working on, has a “dark quality” to it, but the words she’s written to go with her music are really funny. Yeah…that’s how you can tell we’re sisters. 😉 We tend to see the “funny” in all sorts of bizarre things.

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