Thankfulness #115 & #116

Yesterday I was thankful for the dog having a good check up. The vet said he is 100% better – no fluid and his heartbeat is better. I guess when we took him in last time they said they did not actually expect him to last the night. The vet was quite surprised how well he is doing. I think it’s all the marshmallows.

00 (9)

Today I am thankful for the random stranger at Casey’s who jumped the brother’s truck. The way we were parked and as crowded as it was, it’s hard to say how ling we’d have had to sit, but the guy parked next to us had one of those jump boxes (I know there’s a better name but my head hurts, so we’re going with that.)  I am also grateful for the pretty cake Dad brought home randomly.


And now I go to bed. Have a fancy cake kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Trompe L’oeil

It’s time again for Blogophilia, the fun blog group where Marvin gives participants topics to use in their blog for the week. This week’s are:

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 4.10 Topic: “The Girl Can Rock!”
Hard (2 pts): Quote Darth Vader
Easy (1 pt): Mention ‘Trompe L’oeil’


I had to look Trompe L’oeil up. Apparently it’s when an artist creates the illusion of 3D with 2D objects, like that guy who draws those awesome chalk monsters on the sidewalk. I had no idea that had a name, but I guess I should have known. The art community is full of labels and names for every twibbly tiny thing. It drives me nuts because it’s all an elitist thing to show how artsy they are over everyone else… Though the world and social media in particular say to Give yourself to the Dark Side, I’ll leave that rant for another day. Not because the girl can rock, but because she’s too tired to rock. Ha ha!

Since y’all came here for something, here’s some photos for no reason.




Thankfulness #114

Today I am grateful for words search function, which makes it easy to look for words – or things like tabs – in a word document. Today I am using it to look for words I overuse in the book and delete them. I’m not very far down the list because there were 1495 instances of “that” I am still working through…

00 (8).jpg

Me in my snazzy headphones that already have a short in them… the bro needs to see if he can fix them.

I did get out and do some pokemoning:

ANd I made hoemade dumplings for dinner

01 (6)

Which are super easy to do, by the way.  Just flour, egg, baking powder and water mixed up and the broth is just chicken stock/broth and water with a little salt and pepper. The most tedious mart is dropping them into the pot. But they are worth it.

And now back to work.

Have a dumpling kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Catching Up

I missed a couple days because I was lost in editing land, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thankful for things!

#111: Saturday I was grateful for warm weather that allowed hubby and I to do some pokemoning at Heartland of America. We tried to go to the moves, but both movies we wanted to see were sold out up to the latest showings, which were too late for sunwalker hubby. Maybe this weekend.

#112: I was grateful for getting my read through of Goddess of Night finished. Now I only need to do about ten more of them by the end of April.

I did take some time out from reading to walk with hubby:

#113: Today I was grateful to my Uncle Dave – our water heater stopped heating and as divine providence would have it, my uncle, who has plumbing etc experience, happened to stop in. He was able to diagnose the trouble, take the bro to buy the part, and put it in. How blessed was that?

I also made the an Easy Bake Oven cake for grown ups:

And my hyacinths are coming up:

03 (3)

And now I am going to go and either watch The Monkey King 2 or look for “ands” to delete.

Have a tiny cake kinda day!

Jo 🙂


Thankfulness #110

Today I was thankful to everyone who stopped in during my live stream: Caitlin, Shoshanna, Jennifer, Jennifer  (there’s two!), Tonia, Christine, Gabriella, Alicia, Mom, and the bro. Y’all made it awesome and without you I’d have just been staring for an hour.

Have an audience participation kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Thankfulness #108 & #109


Yesterday I was thankful for finally reaching level 30!



Today I am grateful for warmer weather, though I did not get a chance to enjoy it. Let’s hope it lasts.

Have a level up kinda day!

Jo 🙂

PS – I’ve been mostly editing and doing booky stuff, which is boring to talk about.


Blogophilia Poem

It’s time for Blogophilia, the fun blog group where Marvin gives prompts to use in a weekly blog post. This week’s are:

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 3.10 Topic: Blue Skies
Hard (2 pts): Include a lyric from The Monkees
Easy (1 pt): Incorporate a game of Chess

Rather than lump this in with my thankfulness, I thought I’d whip something up:

Saturday’s Child,
I Wanna Be Free
Like the wind that blows through the field.

Clouds moving in,
Obscuring blue skies,
Light to the darkness must yield.

A quick game of chess,
Between life and death,
Searching for souls that are healed

At last golden sun,
Overcomes the night,
Hiding me behind its shield

So it seems freedom,
I already have,
behind my own gloom was concealed

But now I can see,
In the morning rays,
At last my joy revealed.


I dunno. It’s worth points at least.
Now to work on turtles.
Jo 🙂

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