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Photos: Abandoned

I’m sitting on the back patio being eaten alive by bugs (whatever it is leaves white welts that burn and itch) and watching squirrels fight. Good times. Actually I need to get to work, but before I do I thought I’d schedule a post with more exciting photos. Yay….

I heard that sarcasm.

Aren’t those exciting? As usual click the small images to see them bigger and check out my flickr for more photos.

Now off to work!wpid-signature.png


Photos – Abandoned


So, I picked. It’s Bedlren and Zuri. A bit of overkill, but I think it will help with a later plot point. And now for the second photo blog I promised.

There’s a funny story behind this. Let’s just say we didn’t have much time in this particular venue because a report came over the scanner of suspicious people. *cough* ‘Nuff said.

broken window

Broken Window

window color

through the window

old wood

old wood

bloody sink

No, that’s not real. It’s actually dirt, but I used color replacer.

come inside




through the window sepia

missing pane

tree shadows

tree shadows

broken window night


And that’s it. I have a ton more photos (these are from September still!) But it’s a matter of having time to edit and upload.

song playing at the moment – Morticians Daughter – Black Veil Brides

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