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The first shot at the wraparound


I managed to squish some time in today to work on the rough draft of my wraparound. If you’d like to read the blurb and/or leave some feedback on it, you can do that on my author blog.  You’ll notice there’s a big black box that’s empty. I decided to go out on a limb this time and solicit some blurbs before it was published. Okay, I got lucky and a couple of people offered. Who am I kidding? Ruth Ann Nordin was ind enough to let me use a blurb from her review of Shades of Gray on the last book, and then I used a quote from Daniel Kennedy. He just has a very “weighty” sounding name – like he;s someone important. Or is that just me?  I thought about hitting Jonathan up for one, but 1) he hasn’t finished the second book yet, so book 3 isn’t going to happen for awhile and 2) I thought it might conflict with his genre a little.  Some people might frown on a devotional written by a guy who’s being quoted all over vampire books. Though if they get offended that easily his book (Shades of Plaid) will aggravate them, anyway. I think it’s great, but then I’m twisted, so I hear.

Enough yacking, here’s the rough draft:

click it for the full size

I have to get back to work on a cover for someone else, now. The one with the high heel, as a matter of fact 😉

Awesome song playing at the moment – “I’ll Give You Sympathy” – The Rascals

The Devil is an Angel, too

(originally from December 2011)


I know, it seems like I never draw anyone but the same old characters over and over again, huh? This is our dear Thane in all his  “coolness”. As a note of interest, since I drew it, this picture has since inspired a whole line of conversations that led to a book that I and a co-author (the owner of the said Thane) have worked on off and off again over the years. Interesting how that stuff happens, huh?

The Devil is an Angel too

I still like this one, though his torso is a little crooked…

Song going through my head at the moment – Venus Doom – HIM

War and Sleep

(Originally from October 2007)

This was drawn for the WSM art contest. The theme was War


And this is a sketch of my brother I drew while he was snoozing in the waiting room at Cox Hospital (during my Mom’s heart surgery). I now have sympathy for those artists who draw people who don;t know they are being drawn because when they don’t know, they sure are wiggly!



Fav song of the moment – “Never Too late” – Three Days Grace

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