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Sunday sunrise

Actually I think the sunrise was from Saturday, but let’s not be picky.
Yes, on Saturday I was up in time to watch the sun rise. Hubby took me out and then he tried to talk on the ham radio satellite that went over. He made a contact – sort of. They logged him but he couldn’t catch their call sign. Oh well, it was fun.

Then we spent the whole day watching book 1 & 2 of legend of Kora. It’s good, but different. I initially wanted her to hook up with Mako. Now I’m glad they split up. I guess it shows you what happens when you get your ship.
Sunday we didn’t go anywhere, but we did get that paneling put up:

It needs painted white and pollied still, but it’s looking good.
And now I leave you with a flower because I’m tired:


Have a good one!
Jo 🙂

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I’ve meant to post all week. I really did. But I’ve been sort of drowning in crap I had to do. Like a bunch of book covers I’ll share tomorrow, and some house maintenance (let’s just say I want a pair of the giant clippers that I borrowed from my uncle. I’ve been chopping down saplings as if they were made of butter. Booyah!) And other boring things. But now I’m mostly caught up and have a minute (or ten) that it takes to resize these photos.
Hubby actually made me a really cool script that I run on a web page that resizes my pics for me so I don’t fill my media storage up again (like last summer). It works great, it’s the phone that has limitations, like making me select one photo at a time. I may see if I can get him to add an “add more” button.
Anyway, we didn’t go on a trip last weekend because after buying a dehumidifier for the basement (which is working awesomely) we were brokedy-broke. But we did go buy the dehumidifier in Council Bluffs so I got some amazing cloud shots.

And in flower news, the baby rose I planted is STILL ALIVE and growing bigger AND blooming.


Perhaps the curse of the black thumb has been reversed??
Oh, and we have naked ladies.



Pretty, huh?
And now I need to go to bed so I can get up early tomorrow.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂

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A Handful of Random Iowa Photos

I thought I’d already shared these, but I guess not. They’re from our very short trip to Iowa that we took in May – we drove up and back in one day (13 hours total drive time) to visit Hubby’s grandma.  There are a couple of extras, one from the ducky pond and one I finally got uploaded from 2012 – yeah, I am slowly working through the backlog.

Wasn’t that exciting? I am going to schedule this and maybe set up a couple more if I have time. Hubby is going to work on my website re-do over the weekend (which is probably past by now, if I have calculated correctly) so I probably won’t be on since he’ll have my laptop.

PS – seriously, if anyone knows what that bird is, or that weird cloud anomaly, I am all ears 😉


June in Pictures

I’ve been gone two months and come back with a chintzy photo post. Yeah, life’s like that sometimes.

We’re pretty much moved in, have net, have had the computer virus cleaned up and the laptop fixed, so now it’s just a matter of catching up and seeing to details.

Wasn’t that fun? I have some fourth of July pics to share and then I need to take the rest off of the camera – including the biggest toadstool I have ever seen!

Have fun, all!


Random Wintery Photos

I’ve been thinking about redoing my random photos banner but I don’t know. This one has served me well since my MySpace days, so maybe not.

Anyway, it’s just what the title says. More random photos, mainly from my cellphone, and most are wintery. Not much going on. I – hopefully – have the synopsis done for the upcoming book release and I have started the intro flash fiction to go with the character reveals (need to finish that soon). I am considering a blog tour but not now. There’s just too much going on. Someone sent me a link for a lady who sets them up for $150 and I am considering it for this summer (though she has to “approve” you after she reads your book, so no guarantees ). I know it’s possible to do them yourself, I did a small one last year but they are so time consuming to set them up I might be willing to pay for it. I don;t know. It’s all still just an idea.

On a more personal note things are still dragging along. I feel like a ghoul, but, well… there just comes a point.

Okay, on to the photos!

And that’s it for now. If you have some wacky winter weather feel free to post a link to photos – I love looking at photos 🙂


Photos: Trip Home


We didn’t leave until after 8pm and spent most of the drive home flirting with a thunderstorm, so….


I did not use a black and white filter on this

through the windshield

through the windshield

awesome storm clouds in omaha

storm clouds

wet roads

wet roads


stormy skies

green light

green light



sunset 2

wild clouds



like the ocean

like an ocean

storms and stars - guess whose shutter speed was too slow

storm in the distance with stars above us – shutter speed was way too slow

looks fake but it's not

can you see the lightning?


neat colors



lightning strike


kansas turnpike

Kansas Turnpike


Morning in Missouri

And that’s it! Now I am off to bed for some much needed zzz’s!

Song playing at the moment – Joleene’s Song – Hedda

New Photos: Thunderstorm


I should update my website instead of scheduling blog posts. Alas, I love blogging too much! I read an article recently about eliminating time drainers that do not “forward your goals” – aka the book covers or the books, I guess – and according to it things like this blog should be eliminated to save time. They’re probably right; I could do useful stuff instead of post here. But I get the enjoyment from it, so that’s worth it to me. It can’t be all work 24/7!

Anyway, there was an awesome storm that produced some pretty good photos. It took awhile to get the focus and such right, so I didn’t get as many as I would have liked, but no need to be greedy.

storm clouds 2

storm clouds


Yeah, the camera got a little damp taking these

cool lightning

I like this one!


i ended up having to stand inside the house and take photos out the door for awhile

tri forked

I wish the power lines weren’t in the way


this one looks silvery to me

awesome storm clouds

fantastic clouds

awesome lightning

This is my fav of the set

be better without all the damn wires

this one was bright!

awesome clouds

purple clouds

double trouble

Pink & Purple


Makes me think of My Little Pony. I don’t know why. I bet a psychiatrist would have fun with my weird associations.

And no, I did not adjust the color/levels/curves/etc on these. They came out purple like that and I left it because it was an awesome shade.

Song playing at the moment – Cornerstone – Arctic Monkeys

New Photos: Clouds, Flowers & Paper Plates


And it’s ANOTHER new blog. Holy crap, the world may be ending. Oh wait, that was last month. Well, so much for that. In that case I guess you’ll have to suffer through some more photos! Sorry. Okay, not really.  Gwahahahahahahaha!

neat lighting effect

cool clouds


awesome clouds



cool clouds

that was just too weird


close up clouds




Fido looking pensive


hideki is so cute

Hideki enjoying the dog’s pillow


not too bad for using the manual settings

not too bad for using manual settings


using flash

– because the auto settings wanted to use flash


dark but i like it anyway

dark but pretty


daisies and a bee

Daisies & a bee


this one just felt fun

I thought this was fun





a different angle

a different angle


mysterious paper plates in our parkinglot that make a big W

got up one day to find paper plates laid out in front of our building in the shape of a W…. What could it mean? *gasp*


looks like an ordinary discarded pape rplat

it seems normal enough, but we all know it is a sinister message… avoid W’s! (hee-hee)

There should be another one pretty soon about our trip through the creek.

song playing at the moment – How to save a life – The Fray

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