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Collab Poem: Blue Waters

(from August 2008)

This time there was a theme: Country Songs, so, I wrote a country song 🙂

I did do a pic-n-poem version using a random photobucket photo, but since it has a person in it that I don’t know, I am running the text only version:

Down by the creek,
A soft kiss on the cheek
Two kids at play, on a summer’s simple day
They grew too soon
And she moved away from you
But you smiled like you were dyin’
And the world whistled your tune

They say Blue Waters run deep
And you play that song so well my friend
So open the curtains and take one last bow
Fly high and proud, and if you should fall,
Remember you almost had it all.
Where the circles never broken and life keeps going

Eat at Joe’s,
The best food we know
Don’t go too fast or you’ll miss out all the fun
Don’t give up tryin’
Live like you’re dyin’
Take this advice
And, my friend, you will be smilin’

They say Blue Waters run deep
And you play that song so well my friend
So open the curtains and take one last bow
Fly high and proud, and if you should fall,
Remember you almost had it all.
Where the circles never broken and life keeps going

Oh, the crowd,
Whistles and shouts
Next time, maybe, we’ll try something new
We’re up high
In a sunny yellow sky
I think I’m the only one who sees
We’re just pretending, you and I

They say Blue Waters run deep

And you play that song so well my friend….
Yes, you always do….

I find myself
On a lost, dusty shelf
Brush off the dirt to see if I still shine
Just like the rainbow
Follows the storm
You ain’t seen nothing yet
We’re worn but still goin’ strong

They say Blue Waters run deep
And you play that song so well my friend
So open the curtains and take one last bow
Fly high and proud, and if you should fall,
Remember you almost had it all.
Where the circles never broken and life keeps going

Song playing at the moment – “Addicted” – Ace Young


Okay, so I am getting back to posting the worthwhile stuff I have accumulated over the years….

(from July 2008)

This was written for the CPCC weekly collab share:

Soaked in sweat, startled awake from my dream,
In the cold morning light, nothing‘s as dark as it seems.
The land was purple and golden, cool light hypnotize,
turquoise in water, a lightning bolt pierced the sky.
I stand on the zenith beneath the star’s shower of dust,
arms opened, eyes closed in a portrait of lust.
With memories, I paint your beauty on the backs of my eyes,
while your voice slips away, echoing through my mind.
I wander through fields, alone in time, lost.
Seeking you, needing you, I’ll pay blood as my cost.
Then I see you approach, as from heavens serene,
But there’s fear in your eyes, like a cold, frozen scream
I try to reach for you, but you’re flying away
As night turns to dawn and dawn turns to day.
You cry, “Circle back, before I hit the ground.”
And I catch you, holding tight, not making a sound.
But you slip through my hands, as the moonlight past the sun.
You flee into the mist, all my hope is undone.
Wracked in despair, this is where I will lay me down,
without a word or a whisper, no stone and no mound.
It’s just one dream consistent, day after day;
repeating, reoccurring, endless cycles of pain.
I must conquer this fear, this nightmare of mine,
The circle is broad, but I’ll pass beyond it this time.
Soaked in sweat, startled awake from my dream,
in the cold morning light, nothing is as dark as it seems…

(Some lines are from: Cheryl, Debra, Colleen B, Off2Troy, Lady Seda, Lanie, Tyler, Linda, Miranda, Raiden, BlackSunchine, joshibear, Michelle, Winetr’s Chuld & juliet)

As a bonus, The poetry nest has a Bermuda Triangle shindig happening and here’s what I dropped off there….

eyes of onyx stare
infusing fear into my soul
taking away hope

I blink back in confusion
attempting to comprehend
trying to understand

the boat sinks below me
slipping underneath the waves
disappearing to the bottom

aliens move around me
restraining me for the journey
ignoring my fear

The Bermuda triangle grows smaller
shrinking in the view screen
disappearing as we leave

the spaceship flies away
leaving behind the earth
taking me to unknown places

Song playing at the moment – Lacuna Coil – Kill the Light

Collab Poem: How I Owe my Thanks to Big Tony

(originally from May 2008)


And here is my Colab for the week! It was very hard to stick to my guns on this one – I had planned a mobster poem since Tuesday when I saw JT’s line about hiding from the Mob and then there were all these GREAT sinister lines! *sobbing* But, I managed to forsake them so here it is any way!

How I Owe My Thanks to Big Tony

Here we are, just you and I, at a cabin by the lake
hiding from the Mob and those cement shoes they make.
I’m sure they’d clash terribly with the pin stripe suits I wear
and so we had to run tonight and get away from there.

But we both know what we’re doing here, so there’s no need to ask why
and I’m trying to ignore your tears, but my God, you just keep crying!
You really can not handle stress, this much is plain to me,
I thought you’d faint when Big Tony said, “Come, let me hear your scream.”

It was such a peaceful night, in our large house near the park,
when a sound awakened me and I peered out through the dark.
I sniffed, the smell of gunpowder wafted on the evening breeze,
and in our tidy front yard I saw Mousy Marvin falling to his knees.

A stool pigeon by profession, this came as no surprise,
but I have to say I never thought our flower bed’d be where he died!
My brain raced and I made a plan, I felt like a live wire
then you ruined it when you started screaming as if you were on fire.

So Big Tony found us, waved his gun, made threats galore
and that’s when you nearly fainted to the naked bedroom floor.
So I fired off some rounds, and we escaped that place,
and through the whole trip you kept shrieking, “I’ve been married to a fake!”

Now I’ve had enough my sweet, even though I saved your ass.
Still you’re whining, and youre moaning, and you’re giving me much sass.
So let’s take a walk, just you and me, never mind my gun
There on that big rock just this side of the dock we’ll have a little fun.

You shake your head quite firmly as “Come here,” I softly say.
Then as I draw near you cringe and shout, “Put that duct tape away!”
You say that you don;t know me, that I’m a stranger to you now.
Well my real name is Billy Bob – it’s not catchy, I’ll allow.

I’m a gangster and a bad guy, and it’s always been that way
and you never cared before when the money rolled in every day
So don’t look so surprised and scared, you’ll only make me mad.
I’m getting tired of your noise and your nagging like a hag.

The life of an outlaw comes with a price, and you should have known it dear,
Coz now I’m contemplating flinging your body off the pier.
I don;t think I should leave you because the neighbors would all talk.
They’ll weep and they’ll whimper at the outline made in chalk.

Besides a body in the sun quickly starts to stink
So I’ll throw you in the water – you weigh enough to sink.
I load you in the boat and into the gulf we sail this day
I’ve often looked ta you and wondered, “Will she ever go away?”

And now I have my answer, thought it took a terrible fright
I really owe Big Tony for making me see the light.
It’s a pity that I shot him, but he’ll keep you company
In your watery grave, deep under the sea.

Some Lines from: Cheryl, Mic, Johnloving1963, racheAnne, lady Oregon, Oma, Lawrence of Ukraine, Sheila A, JT, BC Beneke, Mary Ska & Katrina

Fav songs of the moment – “Falls Apart” – Thousand Foot Krutch

Collab Poem: Red Sky

(originally from May 2008)


Red Sky

Heavens torn asunder, thunder rages
the darkness wraps around, all consuming.
In empty night you touch, but cannot feel,
dead emotions can’t tell what’s real.
You search deep within for some answer,
and find her face haunting your mind
Let it carry you through the mist of darkest night,
time will heal and tears will dry.
Though you don’t know when
and don’t care why,
still that smile will return,
your faith renewed
You can keep your memories,
but don’t let them rule your life.
reach through the dark and find me here,
waiting ’til your raging’s ceased
and you drop at last to dreamless sleep,
untroubled by the fears you felt,
the regrets you savor like bitter wine.
The sun creeps ‘ore the dark horizon.
Awake, the new day is here.
Dew drops glisten in the morning sun.
Puddles in the street mirror the rain washed sky,
with rainbow hues in shades of blue lazuli
The eve of a new era can begin,
but dawn’s red sky warns of more rain
Still I am here beside you,
praying that your lonely darkness will soon fade away
so you can see how the sun is shining
and how bright our future could be.

Some lines from: Laurie, Nav Works, Insatiable Jewel, divine, Margie, winter’s child, donna B, JT, Cheryl, Colleen B, Linda, Brenda Gail

Fav Song of the Moment – “Casualties of War” Crash Parallel

Collab Poem: Alone in Madness

(originally from May 2008)


Alone in Madness

In a time lost to the world, I hold you now and forever.
You smile a smile that sparkles for me.
But that vision is only an illusion,
a long ago delusion on the tide of memory.

Fate brought us together with a smile
and a kiss to seal our destiny.
But we were shattered by time; chipped and broken.
Now I’m addicted to the memories of what used to be.

Dreamy shadows of the past still haunt me,
the ghost of your once kind smile abides.
I’m left here feeling deep despair,
empty, half dead and hollow inside.

Why do I try to live without you?
Clinging to dust, parched, unable to swallow.
Outside stars spread to infinity
an endless path that I long to follow.

Is it really death that draws me nears?
The sweet oblivion to steal away my painful dreaming?
Or do you have the secret that holds the key,
to stop my soul’s eternal bleeding?

Never mind. Just shut your eyes, my sweetest love,
it does no good for you to see.
Uncomprehending of my pain,
you’re lost in your land of cold insanity.

(Some lines from: A-Rhodi, Cheryl, Joskibear, LadyBlackWidow, derocherart, Insatiable Jewel, divine, Sheila A, tyler, journey2heaven, Colleen B, ediemay, burrito’s project & Michelle)

Fav song of the moment – “Incomplete” – The Last Good Night

Collab Poem: Seasons

(originally from May 2008)


This one doesn’t make a lot of sense. basically there were a LOT of cool lines I wanted to use….


Your sweet words whisper on a fragrant breeze,
murmurs of love and things to please
and in my eyes, reflections of your smile.
While passion’s kisses tint my mouth a rosy hue,
young love, laced with sweetness, holds us in her hands.
The songs of spring echo in our too full hearts,
playing melodies of sweet desire’s musings.
While we lend an ear to hopeful dreams for shimmering futures;
dreams of gossamer that tinkle in the shining haze.
And the golden sun drops into mountains of indigo blue,
day and night meet in an eddying pool of twilight.
The current pulls us under and we surrender to it’s call.
The song of the siren singing us sweetly to sleep in each other’s arms,
devoid of all intrusions and distracted by
each new discovery on the topography of our souls.

Still the eye of time is ever watchful,
counting down to the end of days, flowers from forgotten summers.
Sad that your longing’s fire should be as soon as kindled, cooled.
Leaving no way to recover the years and days spent
with cool eyes and colder smiles, too many secrets betrayed.
Your arms hold me but offer only the chill of indifference
so that I freeze beneath your careless touch.
You try to leave me but I hold you down,
like dusty cobwebs, the guilt clings to your soul.
I should not trap you in this unrequited snare,
but my intentions bleed empty and still I hold you,
refusing to relinquish, though your eyes show no affection.
And to ease my pain I churn out useless phrases,
white paper bloodied with my rage poured forth,
a soul lost, out of time and alone.

And now the pen has dried, there are no rhymes.
Beneath the veneer of implacable illusion.
Candles dripping time away,
amalgamated colored wax that mixes with the dew.
The writhing redness shows the blood that I once bled.
Naked flames shivering in the autumn air,
the fire but mere phantoms of man’s self-tormenting heart,
melting all the words before you speak.
Each drop of wax a minute… an hour?
The flickering lights cast doubts beyond the shadow of our future.
Drown in darkness, my mind strains for what is false ans what is true,
and we sit here and stare… with nothing left to say.
While emotion colors my night with every hue,
my fingers tremble, but my eyes stay cold like yours,
And I know tomorrow you’ll be gone, I can no longer make you stay.

I want to wake up and still remember you,
a specter of beauty, clothed all in white.
Like death, hiding behind a shimmering shroud.
But the vision cuts my soul like a razor’s edge,
my world’s made barren, like winter‘s kiss upon the plain
and my soul bleeds cold stones, like tears, to heap upon a grave.
Alone, you’ve left me chained to misery, a slave of sorrow’s cruelty.
I bow to my new master, black hearted, he sits on his throne.
In the depths of his eyes lay the punishments for my desires.
Bride of suffering, I kneel at his feet,
the lights flicker, the room goes dark,
the candle’s flame extinguished in my soul.
I contemplate death’s sweet release, but still I can’t let go.
And while your smile is reflected in another’s eyes
I sit, surrounded by the ice, holding to my memories of spring.

Some lines from: Cheryl, A-Rhodi, Colleen B, Lawrence of Ukraine, Winter’s Child, Lady Oregon, Glenn, Vicki, Ruggi, Knight Master, OBM ME, chi_shana, Amanda, David, 70schild60ssoul, dream Weaver, Sgeila A, & tyler

Fav songs of the moment – “Little Things Give You Away”- Linkin Park and “Lies”- 32 Leaves (AWESOME BAND!!!! )

Untitled Collab

(originally from April 2008)



Catch a smile and toss it in the wind
Let it fly on the wings of butterflies with no thoughts to rescind
A sunny day with everything to look forward to
I dance beneath the sun’s bright rays
And I beckon, “Share your soul with me, if you dare.”
Your hands gave your answer
But later your words are silent as you simply stare,
Wondering if we went too far.

And too soon the scene changes in its hue
The feel of urgency now in the air.
Dark boiling clouds are rolling in,
Wind wailing and thunder raging.
The leaves of summer on the trees are trembling
Gaze up at black skies to wish upon a star,
But they are hidden by the fury of this storm,
As the veil of your beauty forever shrouds
The truth shimmering beneath your surface.

Wait for me beneath twilight’s last hour
Smile as you hold me close again
You stand too near but throw your heart away
And trade the fire’s ashes for beauty that will not fade
I look again and you are gone,
Alone, trapped in a nightmare filled with sin
Now I must recover all alone
From the chill I felt over losing you.

Your lonely son stands questioning at my feet
Your picture, in silence, ignores my pleas
The glass grows moist with drops of dew
Wet from the tears I’ve shed over you
And though a picture, still your eyes meet mine
Reminding me of words you’ve said.
“Everything you set out comes back in threes.”
And so I hope you haven’t forgotten me yet
And I try once more to start again-

I catch a smile and toss it in the wind…

Some lines from: Cheryl, daryl, Insatiable Jewel, Amanda, Tyler, margie, Linda, Colleen B, Wizard of AWWWWWs, journey2heaven, Rachel Ann, sparkles, Winter’s child, knight Master, Sheila A, crimson, It’s a Gyrl & Karen Tales from the Foot of the Bed

Fav song of the moment – Cowboys – Counting Crows

Collab Poem – Angel of the Night

(originally from March 2008)


Angel of the Night

When the nightmares come and your eyes are wide,
Like an angel, I’ll find you weeping,
And in my arms I will enfold you,
Safe through the night you shall be in my keeping.
Tell me your fears, what demons haunt you?
Your silence boasts what your eyes can not hide.
Don’t cry my sweet one, my darling, I’ll save you,
Keep the promises of the others who lied.
My eyes the beacon to brighten your night,
While I tell you a story, sing you a song,
And though I came only when you screamed,
Know that I’ve been here all along.

Some lines from: Sparkles, Sheila A, Cheryl, Wicked Lil’ Angel

Fav song of the moment – “Empty”- Down Below

Collab Poem – Twisted Chains

(originally from March 2008)


You can probably guess what this week’s theme was 😉

Twisted Chains

Write me a story, sing me a dark song,
in places where the shadows grow cold.
Where beauty is exchanged for scars
and our passions never grow old.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
whisper to me the secrets of your soul.
Drink my blood and rip my mind.
Let the sin unfold and take hold.

Our souls sing this painful love song
and these chains bind my heart and make it bleed.
Take my heart, tear it to shreds, I beg you.
An angel smile from your lips is all I need.

Carve your name into my soul,
burn through me ’til nothing remains.
fallen angels from Beelzebub’s own door,
after your touch, can anything be the same?

It’s a want, a desire, a need.
I gave you my blood just to make you stay.
The nectar of the God’s tasted simply sweet,
roll it on your tongue while we play this dark game.

Broken and shattered, you leave me alone.
Desire burns while my soul slowly dies,
Fallen to my knees, i am out of hope.
My love, my love, please hear my cries.

And you laugh and you ask
As I bleed and tears fall from my eyes,
“Why do you ask for what you shouldn’t want?
When asked, we both know we’ll deny.”

Then you relent, my dark demon of the night
and burn my bruised lips with your fire.
My fallen angel, my demon from hell,
who fills me with twisted desire.

Write me a story, sing me a dark song,
in the place where shadows roam free.
Torture my mind, my body, my soul,
but never loose these chains binding me.

Some Lines from: Cheryl, Linda, Sashia, Colleen B, Sparkles, ediemay, Jimmy B, joskibear & moonflower

And it was that week’s winning poem! Yay!


Collab Poem – A Beautiful Lie

(originally from January 2008)

A Beautiful Lie

I come to you with an open heart
to try to free you from your pain,
but still you cling so beautifully,
holding to your past; your shame.
So beautiful and cold you hide
behind your mask of perfection.
incognito to all who think they know you,
you’re a bundle of lies and deception.
Your scars are too deep to be seen
both the old and the new,
and you throw away the ones who care,
those with eyes that can see through.
So preen before your mirror,
your eyes so fake in happy blue.
Like a puppet for them all, you laugh
while your self decorated hull imprisons you.

Some lines from: sparkles, choporksmom, insatiable jewel

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