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Collab Poem: Blue Waters

(from August 2008)

This time there was a theme: Country Songs, so, I wrote a country song 🙂

I did do a pic-n-poem version using a random photobucket photo, but since it has a person in it that I don’t know, I am running the text only version:

Down by the creek,
A soft kiss on the cheek
Two kids at play, on a summer’s simple day
They grew too soon
And she moved away from you
But you smiled like you were dyin’
And the world whistled your tune

They say Blue Waters run deep
And you play that song so well my friend
So open the curtains and take one last bow
Fly high and proud, and if you should fall,
Remember you almost had it all.
Where the circles never broken and life keeps going

Eat at Joe’s,
The best food we know
Don’t go too fast or you’ll miss out all the fun
Don’t give up tryin’
Live like you’re dyin’
Take this advice
And, my friend, you will be smilin’

They say Blue Waters run deep
And you play that song so well my friend
So open the curtains and take one last bow
Fly high and proud, and if you should fall,
Remember you almost had it all.
Where the circles never broken and life keeps going

Oh, the crowd,
Whistles and shouts
Next time, maybe, we’ll try something new
We’re up high
In a sunny yellow sky
I think I’m the only one who sees
We’re just pretending, you and I

They say Blue Waters run deep

And you play that song so well my friend….
Yes, you always do….

I find myself
On a lost, dusty shelf
Brush off the dirt to see if I still shine
Just like the rainbow
Follows the storm
You ain’t seen nothing yet
We’re worn but still goin’ strong

They say Blue Waters run deep
And you play that song so well my friend
So open the curtains and take one last bow
Fly high and proud, and if you should fall,
Remember you almost had it all.
Where the circles never broken and life keeps going

Song playing at the moment – “Addicted” – Ace Young

Collab Poem – Angel of the Night

(originally from March 2008)


Angel of the Night

When the nightmares come and your eyes are wide,
Like an angel, I’ll find you weeping,
And in my arms I will enfold you,
Safe through the night you shall be in my keeping.
Tell me your fears, what demons haunt you?
Your silence boasts what your eyes can not hide.
Don’t cry my sweet one, my darling, I’ll save you,
Keep the promises of the others who lied.
My eyes the beacon to brighten your night,
While I tell you a story, sing you a song,
And though I came only when you screamed,
Know that I’ve been here all along.

Some lines from: Sparkles, Sheila A, Cheryl, Wicked Lil’ Angel

Fav song of the moment – “Empty”- Down Below

Collab Poem – Twisted Chains

(originally from March 2008)


You can probably guess what this week’s theme was 😉

Twisted Chains

Write me a story, sing me a dark song,
in places where the shadows grow cold.
Where beauty is exchanged for scars
and our passions never grow old.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
whisper to me the secrets of your soul.
Drink my blood and rip my mind.
Let the sin unfold and take hold.

Our souls sing this painful love song
and these chains bind my heart and make it bleed.
Take my heart, tear it to shreds, I beg you.
An angel smile from your lips is all I need.

Carve your name into my soul,
burn through me ’til nothing remains.
fallen angels from Beelzebub’s own door,
after your touch, can anything be the same?

It’s a want, a desire, a need.
I gave you my blood just to make you stay.
The nectar of the God’s tasted simply sweet,
roll it on your tongue while we play this dark game.

Broken and shattered, you leave me alone.
Desire burns while my soul slowly dies,
Fallen to my knees, i am out of hope.
My love, my love, please hear my cries.

And you laugh and you ask
As I bleed and tears fall from my eyes,
“Why do you ask for what you shouldn’t want?
When asked, we both know we’ll deny.”

Then you relent, my dark demon of the night
and burn my bruised lips with your fire.
My fallen angel, my demon from hell,
who fills me with twisted desire.

Write me a story, sing me a dark song,
in the place where shadows roam free.
Torture my mind, my body, my soul,
but never loose these chains binding me.

Some Lines from: Cheryl, Linda, Sashia, Colleen B, Sparkles, ediemay, Jimmy B, joskibear & moonflower

And it was that week’s winning poem! Yay!


Collab Poem – A Beautiful Lie

(originally from January 2008)

A Beautiful Lie

I come to you with an open heart
to try to free you from your pain,
but still you cling so beautifully,
holding to your past; your shame.
So beautiful and cold you hide
behind your mask of perfection.
incognito to all who think they know you,
you’re a bundle of lies and deception.
Your scars are too deep to be seen
both the old and the new,
and you throw away the ones who care,
those with eyes that can see through.
So preen before your mirror,
your eyes so fake in happy blue.
Like a puppet for them all, you laugh
while your self decorated hull imprisons you.

Some lines from: sparkles, choporksmom, insatiable jewel

Collab Poem- In Lucifer’s Arms

(originally from January 2008)


In Lucifer’s Arms

I consume your mind, your heart, your essence
and leave you with a longing in your dreams.
In me, you’re lost, your soul’s evanescence
hungry and vulnerable, you always seem

Skim a sea of tears for a salty taste,
dredge through your misery and pain.
Then I’ll watch as you fall from grace.
is it arrogance that keeps me sane?

You disappear in shadows and hide your face,
quiet like the silence of the grave,
and though we move together through this space,
you now know that you cannot be saved.

My cloak of deceit is a fitting disguise;
a demon wrapped in angel’s hue.
You see your soul’s burning demise,
when you look behind my lying eyes of blue.

But in despair for me you fall,
knowing I’m the only one who’ll understand.
And now I come, my name you call,
that blood stained blade falls from your hand.

You beg, “release me from the bonds of hell!”
as you gaze upon my stone cold face.
dead fall your eyes that know so well
your ambrosia lips are now mine to taste.

And so to Hell my new bride came,
vermilion spilling from her wound.
A scarlet letter marking her eternal shame,
our seal of marriage, her mark of doom.

You see, to a fragile soul, Satan is just a footstep away,
waiting in the shadows warm,
watching for the broken ones; the lonely stray,
to claim another lover for his arms.

I say, come to me with an open heart,
bring me your yearning and your pain.
We’ll forge a bond and never part,
you’re just one in millions to whom I’ve said the same.

Some lines from: Cheryl, barb, pink saphire, Mosaic, Jimmy B, Glenn, April, Colleen B, Margie, Steve, inner Beauty, Ruggi

Christmas Collab Poem

(originally from December 2007)


Christmas Jail Break

He narrowed his eyes, his gaze was intense,
Black blinking eyes filled full of offence.
A lovely cold feeling, in his evil hamster heart
as this Christmas Eve night slowly grew dark.
The little girl laughed in his small hamster memory
as she poked through the cage with fingers so scary
and she laughed – how she laughed – sent a chill through his heart
then she hissed, “You’re my captive, ’til death do us part.”
Then she’d gone away, left him caged with his excrement
and so in his malice, his rage at his treatment,
he started a plan that would make them all cry,
“Merry Christmas to all, now you’re all gonna die!”
They deserved it, of course, he knew it was true,
some days he had no water, other days no food.
They’d forget about him in his small hamster cage
and this was the source of his cold hamster rage.
So on Christmas morning, when the girl came once more,
she opened the cage and he leapt to the floor
and the girl, how she squealed as he darted off fast
and she shouted out, “Mom!” as he ran right past.
her mother just screamed, and and moaned for a moment,
then a circus ensued as they chased down the rodent.
The father fell down, tripping over his robe,
crashing into the large free-standing globe,
which fell from its stand and rolled ‘cross the floor
and ran right over the little girl, who stood in the door!
She let out a scream and was bowled straight over
while Mom climbed on a chair and shouted for Rover.
Drool flying around, the dog entered the fray,
and he knocked over the bookcase in search of his prey.
But the hamster just giggled from his dark hiding place
as he watched Dad wiping his now-bloody face.
He laughed uncontrollably at the man’s bloody nose,
and he howled as the mother set fire to her clothes.
She’d fallen from the chair, knocked off by the dog,
and landed in the fireplace, a curly haired Yule tide log.
“Oho!” thought the hamster. “this scene is divine!
Seems you have got your games and I have got mine!”
When at last our dear hamster had had enough fun,
he scampered away, with his old life he was done.
But soon he discovered the empty house didn’t feed him,
and on cold lonely nights, there was no one to need him.
So at last he surrendered, on new Years he was found,
covered in lint and soft pillow down.
He looked at the little girl, his gaze unblinking and long,
trying to say, “Take me back, where I truly belong.”
Then back in his cage our dear hamster went,
’til the next time he revolts over food never sent.

Some Lines from: Prynezza, Glenn, Barb, Cheryl, & Pink Sapphire


As scary as it is, it won! 😀

Empty Bed & Haunted – Collab Poems

(originally from November 2007)


Two collab poems this week. First there’s the Haunted poem (which kicked off the story vs poem of yesterday)


Like a pale flame you flicker in the darkest corners
Lighting up the shadowed regions of days long gone
A wraith whose footsteps echo through my memories
Flitting away from the quiet corner where you belong
In night I close my fevered eyes and behold your face
bejeweled eyes stare back at me through the mists of time
A breath, a whisper, barely heard against the silence
A glorious demon tempting both my heart and mind.
This pale light disturbs my rest and draws me from my sleep,
disquieting dreams leave me hungry and shaken in my mind
Like a tiger whose prey has escaped through the jungle
Down dark mysterious paths he cannot follow or find
So also have you gone headlong down the roads of life
lost in shadows, the shreds of time immemorial.
in dreams our eyes meet and the world around us disappears
But only can I see this dream, not the reality of mortal soil.
You are forever perfect in my dreaming memories,
Time cannot dim your shining eyes or touch your handsome face
from one page to another as the book of life is read
You;re following my footsteps with sweet, immortal grace
In night I lie awake, wondering how things might have been
had life’s paths lain differently before you and me
Alas, only my sleeping dreams can dare to try and guess
Because in truth you;re just a haunting memory.

One line from – Cheryl

And to make up for only one line, here’s one that uses lots more of other people’s lines

Empty Bed

In tortured pain, the world around us disappears
You stand over me, a smile on your lips as you laugh
And I, I lie weeping on my mourning bed
I bared my soul until my heart fell
But it delved into the abysmal night without cease,
No one there to catch it in it’s flight
What antediluvian monster sleeps
within these shadows behind your eyes?
What false fairytales woven into the
Increments of time?
A delusion as once again my patience
tortures me to tears.
Why can’t I leave you in the bed of your choosing?
Why must i stay, disconsolate, despairing
and drowning in my fear?
Angels beckon, calling our names,
but you can’t hear them.
Your ears are clouded with cruelty and coldness;
obsessive love twisted until it does not
know its own name.
But this time I head their call and
leave you to your games.
Hatred and pain, failure and anger,
that’s all that’s left for me here,
and so, I leave you, in this cold place you have made
My mourning bed I no longer need.

some lines from: Cheryl, Elly, Lauri, Jannrae, pixie, Valentine’s Angel, Jean, Glenn, Prynezza

The Mist – Collab poem

(originally from october 2007)


In The Mist

An eerie mist is in the air, carrying the scent of death
The sweet perfume of blood and pain, calling from beyond the grave
Dark night like a curtain rent, the fabric ‘tween life and death is torn
Can you hear the roar of hell? Thunderous echoes of souls in torment?
Can you feel the shiver creeping down your spine? the fingers of the dead on your flesh?
Can you see it flutter in the darkness, drawing closer to where you stand?
A soul hovering in flight on the edge of the night, seeking for its shattered home,
searching for that ruined vessel left abandoned in the ink y night.
Destroyed dreams and shattered hopes spilled crimson on the pavement.
Can you hear her voice whispering to you, mingled with the cry of the rushing wind?
Can you feel her sorrow, cold agony that fills the chilly night?
Can you see her tears of betrayal, falling silently to the earth?
Where is the one who took her life? Hair like alabaster in the darkness,
Dark eyes afire, blood covered demon that he is.
Her lover, her betrayer and her executioner in one flesh.
Can you hear her drawing closer? each moment brings her nearer.
Can you feel her cold breath on your skin, the smell of death caress your cheek?
Can you see her there before you, eyes wild as the fires of hell?
Unearthly specter from beyond life and time, earthbound by heartache,
held here by her own confusion, incomprehension of this crime
She lifts her voice and cries for her killer, for one who took away her life.
She calls for justice.
She calls for answers.
She calls for thee.
Can you see her in the mist?

Some lines from: Cheryl, Succubus~Enigma, Clenn, Chi_shanay, prynezza

Fav song of the moment – Waste – Seether

Colors of Your Life- Colab Poem

(originally from September 2007)


The Colors of Your Dreams

I will come to you in the middle of the violet night
When the blackness creeps across your soul
I will come to you in your moonlit dreams
On shimmering wings of gold and gray.

I will lead you down the roads forlorn
Pink roses running down blue waterfalls
along a beaten path of whispering trees
through the sun dappled shadows of your misery

I will lead you down the twisting lanes
Through grassy glens and green meadows,
Touching your soul, tormenting your heart,
agonizing thoughts of what should have been

Your tears are silver moon drops on your pillow
and as the yellow sun breaks free, I leave.
I fade away beyond your arms,
Beyond the reach of your tears.

Bathed alone in orange, empty bed a reminder
of the night when your darkness took over,
Overtook the light with trembling knife,
and left me in a pool of CRIMSON.

Some lines from: Cheryl, Glenn, Rebecca, & blood (iz red)

Eternity – A Collab Poem

(originally from August 2007)


The other day, while searching for some good coffin pics (long story) I got distracted in this chick’s photobucket – she had some absolutely fantastic pics.  Anyway,  I’ve noticed a strange, strange phenomenon. Bear with me for a minute. Okay, say you’re in photobucket cruising around and you find an album that has quite a few vamp/goth pics, right? Eight times out of ten following these pics will be three things: fuzzy kitty cats, fairies and/or butter flies and anime/manga pics.  This includes my photobucket, by the way. Now, why is this? Why do pink fairies, hot manga guys, furry cats and vampires go together?! I can’t really examine it as I am on the inside looking out here, but maybe someone else can see a connection between them!

Anyway, here’s my happy collab poem 🙂


The moon rose over the silent shore,
Washing the night in violet hues
Bringing light where only darkness lay
Casting shadow into his silent revelry

He stood, alone, the dark wind lashing
And gazed out to into the tempestuous sea
Memories came calling once again
Birds of prey to pick apart his tortured soul

Her hair of copper burned like fire,
A smile danced upon her crimson lips.
He stroked her face with fingertips
In time to her beating heart.

All his demons gathered round,
their hungry sharp fangs gleaming
he’d borne her to the cemetery,
black coffin wreathed in scarlet roses.

“You breathed  life into my soul”
He whispered but the wind did not answer,
Its melody continued while the angels
danced to the tune of the devil’s screaming

“Your words, a prayer to my heart,
you put a spell over my will.”
But again she could not hear him from her lofty seat
Atop the golden clouds of heaven

The black sea beckoned, and he answered
Death screamed his name and soothed his pain
The angels came in robes of white
then dragged him down, hell bound and screaming

Some Lines from:  Glenn, Shirley Alexander, Cheryl, Ronnale, and Alba

Fav song of the moment – Acoustic 3 – goo goo dolls

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