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December Fog

There was some amazing fog the other night, so I lured the brother into going for a photographic walk with me at about ten o’clock at night. We got some good shots (IMHO) so I thought I’d share.

I actually managed to upload these (and the rest of the set) to Flickr *gasp* so check it out if you want to see the rest of the shots.

I know a lot of people like to get rid of the orange color caused by the mercury lights, but I *like* it – it’s what I was trying to capture. (I admit the blue and pink are a bit of photo editing magic. But they look good.)

I always enjoy fog at night because with the lights it turns the world into a magical place. The foggy night I wish I’d captured the most was in January when I was twelve or thirteen. I stayed the night with a friend who lived uptown and at two or three a.m. we slunk outside. We’d had a decent snow, but it was the powdery kind, so it was blowing around a bit, but it was cold enough to make that heavy ground fog that really clings well. At the time Coin had just put in the new pink streetlights, so with the heavy fog, the whole world was this glowing pink, and the blowing snow was like glitter – it was like being inside of a fairy globe. Add to it that super stillness that you only find late at night in the winter when the whole world seems to be asleep, and it was just an amazing moment that I’ll never be able to capture.

Have a magically-foggy kind of day!

Jo 🙂

Fog and Lights

Cast your mind back to December when, on a cold, foggy night, two round little people went for a walk with their camera. A sheriff stopped to make sure they were alright, and lots of creepy cows mooed in the distance. A couple of cars drove past and finally the pair arrived home cold, damp, and achy, but with a handful of usable pictures.  These are those pictures.


What, oh what, will tomorrow bring? Christmas photos? Something a little more spring-y? OooOOooooOOoooo! The suspense!


Photos – foggy morning 3

And there’s MORE!

wet and weedy

weedy flower



alien world





looks like silver

spider close up

another spider

dirty wallpaper

remember the rubble photos I did awhile back? Well it’s still in the burn pile – only now it is soggy LOL!



cool spider web

creepy web

disturbing little flowers

these flowers look like some kind of disturbing alien sucker creatures to me. I can just imagine them attacking me and sucking all my blood through my skin….

creepy flowers

seriously, there is something gross/internal organ-esque about the coloring and the moisture on them. Yech.

And that’s it. Have to schedule something else tomorrow.

song playing at the moment – Immortal – The Rasmus – the lyrics are not at all what I *thought* they were. I should write down the misheard ones. They were pretty cool, too.

Photos – foggy morning 2


just too many good ones for one blog.


I warned you yesterday about the spider webs

wicked tree

wicked tree


I also have a thing for drippy leaves

i have a fetish



dark sunrise

abstract spider web



just a leaf

spider on a web

and there’s a spider!

like metal

like metal

i know i know

i did warn you

one more blog of these I think 🙂

fav song of the moment – Open my eyes – the Rasmus – awesome lyrics!!!

Photos – another foggy morning


This is the September foggy morning I mentioned a couple posts back 🙂 Yay.

leaf and water drop



No idea what it is

i know - more webs

spiderwebs – I hope you like them coz there are many more to come

web and water drops

told ya

silver web

you were warned

fantasy tree

fantasy tree – just needs a unicorn



yep more webs

here we go again

i need to make wallpaper out of this

This would make some cool wallpaper

kinda cool

A flowery-weed thingy

More in another blog.

song playing at the moment – Madness – The Rasmus (the way he says “baby” in the first verse is cute, LOL!”)

Photos – Night fog


A few night time fog pictures. The title was pretty obvious here.

this is blury but i love that color

cool green

walked across the street this time so no stupid electric lines

similar to one I took before, but this time I crossed the road to get rid of the stupid power lines

fog silhouette lol

looks like a thriller commercial

like a fire glow

Orange glow



kinda cool

blue morning

cool green

looks like an underwater photo (the color that is)

song playing at the moment – Well, Well – The Rasmus

Some Random Photos

(originally from October 2007)


I think the title says it all….

wet plant 2.jpg

A wet plant.

both darkish.jpg

My Jack-o-lanterns – medusa was a pre-made pattern but I made the bat pattern myself. I intend to scan it off and enter it in the Pumpkin Masters contest as soon as I get the form printed off.

playing with rain.jpg

This was playing with shutter speeds and rain – this was set at 1/10th of a second.

web n water.jpg

A spider web….. I like this one!

web 8.jpg


web 7 darker.jpg

spider webs and the sun rising in the fog

web n water 2 close up.jpg

Spider web close-up -I love my camera!! (note: How fickle is the heart as I am now jonesing after e new model, LOL!)


another nice one


this is what those weird purple flowers have become now

leaves and web.jpg

The cobweb was on everything!!

leaves 2.jpg


drippy leaf closeup.jpg

water drop for manic 😀 (if you look close you can see me in my blue and white flannel reflected in it)

dandelion dew.jpg

check out the moisture beads on this… too awesome!

fog 3.jpg



a toad that wanted left alone

toads together.jpg

two toads that wanted left alone


Muffins (who has been wallowing me lately!)

autumn branch.jpg

tree… I like the colors

trick or treat.jpg

Trick or Treat

These and thousands (literally now) of others can be found in my Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/pandora_6666

Fav Song of the moment – All the same – Sick Puppies

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