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Chain Letter Award 😈😈

I got this from My Ambivalent Existence  who I found through Just Plan Vic’s Meet and Greet post. (check it out, too!) 

So , this is how this one works. I will post a list of questions. the first person who reads them comments “mine” and can then answer in the comments.

Then they get to create a post using their own questions “chain letter award 😈😈” and so on and so forth


Do you like to swim?

Have you ever killed a plant?

Do you still use a checkbook?

What is the last app you used on your phone?

Have a good one – and someone claim this though the chain is not ruined!

Pokemon & Google

I spent two hours last night messing around with the google maps Pokemon challenge. Just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about:

Okay, that video was great, but just how do you play? Ideally you look in random places and BOOM find some pokemon:

pokemon 4

then click on your little pokemon friend to find who he is. If you want to catch him, click the blue pokeball:

pokeon 5

and a pop up confirms that you got him.

pokemon 6

You can check your poekdex to see who you’re missing and how many you’ve collected so far.


When you catch all 150 a “secret” pokemon named Mew shows up in a random location. Even better, he moves around, so though you may have checked somewhere, the next time you go back he might be there. I found him the third time I checked a certain spot:


And once you have all 151 your pokedex looks like this:


For the sake of full disclosure, I will say I had some help, mainly a website that listed possible locations for all the pokemon, but I still had to search the locations and let me tell you sometimes trying it type in those foreign place names was harder work than anything I’ve done lately. I tend to superimpose letters around and/or not see letters and this causes a problem when you’re doing a search.

All in all it was a fun waste of time and well executed on google’s part. It’s still going right now – I don’t know when it ends – so if you have a smart phone and google maps see how many pokemon you can catch. You can find all the info here, including a link to the wikia I used. As for Mew locations I just did google searches and tried them all over and over and over until he finally showed up.



The Quickness

Yesterday I posted a gallery of some of Clucky’s habitats, so I wanted to share some of The Quickness’s good ones, too!

Tomorrow is Piggly Wiggly 🙂


Random Acts of Poetry

Another new blog. Holy smokes!

Okay, so I was updating my website the other day (another shocker!) and I thought “I should generate some poetry to slap on there!” because I tend to churn the free flow stuff out in a few minutes (especially if it doesn’t rhyme!) and so it’s an easy update. I didn’t end up using any of it, as it turned out I have some stuff I submitted to a mag awhile back that hadn’t seen the light of day (will post it in the future) but I thought that we could have some interpretation fun!


That’s right. Interpretation fun. I will post three random acts of poetry and you tell me their meaning! There’s no right or wrong answer, so read away and tell me what YOU get out of them!




The rain drips

The canvas crawls

Moonlight steals across the room

So many thoughts betray this wicked mind

A phantasmagoria of sight, taste and sound

Rainbow wishes made of porcelain

That break at the sound

Of the cricket’s




The meaning hidden behind the mask

It crumbles though your fingers like the dawn

Broken shield of your imperfections

In a place where all the dreams were held together

By a rusty colored staple

And a piece of faded twine

As if a child had stored them away

To keep until they grew, like some treasure

Tarnished by the years and stained

With dust tracks of forgotten tears

The taste of empathy still lingers

In forgotten hollows of imagination

And all that once was, is lost

And what remains is just a wrinkled phantom

Still clinging to the illusions

Of yesterday



An eternity of silence drips

Like raindrops from the eaves of time

And drowns this petty room with suffocating tension.

Words have deserted us and left our mouths empty

Fleeing from the scene as though running

From some tragedy replete with flashing lights

And witness statements, too many signatures to count

Now we are just casualties of our own indecision

Injured by our fears and trepidations

All the apologies we should have made

And confessions that we should have spoken

Now to old and heavy to give life to

So there is nothing left to say or do

Except scream silently inside and pray

That someone can see the blood mixed with our tears

And save us before it is too late

And this ever growing silence

Suffocates us both


Did you get anything out of those? or is it just a random smattering of meaningless words strung together because they sound cool? YOU decide!

P.S. Titles would be helpful, too!

Fav song of the moment – 30 Seconds to Mars -Hurricane

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