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Cemetery in Jefferson, Iowa


I didn’t end up with much, but the mausoleum makes up for it!

awesome mosoleum

No, not this one

neat doors

Though it IS cool!


This is just kinda cute

marble texture



I love these old tree/wood ones!


children – I have a weird obsession with kid tombstones

Gracie & berenice

A couple more

the most awesome mosoleum ever

This is the one I meant

door detail

Even the door is awesome

look at that stone wrok

Look at that stone work!


edited 😉

Yeeeeaaaah! I want a tomb like that! 😀

Song playing at the moment – “I’ll Give You Sympathy” – The Rascals

Slagle Cemetery in Pictures

(originally from November 2007)


Real quick, a few links! first off, I was shocked to discover that the old sesame street is now deemed unsuitable for children. Really. Go read this if you don’t believe me and then check out the Bert is Evil site for some fun!

Okay, on to the main attraction!

Hubby and I finally found the Slagle Cemetery a few weeks ago. It has a few gems in it, though nothing as fantastic as what a person could find in Europe or the East Coast for that matter. ah well, here are some pics either way.

cemetery 52 - overgown.jpg

this looks overgrown but it’s just a damn Yucca plant. I hate those things.

forgotten cherub.jpg

shattered devotion

time claims all.jpg

Time devours all

eternally seperated.jpg

Eternally seperated

wild vines

Just cool


black n white

baby 2.jpg

I have an obsession with child graves. I dunno why….

something i had never seen before.jpg

to a yank like me this is pretty awesome…

another above ground.jpg

Cool above ground slab

can you see the face.jpg

Can you see the dmonic face?

born 1794 .jpg

Born in the 1700’s

flowers 2.jpg

I really wanted a couple of these flowers, but hubby was convinced that ghosts would follow us home or something if I took a couple. No one would have noticed as it was a HUGE spread, but whatever…

twins again.jpg

I like this one


There’s a crypt!!

crypt inside.jpg

Awesome water stains

sunset - finally dug out the tripod.jpg

The sunset as we were leaving

sunset 3.jpg


And that’s all for now!

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