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Thankfulness #1: Halloween

So I didn’t get the trip photos edited yet. This month has been crazy between author takeovers, and Halloween, and… well, I should say LAST month because it’s November – already! I’m going to try to do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I am flirting with the idea of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month – aka posting a blog a day), so we’ll see.

I was doing a cool thing on facebook, stolen from a friend of mine, where every day you post what you were thankful for. But I got off track during the trip in September and haven’t been able to get back on it, so I thought I’d try to do it in the blog instead. It might not go anywhere either, but we’ll see.

Anyway, yesterday I was grateful for a successful halloween where no one fought, argued, or threw fits. We had a murder party – using one of those murder mystery games. This one was a flexi party so you could have as many or as few people as you wanted (up to 12) which made for a nice change since there’s only five of us. it was called Murder in Moordoor – the evil king has been killed, and it’s a tossup which of the assembled did it. was it…

the Necromancer, Icy:



The wizard, Shazam:



The angry dwarf:



The mercenary Black Knight:



Or Sheena the Shield Maiden:


Since you draw from a hat at the beginning to find out if you’re innocent or guilty, I can tell you that it was Shazam! Aha!

ANyway, it was a lot of fun, and we made a medieval style meal to go with it, which involved making our own cottage cheese and frybread:


The cheese’s flavor was a bit bland, but it was fun to make. There was a beef pie that I didn’t get pictures of for the main course, and for dessert we had tarts – half were cherry, and the other half were a custard with raisins and dates from a 1545 cookbook, which came out tasty, by the way.


Anyway, good time had by all. And now I have work to do, so have a good one and enjoy the gallery of our lovely Halloween decorations which we have to take down tomorrow:


Have a “Shazam Did It!” kind of day!

Jo 🙂




Halloween photo #30


It was supposed to be my jackolantern tonight but I don’t have it done yet. Never enough time.
Hoping to have trick or treaters tomorrow – the first time in 12 years.  Then we’re having a “party” when hubby gets home.  Dad will be down too as he is bringing the brother back tomorrow.
Nothing of interest so I leave you to go do work. Meaning me working,  not you. You should go watch a movie.
Have a good one!

Ps. A bonus autumn photo


Halloween Photo #29

10550585556_5bb1fbf635_zIt’s another mask, but it’s pretty cool. think it’s fascinating that wal-mart is almost out of Halloween stuff and christmas is taking over. the whole Christmas section is assembled and ready to go back in lawn and garden. On a side note there’s some neat ornaments.

Buried under today so no time to chat. have a good one.



Halloween photo #28


Running late today.  Took mom out to dinner at cracker barrel. It was good though we found the menu layout confusing. Then we ran to Walmart and looked at the christmas stuff.
Got to go. Have more work than It’s possible to do. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
Have a good one.

Halloween photo #27


It’s a scary bat. Yeah,  that might not have been obvious,  but thats what it is.
Have a pile of work and some stuff to resend as I don’t think everything went out. Nothing of interest to say so I’ll end this. I hate typing on the phone anyway lol!
have a good one!

Halloween photo #26


If you noticed there was no 25 then you win an invisible cookie. Things were hectic yesterday but all is calm now and I think the net is fixed finally so I can get some work done. Yay.
Halloween is almost here.  We will have trick or treaters this year. Yay.
Have a good one.

Halloween photo #22


This one turned out good. It’s a mask from Wood’s grocery store.
Got my hair cut – no pics until after I see if hubby notices lol.
Have to go give cats flea baths. Have a good one.

Halloween photo #21


It’s a skeleton from Entertainmart.  That’s the only store er went to today that was decorated.
Was a shopping day with all the family.  Having a good time. Work to do. Have a good one.

Halloween photo #20


It’s the grim reaper.  I think he’s planning to marry Mable from yesterday’s photo.
Got lots of company. My aunt and uncle and cousin’s youngest daughter and then Dad is still here.  It’s a full house.
Got to go. A kid is waiting to tickle me. Lol!


Halloween photo #19


Today’s skeleton bride was edited in pic art. Love that app.
Went to boyscout Ham event today then got sick before the meeting and had to come home.  Which sucked.  Hopefully hubby recorded the presentation.  Did get to make a contact in Germany using the club call, though, earlier,  so that was cool.
OK, gonna go. Have a good one.


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