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Shirtless Jorick

(originally from February 2008)

A certain someone requested this, so here it is 😉

jorick colored

And here it is in wallpaper (though it is only 1024, but stretch always works)

jorick colored wallpaper

Click image for full size or right click save as

and in black n white

jorick colored wallpaper bw

click image for full size or right click save as

Fav Song of the Moment – “Angel” – Down Below

War and Sleep

(Originally from October 2007)

This was drawn for the WSM art contest. The theme was War


And this is a sketch of my brother I drew while he was snoozing in the waiting room at Cox Hospital (during my Mom’s heart surgery). I now have sympathy for those artists who draw people who don;t know they are being drawn because when they don’t know, they sure are wiggly!



Fav song of the moment – “Never Too late” – Three Days Grace

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