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Vampire Art

I call it that, though unless you *know* that the following are images of vampires you might not know it. For those who are out of the loop, these are the main characters in my newest vampire novel Heart of the Raven. This blog isn’t about advertising that, so if you want more info check out my author blog.


All in all I was pretty happy with the way the new ones came out. There are a couple I might redraw next time – Verchiel, for instance – but then again maybe not. We’ll see what’s going on at the time.

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Artwork – Drink from Me

(originally from Nov 2008)

her head isn’t quite right but I like this anyway.

drink from me big

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Artwork: The Watcher

(nov 2008)

As has become usual I have two versions – the original :

watcher blue big

and the one I colored JUST to make wallpaper with and now *almost* like better *points down to the bottom of blog*.

watcher red big

I am pretty happy with both versions, though there are a lot of textures in there that no one will ever notice at the small size. ALL the wood has wood grain on it courtesy of a spiffy brush and the wall has two layers of different colored sponge marble effect to give it depth. Yep, you can’t see it. But even though you can’t REALLY see it, you can because it makes a very, very subtle difference that you DO pick up on subconsciously and it adds a certain depth. Yes, this makes the picture take twice as long to do (This took me three days – probably nine hours or so total just to color). but that’s the main secret to art work – time and patience. (this is why I no longer do artwork book covers. Hours and hours of work for $45…. Makes no sense)

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Artwork: From Flames

(sept 2008)

I had a hard time deciding on colors for this one. When I drew it I wanted black hair and orange tats, but after I got it on the PC I tried it the other way round and everyone seemed to like it better.

From Flames

From Flames

But, because I was undecided I did all the shading on two separate layers with lowered opacities. Because of this, it created an odd effect when I turned the colored picture off, so I thought “this is cool!” and made it into its own pic:

ghost of the phoenix

Ghost of Flames

Fun, huh?

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Artwork: Fire & Ice

(sept 2008)


Here’s the base image:

romantic big

and here’s the final

Fire and Ice

You may recognize the symbol from “Alone” – yeah, it’s Rain/Iry-Jo’s symbol, and the other is Thane/Taryk’s. Though he should really be the water and she the fire, their hair did not show up well on those colors – her blonde on orange and his black on the blue, so I swapped them. I actually see how that might fit their personalities better, anyway!

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Artwork: Alone – 2 versions

(sept 2008)


I couldn’t decide from the start what I wanted for the background – originally I had intended just some pretty red with the word “alone” above her in BIG letters, then I thought of the symbol thing (blame the Prophecy movies for that)– I actually looked up angelic symbols online btw and from there downloaded the enochian alphabet font and then made the symbol out of the letters ARFL by combining plopping them all over one another.  I liked it, anyway. But without her in front of it, it looks silly at that tilted angle, so I ended up redoing the symbol on its own today – I rotated it and then used various shapes and layers to reproduce it and clean up the edges and such like I did my Alchemist brushes some time ago. Ah, I’ll tack that on here too :p

The background on this is actually a layer of black splotched around, then I used the smudge tool with one of the default brushes and drug it all over and then used a gradient on a layer beneath it – and that’s what I got. Wild, huh?

alone cool back big

So, anyway, all the while I was working on that, I was toying with the next background in my head but it seemed very labor intensive (all told it was probably eight plus hours for the background on the brick one, not counting symbol creation, the first one was probably two counting the symbol) but I think it was worth it.

Alone in the Rain

Though I have like 8 plus layers of rain halos because I’d save it,  close it, set it as wallpaper (only way to get a really decent look at it for me) and then find something else that should have a halo and had none. I have three layers that have the words “last rain halo” in them, though by the very last one there’s obscenities mixed in :p

So, symbol on its own… because I felt like it I added a corona behind it – used the dark matter preset and changed the colors 😀

arafel symbol fire big

http://www.steliart.com/main.html – This is where I got the alphabet from – in the Angelo section. Warning – this site is flash and graphics intensive! I doubt my laptop would handle it. But, if you have the hardware the man who owns it is an artist, a photographer and a historian from Cyprus so it has a lot on it.  Those alphabets I mention – to get them go here– there is an Angelic Script and an enochian script both on this webpage. The enoch script works out to actual letter equivalents so you could feasibly write things in it. The Angelic is like the elvish where it’s sounds instead of letters that equal our alphabet.  There is a table on the site that’s an image, so if you want to write things with the angelic I suggest saving that to your hard drive as well – the enochian is okay without the table as the keys correspond correctly.

Of you want the alphabets/angelology section but can’t load all the flash here’s a cheat link that bypasses the frames and flash: Angelology 

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Artwork: Fall With Me

(August 2008)


Here we have two versions of Thane and Rain (previously known as Iry/Jo – she has gone through a lot of name changes. Long story)

Fall with Me

and a more wallpapery version:

fall with me wallpaper big

Used lots and lots of brushes and – four years later – I don’t remember who they came from or where.

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Butterfly Soul – an old Manga

For Halloween every year I used to do a Halloween extravaganza, but I haven’t had time the last two years because of book releases and such. Pooey. However, I thought I’d share an old one with you.  This is Butterfly Soul, a manga I started. Technically this is just chapter 1, but alas I never had time to do Chapter 2 and there was’;t much interest, anyway. I think  two people  liked it. So, don’t expect a wrapped up ending, because there isn’t one.(This was before Jonathan and I were doing the TTTC).

It’s 31 pages – aka 31 images – so I thought that might be a bit much for one post and have put each page on it;s own, well, page.   Use the back and next buttons underneath each image to navigate through the pages.

WARNING: Violence



Artwork – Angels: Seriphim

(originally from July 2008)

I’m working on a ten picture series of Angels based on the ten hierarchies. Yes, fine, there’s really only nine, but I feel that the Angels of Destruction warrant their own picture, whether they are technically under The Powers or not!

This is the last of the set – to see them all together check put my flickr set.

A-seraphim color big

Full Color

A-seraphim sepia big


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Artwork – Angels: Thrones

(originally from July 2008)

I’m working on a ten picture series of Angels based on the ten hierarchies. Yes, fine, there’s really only nine, but I feel that the Angels of Destruction warrant their own picture, whether they are technically under The Powers or not!

Anyway, here it is. there are two versions – I like the sepia layered one and hubby likes the full color.

A-thrones color big

Full Color

A-thrones sepia big


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