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Art: Naked Demon Chick Anime Style

(August 2008)


The fire was an accident – not what I was going for originally but it turned out better! It’s made by using the default correl marble brush and stamping it a bunch of times in a super dark orange, a medium and then a light yellow and then using the smudge brush with the same marble tip to smear it around…  I am happy with it anyway

Sweet Temptation

So, I uploaded it to photobucket and…..

Yes, they deleted ONE version of it (It was the big version for my MySpace wallpaper) no doubt because it had animated “boobies”. So, in a fit of annoyance I REUPLOADED it with this snazzy title:

This is precisely the reason I have moved to Flickr now – they allow you to “flag” your own work as age appropriate or as artwork… unlike photobucket which at least used to be full of penises and naked asses… but my cartoon boobs are enough of a problem to delete…

song playing at the moment – Brothers on a Hotel Bed – Death Cab for Cutie

TTTC- Chapter 6: Page 14

What is the TTTC? It’s a webcomic written by Jonathan Harvey and illustrated by me. we add a page every week, so be on the lookout. Why not visit http://TerribleTurtles.com and subscribe?


Click the image above for full sized turtley fun!

Jo & Jonathan would also like to extend their thoughts, prayers and well wishes to those who’ve been effected by the flooding and tornadoes the last several days.

Two Manga Drawings

(originally from November 2007)


Here are two pictures I drew to go with chapters of Midnight Grace – the fan fic that Manic and I wrote.

group poof big

Tia, Draco, Thane, Iry-Jo/Rainlynn (This is from the “poofy hair” scene)

group halloween - big.jpg

Michael, Tia, draco, Thane, Iry-Jo/Rainlynn (This is off of the Halloween chapters)

And for a special bonus here is my first ever “Complicated and Technological things Explained Simply”:

Overclocking a PC – Your Processor is rated to go at a certain speed and remain stable. When you install this your CPU settings in your BIOS are automatically set. Overclocking is when you change those BIOS settings manually and bump them up – in effect lying to your motherboard to make it believe that the Processor is rated higher then it is, which causes your PC to run just a smidge faster then it was designed for, sometimes stably and sometimes not.

And for an even more special super bonus here is “Complicate and Technological Things Explained Even Simpler”:

Overclocking is something husbands use as an excuse to fiddle with your BIOS settings and lock the whole system up so that now no one can figure out what to do to make the computer turn on again.

Fav Song of the Moment – All the same – Sick Puppies

PS – don’t forget to  get yourself a Hillbilly Bible

The Mist – Collab poem

(originally from october 2007)


In The Mist

An eerie mist is in the air, carrying the scent of death
The sweet perfume of blood and pain, calling from beyond the grave
Dark night like a curtain rent, the fabric ‘tween life and death is torn
Can you hear the roar of hell? Thunderous echoes of souls in torment?
Can you feel the shiver creeping down your spine? the fingers of the dead on your flesh?
Can you see it flutter in the darkness, drawing closer to where you stand?
A soul hovering in flight on the edge of the night, seeking for its shattered home,
searching for that ruined vessel left abandoned in the ink y night.
Destroyed dreams and shattered hopes spilled crimson on the pavement.
Can you hear her voice whispering to you, mingled with the cry of the rushing wind?
Can you feel her sorrow, cold agony that fills the chilly night?
Can you see her tears of betrayal, falling silently to the earth?
Where is the one who took her life? Hair like alabaster in the darkness,
Dark eyes afire, blood covered demon that he is.
Her lover, her betrayer and her executioner in one flesh.
Can you hear her drawing closer? each moment brings her nearer.
Can you feel her cold breath on your skin, the smell of death caress your cheek?
Can you see her there before you, eyes wild as the fires of hell?
Unearthly specter from beyond life and time, earthbound by heartache,
held here by her own confusion, incomprehension of this crime
She lifts her voice and cries for her killer, for one who took away her life.
She calls for justice.
She calls for answers.
She calls for thee.
Can you see her in the mist?

Some lines from: Cheryl, Succubus~Enigma, Clenn, Chi_shanay, prynezza

Fav song of the moment – Waste – Seether

Rain Falls – Flash Fiction

(originally from June 2007)

This was written for a MySpace writing challenge where you are given the first sentence and must compose a story no more than 500 words. This is actually my second attempt, my first was good but wouldn’t fit the limit without being choppy. This one is actually only 481

so…. without further ado…..


There’s something tempting about a locked door. Something compelling about the hints of depth I see in your eyes while you face remains passive and you tell me everything is fine.

Why do I so desperately want to get inside your mind to discover the twists and turns of your most intimate psyche? Why do I hunger to know what you dream? I know I won’t like what I find, but I can’t help but wonder, do you ever dream of me?

You grunt as I ask you if you want to talk, shrugging your shoulders so eloquently and looking off into the distance, passive and unreadable. Is that a yes? A no? A maybe? But you never make yourself clear, do you? Is that because you don’t know the answer either?

And so you leave again, leaving me alone in my living room to stare at the door so recently closed, the smooth wood that cuts me off from you as you make your way to your car.

I stand at the window, watching. The rain starts as you drive away, a red metal monster gliding down the street and disappearing among trees and parked cars, the face of humanity hiding you from me; just as your shield hides you.

Another night alone, wondering where you are and what you’re doing. Did you go straight home or did you stop to visit her grave one more time? Did you feel the need to torture yourself yet again, to take the blame upon your smooth shoulders for a life lost? It wasn’t your fault, and every time I try to tell you, you simply shrug and look away, impassive as always. I know you don’t want to talk about it, but behind those eyes you’re talking all the time to yourself, cruel whispers of blame and hatred. I know, I can see them flash through your irises when you think I’m not looking.

The rain falls and thunder rolls as I call you on the phone, but you won’t answer. Why would you? You do your best to entertain me, but you don’t love me and I fear you never will. After all, your dreams are full of her, aren’t they?

The rain falls and I stare at the window glass, a lone tear sliding down my face. I want to scream at you, she left you! She chose to end her life, to abandon you, yet still you love her. Still your soul bleeds for her, the way mine bleeds for you.

The rain falls and I stare at the razor blade in my hand, at the smooth, pale wrist I hold in offering. The blood runs down my arm, like the rain runs over the windowpane. I lean back and close my eyes, a smile flitting across my face. Perhaps now that I’m dead you can love me too.

Cheerful, huh? 😀

real fast….

Interesting video of Dan Rather on Fox news discussing what’s wrong with modern news – I find the phrase “dumbing it down for the younger generation” insulting. Not that he’d SAY it but that they DO it! Why is the younger generation so stupid they need it dumbed down? Maybe if the world quit dumbing things down they’d have to catch up with the rest of us!

And for a special edition of “Random Things from My Hard Drives” I give you


The father in law invented the composition


Not that great but I kinda like it anyway


giant firggin’ moth

100_2457 (2).JPG

the hubby


waterdrop on a leaf


at sunrise

Fav song of the moment – “Empty Chairs” – Don McLean

Blogophilia 43.3

It’s time once again for Blogophilia. No longer limited to Myspace, it’s the blog game where Marvin gives participants prompts to use on their weekly blog posting. This week’s prompts are:

Blogophilia 43.3 Topic: “All Around The Christmas Tree”
Bonus points:
(Hard, 2pts): interweave a historical event
(Easy, 1pt): include one of the lines mentioned in the Twelve Days of Christmas

My user ID is standard everywhere, but since we have some new people: “Hi, I’m Jo. I’m a freelance artist, photographer for fun, Indy Author and all around fun person.” wasn’t that fun? If you want to know more there are link s all over everywhere (It depends on where you’re reading this!) I joined Blogophilia earlier this year at DJ Myke’s invitation, and am I glad I did!

Since most of the Blogophiliacs have made a wordpress blog, I’ve done the same. I’m going to be reposting some of my old posts – only the ones that were worth it, though, since MySpace doesn’t have any kind of export feature, which sucks. Oh well, I guess it lets me weed out 98% of the crap and do some editing.

After the Holidays I’m going to start a series of short stories for Blogophilia, I hope. I refuse to guarantee anything. Meanwhile, this is going to be a crappy blog. Lucky you guys.

I’ve been sick the last few days, and I am supposed to be working on the Terrible turtles Christmas special (relax, Jonathan, it will be done in time! I promise!) We’re doing something very cool, and it does not involve a partridge in a pear tree. There may be a turtle with atomic breath, though. 😉

My dad is coming for Christmas. We’re going to the inlaws Christmas day, though hubby has to work so our Christmas Eve party will be Wednesday night, instead. As for the family Christmas, between everyone’s work schedules it’s going to be sometime in January. Yeesh! All around the Christmas tree? More like Christmas Trees all around – for months. But that’s okay. They’re pretty, after all, and I’ve always said the Christmas season is too short.

Though I’ve noticed things aren’t very Christmassy this year. There aren’t very many decorations anywhere, and even the stores have a reduced stock of stuff; much of which is still there, might I add. It’s like no one is buying Christmas stuff. I know I haven’t even done cards yet, so people will get them after Christmas, if I send them at all. I wonder if this is what Christmas was like during The Great Depression? Actually, I imagine it was worse – or maybe not, since I don’t think they had this level of commercialization to the holiday back then, so you can’t miss what wasn’t there before hand, if you know what I mean.

Regardless, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

And now for the segment I like to call “Random Things from My Hard Drives”. I still haven’t taken my photos off or edited them, so you’re going to get some more fun and exciting book covers. Oh boy!



Zombie Fight Song


advertising for love

shades of plaid full cover

Check http://JisSilly.com for more info on the upcoming Shades of Plaid!!

Song playing at the Moment – “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful” – Chicago Pops Orchestra

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