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Sunday sunrise

Actually I think the sunrise was from Saturday, but let’s not be picky.
Yes, on Saturday I was up in time to watch the sun rise. Hubby took me out and then he tried to talk on the ham radio satellite that went over. He made a contact – sort of. They logged him but he couldn’t catch their call sign. Oh well, it was fun.

Then we spent the whole day watching book 1 & 2 of legend of Kora. It’s good, but different. I initially wanted her to hook up with Mako. Now I’m glad they split up. I guess it shows you what happens when you get your ship.
Sunday we didn’t go anywhere, but we did get that paneling put up:

It needs painted white and pollied still, but it’s looking good.
And now I leave you with a flower because I’m tired:


Have a good one!
Jo 🙂

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I’ve meant to post all week. I really did. But I’ve been sort of drowning in crap I had to do. Like a bunch of book covers I’ll share tomorrow, and some house maintenance (let’s just say I want a pair of the giant clippers that I borrowed from my uncle. I’ve been chopping down saplings as if they were made of butter. Booyah!) And other boring things. But now I’m mostly caught up and have a minute (or ten) that it takes to resize these photos.
Hubby actually made me a really cool script that I run on a web page that resizes my pics for me so I don’t fill my media storage up again (like last summer). It works great, it’s the phone that has limitations, like making me select one photo at a time. I may see if I can get him to add an “add more” button.
Anyway, we didn’t go on a trip last weekend because after buying a dehumidifier for the basement (which is working awesomely) we were brokedy-broke. But we did go buy the dehumidifier in Council Bluffs so I got some amazing cloud shots.

And in flower news, the baby rose I planted is STILL ALIVE and growing bigger AND blooming.


Perhaps the curse of the black thumb has been reversed??
Oh, and we have naked ladies.



Pretty, huh?
And now I need to go to bed so I can get up early tomorrow.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂

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Valley Water Mill Lake Watershed – May 2013

I don’t remember what was going on… there was some reason we could only go to the park for a couple of hours because we had to be somewhere afterwards… I dunno. I remember it was hot – hotter than it has been lately. This has been a lovely, cool August so far and I hope it stays that way.

Anyway, more photo fun.

I may schedule another post for tomorrow. we’ll see.


Ice Part 1

While we’re on the topic of January (well, we WERE yesterday, anyway), I thought I’d share some photos from one of the ice storms. It’s unusual to get any ice, let alone multiple storms, but it’s been a weird year.


There’s more in my Flickr album if you’re interested.

Ice Part 2 is coming tomorrow. (joy, huh?) I wonder if i should just make this a photo blog? Ha ha! Only joking. Then I couldn’t post all my other randomness!

Speaking of other randomness, we have recently given Fallen, the “angel book” for lack of a better description, a reboot and started completely over, including a new name. I actually contributed a few hundred words the other night, and I am excited about the new story changes and looking forward to it as it is one I have always wanted to finish. Cross your fingers that the third time really is the charm.

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Photos – Foggy August Morning


Yep, more photos. You’re in for a few more photo blogs after this one, too. Lucky, lucky!

These are from a foggy morning in August. Most of the photos did not turn out, but it was a learning experience, as You’ll see from the foggy September photos in a future blog. That’s really what matters.

like silver

Like silver


messing around using the Polarization and UV filters

i kinda had a thing for that weed

I had a thing for that weed – there’s a bunch of pics of it. Chris said this one was the best, though.

alien world

Looks like an alien world


sparkly flower

still looks alien to me

Still looks alien

like glass beads

spiderweb and moisture – looks like glass beads

shiny abstract 3

kinda abstract

wet grape leaves

grape leaves – just looked nice and cool

through the tree

Golden Promise

There are some more on my flickr, as usual. I take too many photos.

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New Photos: Toadstools


I found these at about six am one morning. Because the new camera doesn’t use the Screen to shoot with (It has a “live mode” but the pic quality suffers) I had to lay in the grass for these. I ended up with chiggers, two ticks and a lot of random bug bites. Hopefully it was worth the itching.

a group of three


tattered edges





little ones



There are a few more toadstool photos, but how many do you want to look at?

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Rain & Dew Photos

(originally from June 2008)

The title says it all….

drip close

Rain drop

rain n vine nice

Rain and vine

reflection 1


rain n leaves curled 2

Like jewels

clouds 3


leaves n rain good

big drops

dew n grass not bad

dew on grass



dew n vine good

dew n vine


sparkling weeds

dew n vine 3 best

love the colors

leaves n rain 3 great

more leaves

rain n leaves nice

last one

and that’s all for now

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Old Flower Photos

(originally from May 2008)


Yes, here are MORE flower photos! Oh wow, huh? I actually got caught by a neighbor taking these and we had a discussion on whether I was a painter or not. Apparently her niece was one and she would wander around and take her own reference photographs and the neighbor would say “That’s not a pretty picture” and her niece would tell her “You just wait till I get it done” and sure enough, they always were beautiful when she finished them.

really close iris.jpg

Still one of my favorite photos

daisy 1.jpg


inside an iris.jpg

inside an iris

red iris.jpg

had to use flash…. and it shows….

peonie white 2.jpg

yeah, I did some filtering here 😉

ant 2.jpg

an ant on the peonies – it’s the only time I am jealous of ants. Imagine being tiny enough to climb inside one of those. Wouldn’t it smell beautiful?


rain on the iris

yellow iris 2.jpg

yellow iris

yellow 2.jpg

cute little flowers

And that’s it for today!

Fv song of the moment – “Wake up” – Story of the Year

New Photos – Camping at Pomme De Terre


– which means ground apple, by the way, so I have recently learned. As Steve called it, potato pond. Well there went an otherwise cool name!

So, anyway, we went camping with the inlaws and had a.. well, a nice time if you discount sleeping on a hill, on an air mattress that leaked.  Oh, and all the bug bites. Otherwise, it was fun, though.  And, of course, I had to take a billion photos.

small turtle casts long shadow

Jason’s tiny turtle

a tiny crabby turtle

it’s crabby

sunset over Pom de tere


misty reflections

misty reflections

chucky and jason waiting for the tent to assemble itself

Chucky & Jason wait for the tent to assemble itself

neat effect

misty lake

sunset over lake

orange sunset

blair witch 1

oh no! it’s the Blair Witch!

fenced in

night photgraphy

a shiny drain

one shiny drain!

lights in the trees

lights in the trees across the lake

wear what?

Wear what?

nighttime picnic grounds

night time picnic

awesome fire

camp fire

blue fire

wish I’d had some marshmallows

flooded 2

the lake was so high we could almost fish from our camping spot

And that’s it. I have some more photos I need to edit, but I need to get to work on my book more, so I think you may be back to old posts again after this.

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New Photos – Walking The Creek


(Warning: Lots of photos!)

These are a continuation of yesterday’s, in that they are from the same outing. What actually happened was we went to the gun range (Which is on a nature preserve, apparently!), but it was full up and people waiting (it’s a small one), so we got bored and wandered down a trail that was nearby. It went for some ways through a large pasture:



After twenty minutes or so we turned off and cut through some undergrowth down a deer path and came to the most beautiful, clean creek I have seen since… well, I’m not sure when the last time was I saw one this clean and clear:

like glass

like glass

pretty stream

no trash!?!?!?!?!

Of course, to get the really good photos you have to actually stand IN the creek….


STanding in the middle of the creek

But then there’s the problem of wet shoes. Who wants to walk all the way back to the car with wet, slippy, slidy shoes? So hubby proposed a brilliant idea; just wade up the creek all the way back. So, we did. After all, it was only ankle deep:

this is how it starts

it’s only ankle deep…..

I did warn hubby, though, that sometimes ankle deep creeks suddenly go deep. This one was no exception

tree in the water - looks shallow doesn't it

Even with the tree it looks deceptivly shallow….

not so shallow

but not so!

But we got some neat photos, anyway:

green leaves over water

green leaves

still can't get over how clear it is

Yes, I am obsessed with hoe clear it is!


like a little cove

pretty scene

just pretty

rocks under water 4

water ripples

a random jaw bone 2

found this along the bank (and no, I didn’t take it home. Thought about it, though, but bones don;t keep well. They kinda fall apart after a couple of years 😦 )

like a mirror

like a mirror

water motion


creepy tree roots

Creepy Tree roots

rocks under water 5

water ripples

in a fallen log

in a fallen log

wicked roots

wicked roots



snakey roots

Awesome roots

more evil tree roots

more evil roots (I blame LC Cooper’s book Legacy, completely!)

really obcessed with these rocks aparantly

neat rocks

bunny sniffing

a baby bunny

Mama was right there, too, and the minute she saw us she started bouncing all over, trying to get us to chase her instead. Little did she realize we wanted a bunny that was standing still.  I had to zoom in as far as I could and still had to crop the photo way down, hence the not so super quality. Oh well, he was so cute!

And then we found the exit which, oddly enough, led right up to the parking lot! Talk about perfect!

The whole trek lasted well over an hour and in all the time the only trash we found was one rusty tin can caught in some tree roots, part of a clay pigeon and some lead shot (those were both up by the exit, which as I mentioned leads right up to the exit). It was a surreal experience, for sure!

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