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Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

I finally made it back to the weekly photo challenge, which is put on by the great guys at the wordpress daily challenge blog. You can check all the particulars out here. While you’re at it, be sure to take a peek at other participants blogs!

I had a hard time picking a photo for this theme because worn items happen to be one of my favorite subjects, so you’re getting a couple. Oh joy.

to infintiy vs 2

I liked the texture here


found this in the neighboring yard – I think it’s fiberglass

awesome weathered wood

random weathered wood found in our yard

this is more weathered than worn, but oh well..


the shower deck at Pomme De Terre lake

and I shall stop there 🙂

Song playing at the moment – Colorblind – Counting Crows

Old Poetry

(from February 2008)

This is an exercise from Shotgun Poetry (which I believe is now defunct, but perhaps not?) What you do is take an old throwaway poem and redo it by changing key words to their opposite, with the intention that it still make some sense in the end.   Well, my PC is down, which is where everything of mine is at from 1997 till October of 2007. Anyway, luckily I have a few things from 1997 (when I was still Joleene Harris) on paper and managed to dig one up! (Yes, I still have notebooks from high school.)

Maturity (August 1997)

Softly echo down the hallways in the caverns of our minds
No where to go, no way to turn, the path to life we can not find
Seeming softly, overflowing memories buried deep inside
Hide the pain and hide the anger, fires burning out your life

Darkness tripping out the daylight, crystals forming cold as ice
Destroying all we hold in silence, revealing yet another vice
Tonight you hold the truth inside you, tonight you’ll tell another lie
Throughout the coldest, frightening anger, hiding from those burning eyes

And so a slave to what you once were, holding on for safety’s sake
Quiet truths entombed in cobwebs, fate has not a smiling face
Down the hallways of your memory, standing out inflicted pain
Remember always what they’ve made you then wash yourself clean in the rain
Knowing that you can not hide or try to shrink away from me,
For I am what you’ve grown to fear and my name is maturity

I have no idea what any of it as supposed to mean. Which is why I gave poetry up for a long time! That and I ran out of depressed feelings!

And here is the redo of it:

Immaturity (March 2008)

Softly echo through the dungeons in the caverns of our minds
No where to go, no way to turn, the path to death we can not find
Seeming softly, overflowing fantasies buried deep inside
Hide the pain and hide the anger, cold and freezing up your life

Daylight tripping out the darkness, crystals forming hard as ice
Destroying all we hold so loudly, revealing yet another vice
Tonight you hold the truth inside you, tonight you’ll reveal another side
Throughout the coldest, frightening fear, hiding from those burning eyes

And so a slave to what you once were, holding on for danger’s sake
Quiet lies entombed in cobwebs, fate has not a smiling face
Down the hallways of your memory, standing out imagined pain
Remember always what they’ve made you, your skin still dirty in the rain
Knowing that you can not run or try to shrink away from me,
For I am what you’ve grown to fear and my name is immaturity


So there you go!  Spiffy, huh? Whole different story now! Not that it makes a lot more sense…..

And now for the Segment I happily call “Random Things from My Pilfered Laptop” I SHOULD have had some lovely snow pics for you but I’ve been too lazy to take them off, so instead enjoy two more horrible poems from my high school years!

Useless Perfection (April/May 98 )

Marbleized beauty in Crystal shrine,
Perfection at their fingertips,
Unclosing eyes, unbending hands
Eternally softly smiling lips

In perfection was she created,
To be the sculptors lover’s dream,
All to be the perfect woman
But perfection isn’t what it seems

Many mortal hearts she’s stolen
Holding them tightly to her breast,
The one that cared the most for her
Found at her feet eternal rest

Her marble arms so round an perfect
Could not hold him close to her
Smiling lips so soft and open
Could not kiss him though they yearned

And so perfection was created,
Standing in its gilded cage
Worthless to the world around her
A remnant of an ignorant age


Stone (January 1997)

I do not feel regretful
I have nothing to regret
I have no painful memories,
I choose to forget
I have no grief and anger
I let none bother me
I have no well know secrets
I don’t let others see
I’ve no history of scandal,
I stick close to my home
I feel no painful loss
I have no loved ones of my own
I feel no pain and sorrow,
For my heart is made of stone
But never will I feel love
Because I’ve made myself alone

Fav Song of the Moment –  Anarchy – KMFDM

Slagle Cemetery in Pictures

(originally from November 2007)


Real quick, a few links! first off, I was shocked to discover that the old sesame street is now deemed unsuitable for children. Really. Go read this if you don’t believe me and then check out the Bert is Evil site for some fun!

Okay, on to the main attraction!

Hubby and I finally found the Slagle Cemetery a few weeks ago. It has a few gems in it, though nothing as fantastic as what a person could find in Europe or the East Coast for that matter. ah well, here are some pics either way.

cemetery 52 - overgown.jpg

this looks overgrown but it’s just a damn Yucca plant. I hate those things.

forgotten cherub.jpg

shattered devotion

time claims all.jpg

Time devours all

eternally seperated.jpg

Eternally seperated

wild vines

Just cool


black n white

baby 2.jpg

I have an obsession with child graves. I dunno why….

something i had never seen before.jpg

to a yank like me this is pretty awesome…

another above ground.jpg

Cool above ground slab

can you see the face.jpg

Can you see the dmonic face?

born 1794 .jpg

Born in the 1700’s

flowers 2.jpg

I really wanted a couple of these flowers, but hubby was convinced that ghosts would follow us home or something if I took a couple. No one would have noticed as it was a HUGE spread, but whatever…

twins again.jpg

I like this one


There’s a crypt!!

crypt inside.jpg

Awesome water stains

sunset - finally dug out the tripod.jpg

The sunset as we were leaving

sunset 3.jpg


And that’s all for now!

Monkey Island – Collab

(originally from September 2007)


One Day on Monkey Island…

Monkey Island floats in the sea,
with flowers golden and palm trees green.
Sandy beaches surround all sides
where oysters lay abed drowsing in drifting tides
Then one day the peace was shattered
as if someone hit it with a silver platter.
A big fat fish came flopping ashore,
and landed at the feet of our monkey, Theodore.
Theo, he looked and scratched his head,
Then he asked the fish, “You;re sure you’re not dead?”
The fish answered haughtily, her voice tight,
“I wanted to go out on the town for a night.
I wanted to dress up in ribbons and pearls
and taken to the bright dance floor for a whirl.”
With a shrug, the monkey, he agreed
And took her back to his house of seaweed.
There he dressed her in ribbons and swags,
but when he got to the shoes he hit a snag.
“I’m sorry,” he said, his voice a quiver.
“But glass slippers just don’t fit on flippers.”
She flicked him with her flippers in disdain
and flopped over to the window pane.
“I’ll just go back to my home – away from the ground
Where Willy the Octopus taps all around.
He knows how to have a good time!”
And with that she was gone, lost to the brine.
Theo, he shook his fist and growled after the fact,
“hey you damn fish! bring my ribbons back!”

Some lines from – Here Kitty, Glenn, Margie & Annie

For the Segment I call “Random Things from My Hard Drives” I present

pics I took on Labor Day!


lonely swing


Bee on the flowers (rubber plant maybe? Not sure)


Whatever it is, it’s a butterfly magnet

butterfly 7.jpg

see what I mean?

ceiling 2.jpg

still one of my favorites


someday i will take the reflection out and put something ghostly in its place

blue eyes.jpg



Bolts from heaven?

Fav Song of the moment – “No Souvenirs” – Melissa Etheridge

Harris-Naylor Photo Album – 1998/99

(originally from August 2007)

I don’t really have a particular topic in mind tonight. My thumb nail is split, my legs itch, the cat is rolling all over me and I’m hot despite the air running. Exciting huh?

I think this is the perfect night for my possibly first and maybe one and only “Harris-Naylor Photo Album Entry”. I say one and only because unless someone expresses a lot of interest or amusement in this I won’t do it again – I had to scan these off. Okay, I admit, I scanned them for another reason, but since they are here why not?

These are kind of random pics, no real theme to them though I’ll put them in chronological order, but without further ado I present……


Random Pics from late 1998 to early 1999!


This is the view from the kitchen door in our first apartment. It was above a book store in Mt. Pleasant and had a back door that went out onto the roof of the lower half of the building. We weren’t allowed to use it as anything but a fire escape, though.



And there’s my friend Fred – a stuffed hallowed dummy – wearing the leather jacket. He’s recently been relegated to storage finally *sad sigh* Just don’t have room for him as a display piece anymore.


This is my dad standing in the back door of his house in Coin – the house I grew up in. He always looks like that, pay no mind, LOL!


That’s my brother and I begging my mother for something – I dunno what. I was 19 by then so Chris was 17.


That’s the front room in our first apartment. (yes, we got to repaint it and all). That’s Chucky the hubby (then fiancé) on the couch trying to hide his face :p That front room was really a big version of the bedroom I had growing up. Yes, I like pink and flowers and unicorns and stuffed animals :p


That is a rare picture of chucky here you can see his face. Okay, no, there are others, but that’s a particularly hot one, despite his ugly shorts.


This is my friend Val. Haven’t talked to him in awhile, actually, I lost his phone number when my last Motorola broke in half and he won’t answer any e-mails. Val was really cool though, he could play guitar – I don’t know how many hours we spent playing the live guitar version of “Guess that tune”, LOL!


This is Cedric, my Halloween skull who now lives on top of my PC tower. Val set this up – yes, that’s even his cigarette Cedric has, lOL!! Woulda been a cool pic if I’d had a really good camera!


And lastly that’s me in the teeny tiny kitchen of the same first apartment :p

Wasn’t that a complete waste of your time?  If anyone found it interesting let me know and maybe I’ll do another one. In fact if you found it interesting and would like to see another one, suggest a theme/year/event and if I have any I’ll give it a shot. I think I even have photos going back through childhood but not sure – have to check with mom. They might be in storage, though if they are they should come home anyway.

Fav Song of the Moment – – Seemann – Apocalyptica Feat. Nina Hagen & Running Up That Hill – Within Temptation

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