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Thankfulness #43: penguins 

Yesterday I was thankful for the plastic penguin. I’ve wanted one for years and finally got him. And he’s plugged in.

Have a penguin kinda day!

Jo 🙂

Can You Identify These Cars?

Ah, the fun of a car show. Before you picture me trooping through snow with chattering teeth and frost bitten fingers, I have to admit that this car show was in June. Of 2012. Yeah, I know. It’s more of those old photos I’ve finally gotten around to editing.

The Father-in-Law (who has since passed away) was a mechanic and show car man, and so we went to several with him and his wife Jean. At the time I took the photos I knew what all of the cars were (because he told me!) Now, I’ve sadly forgotten, and without him to tell me again, I have no idea what they are. So, if you know, please, please, please comment it somewhere (click on the pic to make them bigger and in the lower right hand side you’ll see it says “Comment”) or you can comment on the post. Any help would be appreciated.

And for a couple non-mystery photos:

I admit, the fact that both Jean and Lonnie have passed away has contributed to my ignoring these photos – as well as ignoring my photos from February of 2012 when we went on t rip with them to Iowa (we were still in Missouri then), but I will have to deal with them one of these days.

And that’s all for now. Have a sparkly red car kinda day!

Jo 🙂

December Fog

There was some amazing fog the other night, so I lured the brother into going for a photographic walk with me at about ten o’clock at night. We got some good shots (IMHO) so I thought I’d share.

I actually managed to upload these (and the rest of the set) to Flickr *gasp* so check it out if you want to see the rest of the shots.

I know a lot of people like to get rid of the orange color caused by the mercury lights, but I *like* it – it’s what I was trying to capture. (I admit the blue and pink are a bit of photo editing magic. But they look good.)

I always enjoy fog at night because with the lights it turns the world into a magical place. The foggy night I wish I’d captured the most was in January when I was twelve or thirteen. I stayed the night with a friend who lived uptown and at two or three a.m. we slunk outside. We’d had a decent snow, but it was the powdery kind, so it was blowing around a bit, but it was cold enough to make that heavy ground fog that really clings well. At the time Coin had just put in the new pink streetlights, so with the heavy fog, the whole world was this glowing pink, and the blowing snow was like glitter – it was like being inside of a fairy globe. Add to it that super stillness that you only find late at night in the winter when the whole world seems to be asleep, and it was just an amazing moment that I’ll never be able to capture.

Have a magically-foggy kind of day!

Jo 🙂

Photos: Spring Flowers

More photos. I can hear the excitement from here – the two blog subscribers are sighing and thinking, “Don’t you do anything else?” The answer to that is sure, but none of it is blog worthy. In April I felt blog worthy, I felt like I had things to say but now… not so much.

Anyway, some pretty flowers for you.

Happy early Fourth, by the way.


Photos: Abandoned

I’m sitting on the back patio being eaten alive by bugs (whatever it is leaves white welts that burn and itch) and watching squirrels fight. Good times. Actually I need to get to work, but before I do I thought I’d schedule a post with more exciting photos. Yay….

I heard that sarcasm.

Aren’t those exciting? As usual click the small images to see them bigger and check out my flickr for more photos.

Now off to work!wpid-signature.png


Some random winter photos

Yes, I said winter. I know, it’s July, but that’s how behind I am on photos. I thought about skipping them, but there are some cool ones, so…

As to more recent events, we are officially home owners. Yes, we finally closed and taken possession. They have even taken it off Zillow. Finally. I can’t use that word enough, considering that the closing date was moved five times after they finally acknowledged that they’d accepted the offer. Let’s just say I’m not planning to do this again. I’ll skip my tirade on new homeowner’s terrors (There are a lot of these) and just say a simple “yay”. The brother and I will be heading up there on the 5th and will stay there for all of July painting, cleaning, dry walling, etc. Fun times, I’m sure.

Blah, blah, blah. Here’s the pics.


Exciting, huh? Not much else to say so have a good one, all.


Halloween photo #30


It was supposed to be my jackolantern tonight but I don’t have it done yet. Never enough time.
Hoping to have trick or treaters tomorrow – the first time in 12 years.  Then we’re having a “party” when hubby gets home.  Dad will be down too as he is bringing the brother back tomorrow.
Nothing of interest so I leave you to go do work. Meaning me working,  not you. You should go watch a movie.
Have a good one!

Ps. A bonus autumn photo


Halloween photo #28


Running late today.  Took mom out to dinner at cracker barrel. It was good though we found the menu layout confusing. Then we ran to Walmart and looked at the christmas stuff.
Got to go. Have more work than It’s possible to do. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
Have a good one.

Halloween photo #27


It’s a scary bat. Yeah,  that might not have been obvious,  but thats what it is.
Have a pile of work and some stuff to resend as I don’t think everything went out. Nothing of interest to say so I’ll end this. I hate typing on the phone anyway lol!
have a good one!

Halloween photo #22


This one turned out good. It’s a mask from Wood’s grocery store.
Got my hair cut – no pics until after I see if hubby notices lol.
Have to go give cats flea baths. Have a good one.

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