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Colors of Your Life- Colab Poem

(originally from September 2007)


The Colors of Your Dreams

I will come to you in the middle of the violet night
When the blackness creeps across your soul
I will come to you in your moonlit dreams
On shimmering wings of gold and gray.

I will lead you down the roads forlorn
Pink roses running down blue waterfalls
along a beaten path of whispering trees
through the sun dappled shadows of your misery

I will lead you down the twisting lanes
Through grassy glens and green meadows,
Touching your soul, tormenting your heart,
agonizing thoughts of what should have been

Your tears are silver moon drops on your pillow
and as the yellow sun breaks free, I leave.
I fade away beyond your arms,
Beyond the reach of your tears.

Bathed alone in orange, empty bed a reminder
of the night when your darkness took over,
Overtook the light with trembling knife,
and left me in a pool of CRIMSON.

Some lines from: Cheryl, Glenn, Rebecca, & blood (iz red)

Murder – Poetry Collab

(originally from July 2007)


Murderous Regret

You are my future
a secret hushed among the stars
That which I cannot see
Shaping my every moment
wrapping, reaching, grasping, clinging

Time doesn’t stop, even if you wish
allowing me a chance to forget my past
Yesterday, like glass thrown and shattered
broken lost and tattered,
shining bleakly – tarnished, rusted and used

Yet, your memory can not be erased
My destiny knows your face
You are my yesterdays, my tomorrows
my dreams, my regrets, will you forever follow me?

Veiled in darkness, a weary path
How did we get to this?
The one so unsure,
fallen and faded
burnished, rusty, cold and worn

In my hands, your heart I held,
For all time to come
You were my past.
You were my first.
I was your last.

Lines contirbuted by Lady “Cheryl” Death, chrystine, derocherart, Alba, Jeff, Glenn, chi_shanay, glenn, Here Kitty Kitty, derocherart, glenn, vicki wagner, Julie, chi_shanay, Rogue Angel, Linda C., Scotorum, Larry and me

Images were from a random google search, slapped together illicitly by me.

Fav song of the moment – Kiss of Dawn – HIM

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