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Rambling Poetry: On the Side of the Road

(from Nov 2008)

Written while waiting in the parking lot of McDonalds 😉

On the Side of the Road

A world within a world
Panicked and yet so unobtrusive
Inside the steel cage
Joyfully greeting this solitude
As a universe passes by
Out of reach, on the other side
Safe behind the tempered glass
Meanwhile, moving down the highway
Are a thousand dreams
So close to one another
And yet isolated.
A hundred faceless, nameless souls
Who occupy this space
For only one moment
Before they speed past you
On their way to all the things
Which seem so important in their lives
But which mean nothing to you.
They flit past so quickly,
Not even worth a glance or notice,
And leave no impression or influence,
Like dead leaves at your feet.
A thousand cars,
A thousand thoughts,
But you are trapped alone
With only your own ideas for company,
A prisoner of our self imposed isolation.

Song playing at the moment – Summer Skin – Death Cab for Cutie

Rambling Poetry: So Ordinary

(from Nov 2008)

Written for BC Beneke’s open mic…

So Ordinary….

A slash across the cold gray sky,
A knife wound at the horizon
Bleeding red against the pale expanse
Cool morning brings redemption
Or just another day so like the last
Mix repeat, mix repeat
Directions for the ordinary life
The smooth gray box of mediocrity
Eggshell thin if only bravery
Would try to puncture through its skin
But better to have cried and lost
Than to have ever tried and failed
Better still to drown the dream to silence
Than to risk humiliation
At the cruel hands of the noisy rabble
It was just a case of mistaken identity
When the dream came drifting
from the heavens and landed
on the shoulders of an ordinary man
For things like that belong to those
Born under lucky stars
Or under lucky names
Not to those who go to work
And drink coffee from their ordinary mugs
While looking through their ordinary eyes
At their ordinary world
But perhaps the ordinary is only
In the eye of the beholder
And if you choose to see the dream
Then it is yours for the taking.
Each man decides himself,
Is it the dawning of redemption
Or of an ordinary day?

Song playing at the moment – Summer Skin – Death Cab for Cutie

Horror Poem: Werewolves

(Nov 2008)

I wrote this for the Demon Poetry  Contest, but lost :p

Claws tear and teeth rend both cloth and flesh
While seeking pale skin beneath
Chained in pool of crimson blood
Plaything for the werewolves in their den
Both beast and man wrapped together
Behind haughty eyes and sneering face
Each scream tickles their ears
As they take their turn with what used to be
A young maiden from the desecrated village
Both town and girl now ruined and destroyed
by hands matted with their blood
And they laugh as she pleads for death
A shattered victim of this bestial carnality
When her shell no longer serves its purpose
And they have exhausted their pleasure
Then their fun turns to feast
Raw flesh to tempt their pallet
And a burbling stream of crimson to end their thirst
Splattered on the walls and floors
Their den soaked with her life as she is pulled apart
A piece for each, a fight for the heart
With flashing teeth and snarling growls
And then the head impaled on a spike of stone
Above the door of the reeking den
A warning to those still living
Not to cross the werewolves path

Song of the Moment – Mother earth – Within Temptation

Horror Poetry: China Doll

(oct 2008)

This was written for a challenge.


Creep across the floor and through my nightmares
wave your tortured limbs and scream about the agony
Haunt my memory and sicken me with guilt,
black and sticky like the tar we buried you in.
Cut me with razorblades of shame
the way we cut you.
Peel away my face and replace it with a china mask
while I scream and plead for mercy,
until my words are just gurgles of my own blood.

Watch my life soak your makeshift operating table,
the way yours did the one hidden in his basement.
Have your fun, take your revenge like we did.
Though my sin is so much greater than yours,
one who died for being too much,
the right name, the right face, the wrong attitude.
It was the punishment we inflicted on you,
you thought you were perfect and so
we made you into a living doll,
twisted and grotesque beneath our clumsy hands,
pale skin stitched with bloody threads.

Now you come to torment me in darkest night.
So take me to his basement
Tie my wrists and ankles with barbed wire and
shove a dirty rag in my mouth
to stifle the agony as you rearrange me
and when it’s done
and your macabre experiment has concluded
then bury me in the tar pit, a mutilated corpse who is
finally free of their mistakes.


Fav song of the second – Think About It – Flight of the Conchords (this thing is hilarious!)

Rambling Poetry: Oh, Elizabeth

(from August 2008)

I was trying to sleep and for some reason suddenly found myself channeling Adam Duritz and Don Mclean at the same time, which is funny because I have been listening to Death Cab for Cutie the last two days – but who am I to complain?  Anyway, it’s actually a song – kind of – but I think that falls under poetry! So here is some….

Oh, Elizabeth, do you think that we could fly
Away from the ground into the blue studded sky
Where the only thing lost is the next golden age
And the sounds down below mix to a sweet serenade

Can you see past the dirt, past the coming decay
Where the lives lived are wasted and your sweat doesn’t pay
Past disease and misuse, past the lack of your tears
To a time long ago when we both used to feel

Oh, Elizabeth, do you think that we could fly
Away from the ground into the blue studded sky
To a place in our memory when the whole world felt free
Hazy and sweet wrapped in colors of green

I’m dreaming of angels, wearing star studded shoes
And they dance cross the sky while below we all loose
Wait in anticipation for dawn’s coming day
The sun rises like ashes that burn as we pray

Oh, Elizabeth, do you think that we could fly
Away from the ground into the blue studded sky
Past the hating and wanting, where we’re shedding our skin
Drink the wine of communion while we’re drowning in sin

Can you see me?
Can you catch me?
When I fall, will I fall alone?
Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
Are you there or am I really here all alone?

Oh Elizabeth, do you think that we could fly
Away from the ground into the blue studded sky
Oh Elizabeth, do you know what we’ve done
What we’ve corrupted and ruined and now overrun

Oh Elizabeth, do you think we could be free
From the chaos and destruction that is all that we see
Oh Elizabeth, can we get out of this place
Away from the death that is the whole human race?

Song playing at the moment – Summer Skin – Death Cab for Cutie

Rambling Poetry: Ring Around the Rosies

(originally from July 28, 2008)

No idea where this came from……

Ring Around the Rosies

So it’s ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies,

Three times, three times, now we hit the ground,

While memories slip through fingers, like petals of flowers

And the whimpering wind carries that sweet as honey sound.


A reminder in slow motion, of a world nearly forgotten

And a place that is forsaken, lost down paths I cannot find.

Amidst the summer keening, where the young heart’s always reeling

And the afternoon’s spent dreaming of warm places in the mind


There in velvet colored shadows I can find the smallest whisper

To remind me of the feelings that once a time were dear.

But to ponder and to worry on the emotion and occurrence,

Many years past now a blur, seems a game too childish here.


Because no person place or thing in the web of here and now

Can live up to imagination or those memories now dreams.

So to while away the hours, wasting all recourse and powers,

On contemplation and comparison is as useless as it seems.


Still, I recall them slowly, and though the memories seem perfect

Sublime nature’s an illusion a façade to hide the truth.

And perfection only seems so when you’re standing far away

From the source of your delusion, from reality aloof.


Two birds in the hand are worth five in the past.

If it’s gone it didn’t last, so it’s nothing that you need

Instead of hanging on and pining, inwardly sigh and dying

Take a look at what surrounds you and let the wistfulness recede.

Song playing at the moment – AFI – Beautiful Thieves

Random Poetry: Remember

(originally from July 28, 2008)


Just a  random poem I was playing around with.

moon poem smaller

Of interest – that poem has since been published in the Spring 2010 Target Audience Magazine 🙂

Song playing at the moment – I Will Follow You into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie

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