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Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

I finally made it back to the weekly photo challenge, which is put on by the great guys at the wordpress daily challenge blog. You can check all the particulars out here. While you’re at it, be sure to take a peek at other participants blogs!

I had a hard time picking a photo for this theme because worn items happen to be one of my favorite subjects, so you’re getting a couple. Oh joy.

to infintiy vs 2

I liked the texture here


found this in the neighboring yard – I think it’s fiberglass

awesome weathered wood

random weathered wood found in our yard

this is more weathered than worn, but oh well..


the shower deck at Pomme De Terre lake

and I shall stop there 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

The weekly photo challenge is organized by the folks at the post-a-day blog. Every week they post a topic and participants post either new or old photos that fit the topic.

This week’s topic is red, and I have two – both are new-ish.


Plaid. (Yes, it’s my knee when I was wearing my comfy old flannel nightgown. It’s almost as old as I am)

dog snoozing

Dog (the father-in-law’s dog) snoozes

Be sure to check the challenge blog for other participants or to join in!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

Barb turned me onto this, so I thought I’d give it a try. If nothing else it would mean a new blog 😉

The Weekly Photo Challenge is a wordpress project. Every week the folks at the Challenge blog will put up a weekly photo challenge theme. Participants post a photo with that theme and link back to it on the blog.  They suggest taking the photo that week, and as luck would have it I just took one that would fit this theme, so I am going with one old and one new 🙂

a dramatically lit lizard

A lizard at the lake from September 2009

butterfly cool

Okay, so the butterfly was dead, but hey, at least it held still 🙂

And that’s my exciting contribution! The butterfly could have been better with less background, but it was raining and I didn’t want to get the new camera too wet, so I stayed close to the house. If the butterfly is still in the potted plant out front, I may give it another go down by the fence later. It hasn’t been too windy, so maybe it hasn’t blown away yet.

If I’ve seemed quiet the last week or so it’s because I had a round of flu and I am now trying to catch up. I am having trouble with my webhost and it won’t let me upload my site updates. They claim I have filled the 2 GB of space limit, but I haven’t. We’re looking into a new host from Texas, but it comes with a $72 price tag, so I need to get some covers done so I can afford it!

All right, off to work. Hopefully I can squeeze some writing time in somewhere, huh?

Song playing at the moment – How Do You Do – Roxette

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