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New Photos – Walking The Creek


(Warning: Lots of photos!)

These are a continuation of yesterday’s, in that they are from the same outing. What actually happened was we went to the gun range (Which is on a nature preserve, apparently!), but it was full up and people waiting (it’s a small one), so we got bored and wandered down a trail that was nearby. It went for some ways through a large pasture:



After twenty minutes or so we turned off and cut through some undergrowth down a deer path and came to the most beautiful, clean creek I have seen since… well, I’m not sure when the last time was I saw one this clean and clear:

like glass

like glass

pretty stream

no trash!?!?!?!?!

Of course, to get the really good photos you have to actually stand IN the creek….


STanding in the middle of the creek

But then there’s the problem of wet shoes. Who wants to walk all the way back to the car with wet, slippy, slidy shoes? So hubby proposed a brilliant idea; just wade up the creek all the way back. So, we did. After all, it was only ankle deep:

this is how it starts

it’s only ankle deep…..

I did warn hubby, though, that sometimes ankle deep creeks suddenly go deep. This one was no exception

tree in the water - looks shallow doesn't it

Even with the tree it looks deceptivly shallow….

not so shallow

but not so!

But we got some neat photos, anyway:

green leaves over water

green leaves

still can't get over how clear it is

Yes, I am obsessed with hoe clear it is!


like a little cove

pretty scene

just pretty

rocks under water 4

water ripples

a random jaw bone 2

found this along the bank (and no, I didn’t take it home. Thought about it, though, but bones don;t keep well. They kinda fall apart after a couple of years 😦 )

like a mirror

like a mirror

water motion


creepy tree roots

Creepy Tree roots

rocks under water 5

water ripples

in a fallen log

in a fallen log

wicked roots

wicked roots



snakey roots

Awesome roots

more evil tree roots

more evil roots (I blame LC Cooper’s book Legacy, completely!)

really obcessed with these rocks aparantly

neat rocks

bunny sniffing

a baby bunny

Mama was right there, too, and the minute she saw us she started bouncing all over, trying to get us to chase her instead. Little did she realize we wanted a bunny that was standing still.  I had to zoom in as far as I could and still had to crop the photo way down, hence the not so super quality. Oh well, he was so cute!

And then we found the exit which, oddly enough, led right up to the parking lot! Talk about perfect!

The whole trek lasted well over an hour and in all the time the only trash we found was one rusty tin can caught in some tree roots, part of a clay pigeon and some lead shot (those were both up by the exit, which as I mentioned leads right up to the exit). It was a surreal experience, for sure!

song playing at the moment – Anthem for the Underdog – 12 Stones

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