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Pretty Flowers

So, a couple weeks ago we went to Omaha for the weekend, planning to go to the botanical gardens, because I wanted to take pictures of pretty flowers. A rainy day later, we went to the zoo, however, I have scavenged a few flower photos here and there, so I thought I’d share the springy-ness.

Hmmmmm. They’ve changed the way galleries are inserted. Luckily I figured it out. Yay! Behold, the gallery!

And last but not least, look what sprung up next to my garage, now that we got all that mess out of there:


The bleeding hearts are noteworthy because I have ALWAYS wanted some. When I was a wee lass, my grandparents lived in the country and next to their front porch steps were… You guessed it… Bleeding hearts. Since then I’ve wanted some but I’m not exactly green thumbed. So, to have some established is awesome! It has, however, change my plans to gut that flower bed and start over. Oh well.
As for today, another computerless day, so I cleaned, then hubby and I went shopping. Good times.
Speaking of good times, have a good one!
Jo 🙂

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Photos: Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park – Springfield MO

How’s that for a specific title? yeah, so I googled it and copied the official name. Fancy, huh?

If all had gone according to plan I would be heading to Villisca, or in Villisca, as you read this (unless you read it before noon in which case I am sleeping). But thanks to the inspection electric/gas debacle I’m not. What am I talking about? We bought the house. We paid for the house. We took possession of the house. Then we tried to get gas/water/electric switched on on Thursday. But no. Oh no. You can’t do that because it must first be inspected – AGAIN – to prove – AGAIN – that the electric and gas is all hunky dory – AGAIN – despite the fact that this was done during the due diligence period. because our inspector did not give us these handy little cards swearing some oath on pain of dismemberment that everything was fine. Meaning we have to hire inspectors – AGAIN – to have those inspected. The electric company has someone they prefer (*cough*) but the gas company? They have no idea because they’re in CEDAR RAPIDS! Yes, we had that same gas company when we lived in Mt. Pleasant! Talk about nuts! And with it being the Fourth of July weekend, well, no one is going to do anything until Monday. Isn’t that jolly?

Anyway, photos. Spring was late this year and so though I thought we’d be too late for most of the flowers we were too early – nothing but Hyacinths and daffodils. I still managed to take a ton of photos though because I’m good like that.


As always there are more on flickr.

have a good one and enjoy your beds! wpid-signature.png

Photos: Spring Flowers

More photos. I can hear the excitement from here – the two blog subscribers are sighing and thinking, “Don’t you do anything else?” The answer to that is sure, but none of it is blog worthy. In April I felt blog worthy, I felt like I had things to say but now… not so much.

Anyway, some pretty flowers for you.

Happy early Fourth, by the way.


Cool Photos

(originally from May 2008)


Just some pretty pics….


Sunlight through the wings



pink 3.jpg

I keep trying to get good photos of this stuff and it never works

peacock good.jpg


peacock feathers.jpg

peacock’s feathers


still one of my fav’s



fence row.jpg

on the edge of a journey


I did not do any color isolation here – it’s the dust from the gravel road!

no trespasing.jpg

no trespassing

Fav Song of the Moment: “Deep Breath” – 32 Leaves

New Photos: Clouds, Flowers & Paper Plates


And it’s ANOTHER new blog. Holy crap, the world may be ending. Oh wait, that was last month. Well, so much for that. In that case I guess you’ll have to suffer through some more photos! Sorry. Okay, not really.  Gwahahahahahahaha!

neat lighting effect

cool clouds


awesome clouds



cool clouds

that was just too weird


close up clouds




Fido looking pensive


hideki is so cute

Hideki enjoying the dog’s pillow


not too bad for using the manual settings

not too bad for using manual settings


using flash

– because the auto settings wanted to use flash


dark but i like it anyway

dark but pretty


daisies and a bee

Daisies & a bee


this one just felt fun

I thought this was fun





a different angle

a different angle


mysterious paper plates in our parkinglot that make a big W

got up one day to find paper plates laid out in front of our building in the shape of a W…. What could it mean? *gasp*


looks like an ordinary discarded pape rplat

it seems normal enough, but we all know it is a sinister message… avoid W’s! (hee-hee)

There should be another one pretty soon about our trip through the creek.

song playing at the moment – How to save a life – The Fray

New Photos – Ducky Pond Take 2


I know. Three new blogs in a row. Time for a heart attack.

Another trip to the ducky pond, as I affectionately call Dunnigan Park.  Yes, I think everything needs nicknamed. However, I am not into really original nicknames, so it’s pretty much what they sound like.

swans 2

dramatically lit swans


goose peeling bark

he’s peeling the bark off that poor tree!



I love my new camera


fluffy rock

this made me think of some kind of creature from Dark Crystal…


what are these flowers

hummingbird flowers?


it looks like a foot

it looks like a foot!


what is this

what *IS* this!?!?!?!


egg shell 4



daisies 5



tiny flowers

not sure if the image is too purple or if the flowers had a tint to them… probably the first one.


you can see their feet

and since I call it the ducky pond – here’s some duckies!



okay, not at the ducky pond. This is the tree across the street on a foggy night….

And that’s all I have for now. Alas, I must take the dog out and head to bed. Fun, fun.

song playing at the moment – Stand – REM

New Photos – Dunnigan Park


Well, earlier this month, anyway. I have so many more to go through and upload… never enough time in the day.

I’m still not up to professional grade by any means, but there is a definite improvement

red and green

very green



I just have a thing for the red and green together


little white flower 2

purply white flower and part of a dandelion


creek 2



cool texture

cool texture


soft focus moss

This moss was SO soft



I just thought this plant was pretty. Very smooth looking.


odd flower

Weird flower – none of the shots of the side came out good


catapiller escaping

An escaping caterpillar

And that’s all she wrote – er – took? Okay, doesn’t sound as clever as I thought it would :p

song playing at the moment – Island in the Sun – Weezer

Spring Flower Photos

(originally from April 2008)


not too bad closer.jpg

That’s snow on the flower

grape hyacinth.jpg

Grape Hyacinths

not bad close.jpg

Kinda pretty


would look good as a color splash

gorgeous close up.jpg

still one of my favorite photos

Fav Song of the moment – Asshole Father -Sick Puppies

Random Spring Photos

(another new post. Hold your breath!)


Though I may have bored you with photos in the last post, I thought I’d do it again! (Lucky you!) These will be the last photos you will see from my old Kodak camera, as the tax return has arrived and the Nikon d3100 is officially here! Now to learn to use it….

Just fun.


bench cross proc

Lots of curve adjustment to draw that blue out


odd effect

pretty flowers. involves some colored overlays to get that sunset look


christmas snowflake maniped

Yes, this is still up – and still lit – at the park. To get this I had to darken the original and manually add int he glow and twinkle on each bulb. Worth it, though.


it feels slimy

What is this stuff?!?!?! It’s on the evergreens and feels slimy. Some kind of spore thingy?


sunset barbed wire

Barbed wire. Used that same overlay tactic again 😉


purple weeds

The buggers are hard to get in focus!



ditto for this!


blue water drops

It’s… RAIN!



Weathered boards





the lake's up

It’s actually gone down some….


rainy windshield

and more rain!

Wasn’t that fun? I have a lot more of the rain drops, but I will spare you 😉 As always, there’s lots more photos in general on my Flickr account. The link is in the sidebar over there —->

Song playing at the moment – “Back in the Picture” – The Rasmus

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