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Does Anyone Else Hate Bishop?

Spent yesterday sick, which is always not fun. Though I did get to spend some time with hubby watching TV, and that’s always nice. We caught up on NCIS, which I admit I’ve been avoiding lately. Why? because I HATE the new character Bishop. The woman is a  Mary Sue – she can do EVERYTHING, is smarter than EVERYONE (including Tim and Ducky), EVERYONE loves her, and she even talks back to Gibbs and gets away with it, not to mention she is perfect, tiny, blonde, and quirky. She grew up with three brothers in Georgia so she’s super tough, and she just happened to be the TOP agent in the whole world when it came to the terrorist they were chasing.  Oh, and did I mention she is also a genius? She’s like a Barbie wannabe – kind of like Barbie’s little sister Skipper, only twice as annoying.

And since she’s shown up in episode 9 most semblance to real procedure has also gone out the window. For instance in one episode they had Gibbs investigating his ex-wife. Um, conflict of interest much? No way that would happen. And that bit of reality the show USED to have was one thing I admired about the show, however it seems it fled with Ziva, and we now have episode after episode of Skipper making stupid mistakes that always turn out for the better, infiltrating every corner of the office (she was even in the men’s room), being cutesy and blonde and never using a chair. Meanwhile they have been ignoring some very awesome story possibilities.

Anyway, so we finally watched the last three weeks’ worth, and *gasp* the writers FINALLY managed to find some of those awesome story ideas I mentioned. For instance Tim’s girlfriend was paralyzed from the waist down in episode 12, and they FINALLY did something with it in episode 17.  Yeah, it took five episodes for them to remember it. (prior to this the only mention of her has been when they were going after that terrorist and Tim wonders if he should let his girlfriend know because he is worried they will fail to catch the guy and she will be disappointed. Really???) And Tony finally got an episode where he wasn’t a complete buffoon whose only purpose is a cheap laugh, which he had devolved into the minute Bishop showed up.

But have these two good episodes in a sea of bad ones renew my faith in the show? Not really. I dread the next episode because I’m waiting for the shoe to drop again and have our screens shoved full of more nonsensical, quirky, Mary Sue crap. i understand that after eleven seasons the core cast is getting older, and they’re looking to add youth into the mix and draw a new audience, but I hope they remember the audience who got them this far.

Am the only who feels this way?


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