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Halloween Photo #29

10550585556_5bb1fbf635_zIt’s another mask, but it’s pretty cool. think it’s fascinating that wal-mart is almost out of Halloween stuff and christmas is taking over. the whole Christmas section is assembled and ready to go back in lawn and garden. On a side note there’s some neat ornaments.

Buried under today so no time to chat. have a good one.



MIA, NANO, TAG and other letters

So, my computer took a nose dive. No, first my net went out, then came back just in time for my computer to die. It did this thing where it basically hibernated the minute I’d turn it on. Anyway, after emptying my paypal account and replacing everything except the motherboard/processor, it is working again. YAY! Of course, that means I am behind on NaNoWriMo, as well as some book cover work. I have been catching up on the former over the last couple of days, but not making much progress on Nano.

Okay, I have nothing else to say. Instead of ending this, though, I am going to engage in complete randomness. Then I am going to ask YOU to participate in the same randomness. Yes, it’s a blog tag. Don’t make me call you out by name. I will if I have to.

You’ve been warned.

Your last apparel purchase:

yes, i wear this in public.

Your last music purchase: Black Veil Brides – We Stitch These Wounds & Set the World on Fire

Your last DVD purchase: Last Starfighter (for hubby) – I think

Your last grocery purchase: microwavable jasmine rice, sticky rice, miso soup and udon soup and cherry pomegranate juice.

Your last dinner out: Um… Hy-vee super buffet. I had Chinese.

Last store/shop you went to: Wal-Mart. What a surprise.

Last movie you watched: Cars 2

Last TV show you watched: Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

Last book you read: the last one I finished was Air by Barbara G. Tarn. Need to get back to Fire

Last magazine you read: Backwoodsman May/June issue

Last website you visited: Facebook (to take care of my Sim)

Last Game you played (haha!) Sims Social

Last person you talked to: Mom or Chris

Last person you emailed: Sue

Last person you texted: Jonathan

Last person you called: My Dad

Last Facebook wall you posted on: Carolyn

and I’m adding – Last Photo you took:  Siegfried the mouse

If you’re reading this you’re TAGGED! DO IT!!

Fav song of the moment – Savior – Black Veil Brides 

Halloween is Coming….

I’d hoped to have some creepy photos to share. My mother’s camera was on the fritz and was taking the most awesome creepy images ever – smears, double imaging, bizarre colors, etc. Like so:

creepy 1

monkey lamp is creepy on a good day

creepy 3


creepy 4

seriously. imagine this effect on some naked trees!

Of course, the minute I pointed it at some trees (which would have been awesome!) it magically fixed itself.  Pooey. If anyone knows what caused this (or how to duplicate it) I’m all ears. I have an old Kodak that I’m not using anymore.

Yeah, this is a random yacking blog. I was going to set some more up tonight but instead I formatted two books, made two wrap around covers and worked (and hopefully finished – fingers crossed) on a third ebook cover. Oh and did some image searches for a fourth. I’m trying to get everyone wrapped up so I can start NaNoWriMo on the first of November. (National Novel Writing Month – the goal is to write 50,000 words in the month of November.) Unlike the last time I did it, I;d like to start near the first so I don’t have to try to cram all 50,000 words into two weeks again. That really sucked. Plus, that was what finally did my shoulder in (two months of physical therapy afterwards. No fun.) So I have to pace myself. But I am determined to do it. I have even set up an auto reply for my email that says I am unavailable – except to returning clients. Yeah, I know, I know. I added that stipulation because I have a few, like Clay, who does one book a month. He’s easy to get along with, very reasonable and fun to work with, so I don’t mind taking a bit out to work on a cover for him. Same with LC who is also doing NaNo, and probably a few others.

Random topic change.

Since we moved to southern Missouri in 2000 there have been a few things we missed about Iowa;  Hy-vee donuts, Anderson Erickson dairy products, cornfields and rain.

In other news, after years of being cut off from real donuts and chip dip, our misery is finally at an end. yes, no longer do we need to stare longingly to the north and think “If only there was a Hy-Vee this far south!” because, m friends, now there IS! And not just a Hy-Vee, but a SUPER HY-VEE! Can I get a “hell yeah”?

For those of you not familiar with Hy-Vee goodness, it is a Midwestern grocery store chain (don’t laugh) and has been on the list of things we missed about Iowa since 2000. Sure, there are other donuts and chip dip brands, but none like those. And yeah, we have an occassioanl corn field down here, but mostly it’s rocks. Oh, and rain? Yeah, forget that. I once left cardboard boxes outside for a month straight. They came to no harm because there was not a drop of rain the entire time. Sure, it was drought, but the rainfall is nowhere near what Mt. Pleasant had. Trust me, my dry sinuses know.

Anyway, I can now cross one and a half items off of that list because… wait for it… we now have a Hy-Vee!! Yes! And even better, it’s a SUPER Hy-Vee (think super Wal-Mart only with groceries). So what the heck is a Hy-Vee, anyway? It’s a grocery store – wait, stop laughing. Yes, I’m excited about a grocery store. Those are the donuts of my youth! Nearly every Sunday from the time I was three until I was 17 I had a Hy-Vee donut on Sunday (at church).  That kind of thing gets habit forming, so it’s been hell having to make do with Crispy Cream or, worse, Wal-Mart’s donuts.

And the half point gets knocked off because this new Hy-Vee has Anderson Erickson chip dip! However, I don;t see any eggnog. Maybe it’s too early, but I don’t think so. However, since the A&E cut off line is up north at Knob Noster, I’m not complaining.

They also have a very large cheese section. Yes, I am a cheese lover and have finally won hubby over to the dark side of specialty cheeses. We went a bit mad and so I’ve spent the week nibbling on cheese. I am starting to feel a bit like a mouse.

I’ve also figured out how to blast Lauri Ylonen out of my head. His music that is, not him. He wasn’t hanging out in miniature up there, which is a shame coz if he was I could have sold tickets and made a fortune. Anyway, I blasted it loose with the only thing in the world that is catchier – Gin Blossoms. So now they are driving me bananas instead, but at least I know most of the lyrics to them.

Yep, this blog is pretty pointless. Oh well. It’s also nearly ten AM and I am still awake, so I am ending this here and going to bed. Hopefully get some blogs set up tomorrow. I still need to do Oren’s interview for my Amaranthine blog so it can post tomorrow (Sunday).

Happy Halloween, all!

song playing at the moment – “Found Out About You” – Gin Blossoms

Random updates

Okay, so I”ve been pouting for a few days, I admit it.  I went to the doctor last Friday and got my labs back – I have borderline autoimmune thyroid which will have to be monitored and possibly retested and Crest Syndrome – which is actually five little syndromes bundled together (Calcinosis, Raynaud’s, Esophagael  Dysmotility, Sclerodactyly, and Telangiectasia) and is also autoimmune, as is the Sjogrens I was already diagnosed with.  Joy, joy.  I guess the bright side is my immune system must be damn good if it is attacking pretty much everything, LOL! No vacation time for it!

If you follow my book publishing at all the paperback is now up, but I’m still not on Barnes & Noble 😦 I may have to forgo Smashwords on this one and put it on B&N myself. Crap.

Okay, enough bad stuff. Now for some amusing things!

So I was in yahoo mail a bit back and kept having trouble with it. Finally, a pop up box appeared that said:

Wasn’t that nice? I said “hi” back, but it seemed ot have no effect. now, of course, yahoo is trying to make me upgrade – again. I have been working around this, but I don;t know how much longer it will last.  The interesting thing about upgrading, though, is the Terms. Has anyone noticed what they say?

in case it’s too small I’ll retype it:  “to deliver product features, relevant advertising and abuse protection, Yahoo!’s automated systems scan and analyze ALL email, IM and other communication content.”

I know, I know, all email providers do this. I just wonder sometimes if anyone has actually THOUGHT about it, though…

And speaking of email scanning, google is probably one of the worst. Not that it can;t sometimes be a good thing. For instance I got one of those spammy “boo hoo send me money” mails to my google apps account and it came with a warning on the top:

I dunno. I suppose it could be worse. I mean, youtube has trained monkeys running things…

LOL! Yeah, I got a kick out of that. I never saw any trained monkeys, sadly. I have seen trained hamsters, but that was years ago on yahoo.  Perhaps they are worth sharing again, anyway just because they were cute:

I loved their little t-shirts. and speaking of little things, did you know wal-mart is now selling really expensive do it yourself barbie furniture? See:

Okay, not really. It’s too big for Barbie, but it is a nice size for bigger dolls. And yes, I know it is only a display:

I wonder what they do with the tiny displays when they’re done? I’ve always wanted the miniature display tents for my barbie collection. Maybe someday I’ll find someone and ask.

In the meantime, Wal-mart is carrying a new product in the drink aisle – or at least that’s where someone saw fit to stock it at our store:

I’ have thought the health and beauty aid section, where all the pregnancy tests are would have been a better place for this, but hey, what do I know? I guess this way you have to walk clear across the store to get your extenze and then go find the condoms. In that regard it is probably clever placement. However, it seems to me that putting it in grocery, where there is almost always some annoying, screaming child, would be counter productive.  You look at the annoying child and then think, “Gee… I could end up with one of those… think I’ll go buy something else…”

Like some princess Leia chips:

Or maybe some Halloween themed soda:

and with that I leave you for the night. Perhaps I’ll kick up my feet, have an orange monster soda and go say hello to yahoo. Maybe it will even say hi back!

Song playing at the moment – “In my Life” – the Rasmus

Ninjago and Other Weird Things


A couple weeks ago hubby and I were out and about, which means it’s time for me to make some random observations about things we saw. People love these random blogs. Okay, one person does and sadly I don’t think they comment here. Oh well.

We actually didn’t intend to do any wandering around. We went to wal-mart in Springfield to buy three dinner items which our wal-mart doesn’t carry any more, and then we went to check out at the one checkout lane they had open – only there was a woman with four (i am not joking) carts loaded to overflowing in front of us. so, we thought it would be better to roam aimlessly than stand there impatiently.

so, we hit clearance first and I found the cutest little pooh bear ever:


I was going to buy it until…

you’re joking!

$6.97 on clearance!?!?! No way, Jose! That’s not the only bizarre thing I was tempted to buy, though,

why paint them when you can just stick a sticker on ’em?

Words fail

However, $8.50 for an application of nail stickers that will more than likely fall off in 24 hours seemed steep. especially when I can get a bottle of polish for $5. I remember back in the good old days when it was $2.50, and that was for the good stuff. Back when teenagers had angst and flannel was king. Oh, wait… did someone say flannel?

1994 called and they ❤ flannel

doesn’t that just look like fun? Fun in flannel. ha ha! seriously though, there was a game there that looked like fun:

Harry Potter + legos = Hell yeah

Then I noticed there were a LOT of lego games:


Including NINJAGO!

The starter set

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like fun? – check out the official website – it is too cool – http://ninjago.com/en-us/Default.aspx

Hubby apparently thought it looked fun, too, because we bought a mini figure each (though bizarrely, not the starter set) and headed home to play our first game of Nijago. However, before we abandon the store there is one more cute thing to share:

Why? I dunno. It’s just cute!

And now, for he segment I like to call “Random Things from My Hard Drives”, please enjoy the video of our first NINJAGO game!

Song playing at the moment – Still Won’t Let you Go – Crash Parallel

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