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New Photos: Collapsed


Is this a collapsed house?


rose paper


rose wallpaper

dirty rose wallpaper texture 2

dirty geometric wallpaper texture

Now, I’ll tell you where this really came from. The landlords have been redoing the apartment at the other end of the building, and all of this was in the burn pile. Just piled of drywall, much of it with wallpaper still on it. Clever cropping and close up shots make it look like collapsed walls though, huh? See if you can guess what this is:

foil close up

Here’s another hint

dirty foil texture

If you want to know what it is, click the images and they *should* take you to flickr where it’s labeled 😉

That makes me think of the cool game on the back of National Geographic Junior. Did anyone used to get that? They had this cool “what is it” game where they had thumbnail images of something taken really, really, really close up – lots closer than anything I can do with my current set up. I always loved that.

Okay, rambling, so time to move on!

song playing at the moment – Joleene’s Song – Hedda
(I could not find it on youtube, but it’s a really pretty song! And yes, it IS spelled with all three e’s! 😀 )

Shirtless Jorick

(originally from February 2008)

A certain someone requested this, so here it is 😉

jorick colored

And here it is in wallpaper (though it is only 1024, but stretch always works)

jorick colored wallpaper

Click image for full size or right click save as

and in black n white

jorick colored wallpaper bw

click image for full size or right click save as

Fav Song of the Moment – “Angel” – Down Below

Vampire Poetry

(Originally from August 2007)


For reasons completely unknown to me, I felt the need to write some random vampire poetry.  Aren’t you lucky?

Sinner’s Moon

Beneath the sinner’s moon the world stood dark,

Entranced by shadow’s aching hold.

Mist’s pale tendrils wove amongst the stones,

Of polished marble, hard and cold

His eyes, two shining pools of liquid night

Caressed her prone and pale form

Nestled in his arms he bore her forth,

To the alter of his love foresworn

His hair as black as demon’s dreams dripped

Down to flow about her face

Her slender neck shimmered white and soft,

Pulse jumping while her wild heart raced.

“Now, come with me tonight,” he whispered

“Where there is no death or time.

sweet love who haunts my waking dreams,

A final kiss will make you mine.”

Pale fangs like silver pearl flashed quickly

through the darkening gloom

And dark blood like the blackest ink did spill

Rivulets shimmering ‘neath the moon.

Bride of death, the night’s willing sacrifice,

Lay still beneath the bloodless sky

Bound forever to her new found master,

Never more to dread or die.

Pale eyes fluttered opened and danced around

To light upon the earth and tombs.

Then looked up, searching, seeking answers,

Finding eyes that held her doom.

A single scream rent night’s deep silence,

As she beheld her captor’s face

Tears spilled o’re her porcelain cheeks

Crying for her stolen grace

Unwilling victim of eternity’s kiss

Left with nothing but her shame

A bride to the night’s dark warrior

Cursed to burn in hell’s flame

Not content to leave it at that, I tried my hand at a second one:

To Destroy an Obsession

Darkness black as sinner’s tomb,

Cobwebbed shadows ‘mongst the stones

Eyes of liquid night gazed gently

On her prone and pale form

Hair as black as demon’s dreams

Shaded the features of his face

His hand reached through the shimmering darkness

To trace the gentle gown of lace

His lips drew back from silver fangs

Etched sharp beneath the moon’s pale light

And leaning towards her slender throat,

He gently took away her life

Her blood was sweet as summer honey

Warm pleasure flowing o’re his tongue

Her memories slipped through his mind

Her fragile life so soon undone

Drained dry he dropped her to the bed

Her body but an empty shell

Lifeless, staring at the ceiling

While through his veins burned living hell

Her face had haunted all his dreams

Obsession gnawing at his bones

His heart ached with the need of her

To take her for his very own

And to this end was one recourse

One way to ease this hated fervor

To kill the very thing he loved

To rid himself of her forever

But in his dreams she dances still

A shimmering ghost dressed all in white

Laughing as she calls his name

And beckons him to pale moonlight

Burned by the memory of her touch

As his soul slowly dies

Recalling how she looked in death

His soul as empty as her eyes

Yeah, they’re similar, but they have very different endings.  Which one do you like better?

And for Random Things from My Hard Drives I have a new Ville wallpaper that I made. Yay!

Pictures form God only knows who…

Fav song of the moment – Kiss of Dawn – HIM

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