About Jo


You can see my very cute finger in this photo.

When Jo was buying a house, the fact that Villisca was known for a 1912 unsolved ax murder made the town a more attractive option. That says a lot about her.

Jo went on to buy that crooked Victorian house, and hopes someday to have it renovated enough that she can start over and re-renovate it. In the meantime – aided by Pintrest and Google –  she’s learning lots of new skills, like how to kill plants, how to build walls out of drywall mud, and how to make a huge mess with paint.

In the meantime, she is living with the mess and with her


Pretty vampire covers.

husband, brother, mother, and even her father. It’s a good thing the house has lots of bedrooms! This multi-generational household sort-of works, and when everyone is getting along and working together Jo has time to work on important things like her paranormal vampire series, or her paper dolls, or book covers for other authors, or even some for fun photography. And once in awhile she updates her author blog.


You can find Jo on a bunch of social sites, though generally she uses her full name Joleene Naylor (yeah, her mother loved e’s and her husband’s family made nails at some point in the past)




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